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  1. First you have to click on the "Move/Rotate Object" Button in the top-toolbar, then, for actors, you have do select them with the "Alt-Key" and mouse, then you can delete them with the "Delete-Key"... You can select actors with "Alt" and Click" or "Alt" and Doubleclick to select all of the same actors or "Alt" and draw a box with the mouse around all actors you want to select. Maybe this helps ...
  2. All the best also from germany @av93
  3. Indeed, it seems to be solved ... Thank you @Freagarach
  4. After a while, the "athener" have build 13 siege-rams ...
  5. Hi, i've started a new game (the same as above) after applying D4184 and it seems to be ok with siege-ram and elephants. The max count i've noticed is 9 siege-rams from the "iberer" and only a few elephants. And, for the first time as long i play 0ad, i've seen that a faction ("kushites") build "siege-tower"! Never before i've seen this. Warships are still produced tons.
  6. I've noticed, that the game is ignoring the >Limits>settings in the "player.js" and/or in the "player_{civ}.js files. As a temporary workaround for me i wanted to limit the ships. <Ship>1</Ship> <Warship>1</Warship> <Bireme>1</Bireme> <Quinquereme>1</Quinquereme> <Trireme>1</Trireme> <Dock>0</Dock> But the Ai ignored this settings. For testing i've limit the dock to zero, and no faction build a dock anymore. Maybe the Entities (Ship, Warship etc.) aren't correct named by me?
  7. Revert the game back to 25583 and apply rP25600 it works well, no tons of warships ... All very hard and aggressive
  8. Running the game with version 25599: many warships. The same when running the game with version 25600. Maybe i should revert again to 25583 and then apply only the patch 25600?
  9. Maybe or maybe not: after reload the game again, it run over 1 hour without a crash. Then it crashes again by the try to save it again. the attached files are always the same game: savegame-0144.0adsave,savegame-0145.0adsave,savegame-0146.0adsave P.S: the mapsize isn't "giant", but "Sehr groß"
  10. Yap, this was it @Freagarach. I reverted the game to 25583, the last built before 25584. Start a new game, "Bottnischer Meerbusen", "Sehr groß", 8 players, all Petra. All works as expected: no more tons of warships and/or siege-ram all players build relative at the beginning docks and markets they keep on attacking neighbours, and when do so, they finished it until the enemy is destroyed all in all the whole gameplay / behaviour is much more pretty then before Maybe the warships are handled as "normal" unit, because i've noticed before, that, when playing gulf-maps, they always tried to follow the units, which where on the way to attack someone. unfortunately the game crashes after a while with the following message: I attach some files to investigate: userreport_hwdetect.txt,crashlog.dmp,crashlog.txt,mainlog.html,system_info.txt,savegame-0142.0adsave,savegame-0143.0adsave I'll hope, this maybe useful for you to find out, what causes the unusual behaviour in 25584. Greetings from Germany
  11. Hello guys, again i want to give some feedback to this version. I've done this a few days earlier, but no one has noticed this. And i think, the problems i've told you are too serious. To make it easier for me i write in german, because my english is still not good enough. Ich beginne ein neues Spiel, die o.g. Version. Keine Mods aktiviert, Cache geleert. Bottnischer Meerbusen, Gigantisch, 8 Spieler, alle KI, keine Teams. Während des Spiels treten nun wieder folgende Fehler auf: 1. Einige Spieler, besonders die Gallier, bauen Unmengen von Schiffen (bis zu 50 Stück bei den Galliern) 2. Einige Spieler bauen Unmengen von Siege-Rams (bis zu 20 Stück) 3. Kushiten, Karthager und Ptolemies werden ziemlich zu Anfang fast vollständig eliminiert, doch dann ist niemand der anderen Spieler willens oder in der Lage, diese 3 vollständig zu zerstören. Die Römer lassen einen Händler nach dem anderen töten, weil sie ständig an dem überig gebliebenen CicicCenter der Kushiten vorbei laufen. 4. Ab ungefähr Mitte des Spiels erfolgen keine größeren Attacken mehr, obwohl einige Spieler über Unmengen von Einheiten verfügen (die Römer z.B. alleine ca. 95 berittene Einheiten). 5. Das Spiel stürzte schliesslich mit dieser Fehlermeldung ab: Die Wiederholungen: 0037: commands.txt, keine "metadata.json" vorhanden, vermutlich aufgrund des Absturzes 0038: commands.txt, keine "metadata.json" vorhanden, geladenes Spiel stürzte direkt mit folgender Fehlermeldung ab, ohne zu beginnen: 0039: commands.txt, metadata.json das gleiche gespeicherte Spiel, diesmal ohne Absturz Gespeicherte Spielstände (gleiches Spiel, immer wieder geladen und gespeichert): savegame-0132.0adsave, savegame-0133.0adsave, savegame-0134.0adsave, savegame-0135.0adsave, savegame-0136.0adsave, savegame-0137.0adsave Zusammenfassung: es werden zu viele Schiffe gebaut, zu viele Siege-Rams, unlogisches Verhalten (s. Punkt 3), Gebäude werden attackiert, aber nicht verteidigt, Unmengen von Einheiten vorhanden, aber keine Angriffe, "tanzende" Schiffe Base Profile 2021.06.25 - Base Profile 2021.06.25 - Vieleicht hat jemand Zeit, sich die Wiederholung und/oder die save's anzuschauen und mir zu erklären, was hier falsch läuft. So macht das Spiel keinen Spaß mehr. Denn all diese Ungereimheiten treten auch bei anderen Maps auf, egal ob mit oder ohne aktivierte Mod's. Viele Grüße aus Germany, Mr.lie
  12. Hi everyone, today i want to give some feedback for A25 (i'm using svn-version 25807): 1. i found an unusual behavior related to one group (20 male citizen, 2 swordsman, 2 spearman). As you can see in the video, i selected the group (#7) and order to go. the 20 citizen take the shortest way, while the other 4 take an unusual way. 2. i've noticed, that all factions build tons of warships and/or fireships whitout using them. This is relatead to all naval maps.
  13. Today i followed a tutorial - the result is incredible 1. Simple plane 2. Subdivide several times 3. Adding several nodes and textures 4. the result only 3 1K textures (Rock, moss, sand) Water-Shader Coastline-Shader Wet sand shader and several mixes for all textures
  14. i'm sorry, the link doesn't work for me ...
  15. Yes, a simple way is to do this with e.g. "Sapling Tree Gen" AddOn, but this are to heavy for the game i think. They looks really god, but tooo many Vertices and Faces . So i've made some lowpoly only with severals planes a leaves. Tomorrow i will show some, for now it's too late. And yes, i've also begin to make my models "lowpoly", i really want to see them in the game. Replace for example the huge amount of beams in some of my models with a plane and a related "tudor wall" Texture. Also, what i've learned, the menu "Limited Dissolve" can reduce the amount of vertices and faces without loosing to much details. Also i've begin learning to work most time with "Loop Cuts", what i mean for example, not to use beams AND a plane for walls, but only use a plane and cut and extrude the "beams". But, working with beams and bricks it's so much fun, when i build a model in this way
  16. No, it's a simple plane, add some modifiers and than a blend-material. As you can see in the following picture, the displacement-modifier does this incredible effect ... the "cart" is always at the same position, but in solid mode underneath the plane. I've tried to export the plane as "dae" and bake the maps, but the result isn't really good ... I think that's because for Vertex Painting there is no need to unwrap . Here i have attach the baked maps, as you can see in the node editor
  17. Starting modeling a "Steinbruch" - experimenting with Vertex Painting and Blend-Shader, absolute not finished yet ...
  18. What is the correct syntax for running P232 e.g. in the maps/random folder?
  19. Hi all experts, can someone explain me, why the line "g_Map.LoadMapTerrain("sahyadri_buttes_5")" doesn't work anymore? For now i've to use the line "Engine.LoadMapTerrain("maps/random/sahyadri_buttes_5p.pmp")", but also this line does nothing but a flat, grey map. Before the new version of 0ad i got with the line "g_Map.LoadMapTerrain("sahyadri_buttes_5")" not only the complete heightmap, but also the terrain-textures. This is related to all *.pmp files i've made in the past. None of them is working for now. Also the renamed file "sahyadri_buttes_5p". Using the line "createArea( new MapBoundsPlacer(), new HeightmapPainter( translateHeightmap( new Vector2D(-12, scaleByMapSize(-12, -25)), undefined, convertHeightmap1Dto2D(Engine.LoadMapTerrain("maps/random/sahyadri_buttes_5p.pmp").height)), minHeightSource, maxHeightSource));" gives me the heightmap, but not more the terrain-textures. Also it was a big surprise that none of my triggers are working now. The new art of creating triggers is, for me, difficult to understand. So, i have problems to rewrite all my triggers so that they work.. Another, and for me the biggest problem, is, it's not possible for me to get the excellent of my fonts in Windows 10 and so also not in the game. This is not related to 0ad. In Januar i've destroyed my Windows-Partition and so i must create a new one with Windows 10 Pro. From that time i have no more the same, clear Fonts on my Windows. And also not in the game. Maybe someone has a similar problem and, perhaps, a solution for that.
  20. WIP - the "Wagenbauer" ... some parts are not from me (not yet ) but they are all "CC0 ...
  21. Small update - now the "Böttcher" has his own "Transport Vehicle" ...
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