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  1. And for the 42nd consecutive Sunday, another game for you! And how on Earth did I not know that palisade walls could be build in neutral territory in A24??????
  2. Lone developers working on vanity projects do exist, and I suggested 0AD isn't that project (which it isn't). But when context is taken into consideration and is applied logically, that also suggests that not all lone developers are working purely on vanity projects, which clearly they aren't - and clearly I didn't suggest they were either - nor did I suggest a lone developer working on a vanity project is good or bad. The logic you're applying is akin to announcing that I'm allergic to rabbits, therefore I must be anti or against all furry animals, presumably because you say I do. And ex
  3. Hi @happyconcepts - I'm sorry you feel you've had a bad time of it. I don't know the circumstances, possibly a little elaboration would help in understanding? Regarding your comments directly towards me, I don't understand your comment about my 'anti attitude against lone developers.' I'm not clear precisely what you mean, and apologies if I've misunderstood. I'm certainly not anti or against lone developers and don't think I've ever expressed any such opinion. And my personal marketing of my Youtube channel has been fairly standard - I post regularly on the 0AD forum, Reddit, Face
  4. Just another Sunday in Newbie Rush land!
  5. Bit of midweek action for y'all!
  6. I used to book bands for a local venue. One night I thought I'd booked a Queen tribute act, but instead a group of Skiritai Commandos turned up in full armour. "Who the hell are you guys?!!!" I exclaimed. Their leader just looked up and said, "We are the Champions, my friend!"
  7. Happy Sunday everybody! This is actually the 40th consecutive Sunday I've broadcast since I started the channel. We're getting within site of the first anniversary!
  8. @Freagarach& @wraitiithat is really encouraging to hear, thank you.
  9. @maroder - Nicely put, very diplomatic I'd also like to re-iterate, again, this isn't an attack on the devs or trying to put anyones nose out of joint. Evidently there are some strong opinions, and maybe some misunderstandings or clashing philosophies on the subject. And I agree with @maroder- people are playing, so it you're right, the existing approach - it's not a failed strategy. I'm just not sure it's enough anymore or a modern enough approach for contemporary digital landscape we find ourselves in. More than anything, I worry 0AD will fall victim of it and gradually beco
  10. Hello all, Okay, I'm struggling a little here - I don't want to come across as argumentative, or belittle anyones efforts in the project - but reading through the replies - I think we're talking in really crossed purposes here and could end up going around in circles. In general, I've held the belief that 0AD as a project does not communicate effectively with it's wider audience or wider potential audience. I'm not talking technical, not in any way. I'm talking about the weekly/monthly type of comms and announcements that a project could be expected to put out in short, understandabl
  11. Because everyone who might ever want to play 0AD is a developer, right? Because there isn't a whole world of people with perfectly valid lives who have absolutely zero interest in development? I'm reading your words and all I'm hearing is 'it's okay that we don't know how to effectively communicate and what's more, it doesn't really matter.' You must know I'm never going to agree with that? @Stan` - I do like the Dave Mustane/Metallica reference, and as always - you balance yours words very eloquently. The hastily cut trailer thing, apologies, that's not a slight on you or it. We ac
  12. Indeed, to return to the original topic (sorry, that was my fault, I mentioned the Alpha thing!) In trying to boil the issues down to a few points, I can see; _an apparent disconnect between those making the game and everyone else. Obviously there are a few people closer to the dev side than others who hear bits and pieces and pass it on, but that generally leads to rumor, speculation, etc and isn't really that helpful. On the face of it, the offical 'mouthpiece' of 0AD - so the website, the news/announcements section of the forum, the official social media channels, are largely mute
  13. Slight aside, here, but do think part of the problem is the connotations attached to the word 'Alpha?' I know we're getting into semantics here, but if the wider world don't understand the concept of an Alpha state, and it's become a stick to beat the project with, maybe going off-piste and labeling it something else might be an option?
  14. @wraitii- it's very interesting and really positive to hear that from you. It does sound a bit weird as I only started playing 0AD not long after A23 was launched, so I guess I've not really known any different - but glad to know that you've perceived a growth and strengthening in the community. I think part of the issue is that there has been a really unfortunate disconnect between the dev side of things and the wider community. For instance, just in the course of this thread it's emerged just how much of a crunch/struggle there was to bring out A24 - I honestly can't imagine what it's
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