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  1. By that logic only a football commentator who'd won the ballon d'or as a player themselves should have the right to commentate on football! Who you trying to kid, dude It's a game, it's about entertaining and enhancing the viewing spectacle for spectators, calling the action as it happens, adding a little extra dimension to it. For me, it's never been about teaching people to emulate what they're watching - its about watching a game for the enjoyment of watching the game and giving a human presence and voice to the action.
  2. Back after short, unplanned hiatus
  3. @sarcoma- happy to cover a few of the games - if @vinmeis okay with that? Any preference on a particular match? and Simplest way around that issue - zip files, dude
  4. Sunday has rolled around again! Time for some cavalry charges!
  5. For anyone who wants a laugh this week!
  6. @LetswaveaBook - thanks dude, just got in from work - was about to circulate the video but found you've already done it
  7. Late broadcast, sorry, but it's finally here
  8. @MarcusAureliu#s - PM with any specifics/dates/times you want me to mention.
  9. Returning after a weeks break - Happy Sunday, people!
  10. @Stockfish I applaud the effort, it's definitely interesting. I'd have to ask, though - how did you end up with a channel with 7000+ subscribers on the back of having no content?
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