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  1. You should name it after @Dizaka- then I can get it confused with @Dakaraon a regular basis!
  2. Still short on time, but managed to cobble together a couple of quick games to demonstrate a specific tactic when playing as the Britons. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore a Slinger Rush!!!!!
  3. I haven't spoken to @badosuabout his spec mod for a few weeks - but the upper left section is the bit I really appreciate in terms of displaying clear visuals for the viewer in replays, and ease of reading for me when I'm doing commentary. I still use the FGOD overlay but it's much harder to read. The production section - in the version I have, is still a WIP. I believe Badosu has plans for a much more integrated GUI replacement idea with a lot more matching visuals. The aim of it has always been to show the data of what each players are doing at a given time. You can easily see their bui
  4. Because Sundays just wouldn't be the same without it!
  5. That's not to say there won't be midweek games ever again, but it was hectic this week with a full house. I managed to work it to have three whole weeks off over the Christmas period, the final week - this week just gone I was supposed to be on my own, and would have done commentaries for about the next four weeks plus a tutorial and two Mods videos. Instead, I have my son staying with for all of the lockdown, likewise my partner, my washing machine died and spent the week trying to relentlessly flood my kitchen - and next week I've got to find out how working from home and simultaneous home s
  6. More 4v4 action to feast on! Happy Sunday!
  7. Hi @Boudica- I genuinely have no idea, not encountered it before or since. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that it was a localised problem, and no - I totally don't use a Mac, I'm a poor Windows PC person! I wouldn't even have raised it but for the precise times it happened - it coincided exactly with a raid on my CC and attack I initiated, and finished with almost co-ordinated precision! I guess I may never find out, and you're absolutely right - if someone had developed a way to do this, presumably at least one other person would have reported it? Ah well, unless that happens I gue
  8. Very late, but here is the first replay for 2021
  9. Hello @user1, Never reported anyone or any odd instances on 0AD, but just had something very odd happen, and I suspect foul play, although not sure if it can be proved or a rational alternative explanation found. I just played a 2v2 team game. My immediate opponent was a player called sirpiente (1249). I thought the game was a just a bit laggy when he raided me with an attack dog, I seemed to be having issues selecting my troops, although control and framerate had been smooth up to that point. The dog retreated and things went back to normal, then I attacked him just over my border w
  10. More midweek 0AD fun! Naked Fanatics proved popular last week, so thought for the last video of 2020, why not feature them again!
  11. Hey, merry Christmas everyone At 7pm tonight I've got a premiere of a 1v1 game featuring Borg that was very kindly donated. Alas, I don't think I'll be able to make it for the prem - I shall probably be indulging in a late Christmas dinner!
  12. This episode was brought to you in conjunction with colds, sore throat and sniffles! More midweek Madness!
  13. I love a bit of gratuitous conflict on a Sunday morning 0AD 4v4 Insane Body Count!
  14. And we'll be back on with 4v4 action tomorrow morning!
  15. Yes, oh for shame You make one mistake (multiple times in a video) and people never let you forget it!
  16. And we have the conclusion of the Battle of the 0AD Youtubers! Happy Sunday
  17. Finally finished the second tutorial
  18. 9.30am GMT Premiere It's part 2 of the 'Battle of the Youtubers' Remember, you can also watch the game from the perspective of each player, with their own commentary; Tom 0AD - https://www.youtube.com/c/Tom0ad & Alistair Findlay - https://www.youtube.com/c/AlistairFindlay Happy Sunday!
  19. Hello y'all. It's going to be a little while. Got a backlog of games to do commentary on and tutorial to finish. But I've pretty much written the whole script.
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