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  1. By that logic only a football commentator who'd won the ballon d'or as a player themselves should have the right to commentate on football! Who you trying to kid, dude It's a game, it's about entertaining and enhancing the viewing spectacle for spectators, calling the action as it happens, adding a little extra dimension to it. For me, it's never been about teaching people to emulate what they're watching - its about watching a game for the enjoyment of watching the game and giving a human presence and voice to the action.
  2. Back after short, unplanned hiatus
  3. @sarcoma- happy to cover a few of the games - if @vinmeis okay with that? Any preference on a particular match? and Simplest way around that issue - zip files, dude
  4. Sunday has rolled around again! Time for some cavalry charges!
  5. For anyone who wants a laugh this week!
  6. @LetswaveaBook - thanks dude, just got in from work - was about to circulate the video but found you've already done it
  7. Late broadcast, sorry, but it's finally here
  8. @MarcusAureliu#s - PM with any specifics/dates/times you want me to mention.
  9. Returning after a weeks break - Happy Sunday, people!
  10. @Stockfish I applaud the effort, it's definitely interesting. I'd have to ask, though - how did you end up with a channel with 7000+ subscribers on the back of having no content?
  11. Action packed game this week! SG.75.4v4 Incredible Team game.zip
  12. Happy Sunday SG.74.4v4.Conflict comebacks and capitulation.zip
  13. Another great Sunday 4v4 Those darn towers!!!! Replay Download below SG.73_4v4 Towers of Doom.zip
  14. Back for the first Sunday game of 2022! Replay download below SG.72 4v4 Don't Poke the Bear.zip
  15. Happy New Year everyone Kicking 2022 off with a live recording; Replay files below MD.25_2v2 Battle on the Frozen Lake.zip
  16. New Years Eve Epic 5 Player Deathmatch! Was tremendous fun to commentate on this one! And definitely worth checking out the replay files below F4A_03_5 player deathmatch.zip
  17. 0AD Newbie Rush - Game Replay Archive - Alpha 25 I've been asked to make the replays I feature on my YT channel available to download, so here we go. Please note, I'm going to add new ones as they are broadcast and if I have time I'll trawl back through the older ones ----- 02/03/2022 - MD.28 0AD 1v1 - Rama Lama Ding Dong! Download Replay ----- 13/02/2022 - SG.78 0AD 4v4 - Revenge of the Kush! Download Replay ----- 06/02/2022 - SG.77 0AD 4v4 - Raiding the Stronghold Download Replay ----- 30/01/2022 - SG.76 0AD 4v4 - Noob Massacre! Download Replay ----- 23/01/2022 - SG.75 0AD 4v4 - Incredible Team Battle Download Replay ----- 19/01/20221 - MD.27 0AD - 1v1 Duel on the Dunes Download Replay ----- 16/01/2022 - SG.74 - 4v4 Conflict Comebacks and Capitulation Download Replay ----- 12/01/2022 - MD.26 - 1v1 Fiery Vengeance! Download Replay ----- 09/01/2022 - SG.73_4v4 Towers of Doom! Download Replay ----- 02/01/2022 - SG.072 OAD - 4v4 Don't Poke the Bear! Download Replay ----- 01/01/2022 - MD.25 0AD - 2v2 Battle on the Frozen Lake Download Replay ----- 31/12/2021 - F4A.3 0AD - 5 Player Deathmatch Download Replay ----- 30/12/2021 - TU.08 0AD - Build Order Guide – Athenian Infantry Onslaught! With Yekaterina Download Replay ----- MD_26_1v1 Fiery Vengeance.zip MD.27.1v1 Duel on the Dunes.zip SG.76.4v4 Noob Massacre.zip SG.77 4v4 Raiding the Stronghold.zip SG.78 4v4_Revenge of the Kush.zip MD.28_1v1 Ramalamadingdong.zip
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