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  1. Hopefully will be doing a feature on Delenda Est fairly soon, huge kudos to @wowgetoffyourcellphone and anyone else involved in the making of this epic piece of work. Have only just installed it and messed around with it yesterday. I knew from the write up on mod.io that is wasn't your average 0AD mod, but I honestly had no idea just how much scope had been added to the game. I was initially thinking I could knock together a short vid about in very quickly, but the deeper I've dug into the changes and added features, the more it's become evident that that wouldn't really do it justice, so
  2. Just for info - have finally featured Balanced Maps in my Mod features series of videos
  3. And finally done another feature on Mods;
  4. Bit midweek fun. I do believe 0AD can be enjoyed as a spectacle even if the players are not 'pro' level standard and they spend a fair bit of time, shall we say, taking a slightly different approach to playing the game
  5. Thanks for posting here for me @Boudica - managed to post to Reddit but ran out of time to post here before I had to head out this morning. And darn, did I get @Dakara and @Dizaka mixed up? I probably did, I know I covered Dizaka in a tournament game a while back, you know how crap I am with player names!!!!!!!
  6. That is looking spectacular, dude, great work. I used the older version for my commentary for the game I'm releasing this Sunday, shame I couldn't have used this shiny, revised version, but I had to get it done while I had time last night Will have this new one up and running for later...:)
  7. @dpikt Brilliant work, dude, very interested to see how you refine this in terms of the whole situation with count accuracy, but it's certainly a great start. Is there not a live running count of population through the game that can be plotted? I mean, the game keeps track of a pop count, and although it seems to reach it by different means, so does the FGOD mod, right? Or am I missing something silly here?
  8. Nice work, just replied to you in your email in a bit more detail.
  9. As I said, @Sundiata- not intended as a criticism - anyone who is an active part of the community will know how much hard work is happening 'under the hood' - so to speak. Those on the outside looking in, they might draw an incorrect conclusion based on the metric of visible activity and engagement at a surface level - that would be my concern. @Stan` & @Sundiata- couple of things to float at you here. Does 0AD need more support/help/volunteers from it's community in the more non-technical aspects of the project, like community engagement on it's social media and video channels or pu
  10. I'm pretty sure the purpose of social media is community engagement. Which doesn't occur from not posting. Again, not mean't as a criticism, merely an observation. If there is truth in the fact that potential players are being turned off 0AD by the perception that the project is dead, which could be arrived at due to there being no uploads to the official 0AD Youtube channel since the A23 trailer (i.e. no uploads since 2018), and infrequent social media posting generally (last post on FB was from 20th sept (only post in Sept) about European Bison) - then how could positive engagement not help?
  11. Good stuff, dude, glad you've made such a swift recovery. Not least cos you're the one player I can beat at 0AD on a regular basis! Just kidding, welcome back, dude!
  12. Another great Sunday game, and huge thanks to @Isshfor providing the replay.
  13. Hi Stan, many thanks for your reply - and It's totally not really an inconvenience - I think everyone is just really psyched and excited for the updated iteration of the game
  14. Not even an aspirational timescale? We're all aware of how the development works and it's voluntary nature, and we're grateful to the creators for their work - make no mistake, there is universal appreciation, but there is the school of thought that a dream without a deadline is just a dream...
  15. Sometimes you got to get a group of poor, unsuspecting new players, drop them in a horribly under resourced, unbalanced map and see what happens
  16. That map, or something akin to it, would be an awesome addition Have been keeping an eye on the Monitor Mod (c'mon, you've got to give it a more kickass name, surely?) While I think it's extremely clever, and potentially huge for realtime analysis, I'm still not if it helps in terms of bringing the coverage to the small screen when doing a replay with commentary. I'd worry I'd spend too much time fiddling with buttons and icons and not focusing on the on-screen action. But we do have very different styles in terms of our commentary videos, yours is definitely rooted more in the te
  17. @badosuthanks mate, that's brilliant info. I understand now about the 'fixed' business - that is something really useful to know. I reckon calling it 'fixed starting positions' would make that clear to someone not in the know, but I see what you were aiming for. And yes, that feature does make for some interesting combinations. Were there other maps you'd considering 'balancing' when putting this collection together?
  18. Hi @badosu - as we discussed, I'm looking to feature Balanced Maps on my Youtube channel Mod previews. Got a few quick questions I reckon you'll be able to clear up easy, if you got a minute. 1) Fixed Maps. So I see a few maps with the 'fixed' postfix on them, for example, Balanced Mainland. Does that mean that the original version of Balanced Mainland has an issue, i.e. it wasn't quite as balanced as it should have been? I'm curious as to why there should be a fixed and not version present, I'd have thought you'd want one, definitive version of the map to avoid confusion? Both maps play
  19. And another Sunday brings another replay
  20. Slightly later than billed, some Friday Free 4 All action!
  21. Finally, after a lot of editing, my first 0AD Tutorial is done Won't probably apply to most of the very skilled players on this forum, but a few newer players have already advised they've found it useful, so I think it's kind of justified itself already. I'm happy
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