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  1. You just beat me to that @Stan`
  2. This has been implemented differently in rP24001. Be aware that this breaks many previous templates. Old template code: New template code: This new schema allows for e.g. It is good to note that, after thorough discussion, it has been decided to NOT include directionality (yet). (But that is certainly on my ToDo-list ) This sets things up for resistances against Status Effects.
  3. You can also use "Unassigned" instead of "AI: Petra bot" in the player placement. That way their civic centers will spawn, but the entities stand idle (nice capture point ).
  4. Probably something along the lines of: "modifications": [ { "value": "Attack/<Ranged|Melee|Capture>/Bonuses/<NameOfTheBonus>/Classes", "replace": "Building" }, { "value": "Attack/<Ranged|Melee|Capture>/Bonuses/<NameOfTheBonus>/Multiplier", "multiply": 5 }, ], To add 5x damage against buildings. But then again, one needs to add support for modifying classes in bonuses first (apperently there is already support to change the multiplier (rP22346)).
  5. Actually, no Even if you'd add it (Attacking.js-helper, "GetAttackEffectsData") you cannot add a new bonus, as far as I know, but you could add a general non-bonus (x1 vs Unit) and modify that with an aura (would mean you cannot alter bonuses with two different auras probably).
  6. To me, it is (Or perhaps the "other"-folder.) But what if one can gather two resources from one object, e.g. fruit and/or wood from a apple tree? It seems we need something of a definition for that folder.
  7. Thank you for the history @Nescio! I can try a PR again, like with the javelin*. I'll kick off with the, IMHO, least controversial of changes: {civ}_*.xml → {civ}/*.xml since I wrote a script for that while practicing my bash ^^ Then we can also gather more feedback in the diff (D2952). I agree about the "other"-folder, but am not sure about "campaign" and "skirmish". The Gaia-folder may also be controversial, perhaps we should wait with that one for another team members opinion (a few are on vacation now ^^).
  8. Currently? I don't think so. Previously? Definitively #3997 :)
  9. @myou5e For your information, there is a lot of useful modding information in https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21083-how-to-modify-0-ad/ (Also about resources not getting exhausted IIRC.)
  10. LS (@Nescio, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, @bb_, @wraitii), in light of D2774 and D2254 I've had some thoughts regarding the folder structure of the templates. Currently all "basic" templates are in the "template" folder, which ought to stay that way. But all templates for the factions are in the "templates/units" folder which can get quite cludged. It seems nice to put those in a folder for each civ like is already done in @Nescio's 0abc mod. Idem for structures. The "other" folder, which only contains templates inherited from structures may be moved to the "templates/structures"
  11. The barracks has indeed an XP-trickle for garrisoned units, since rP23541.
  12. Just to add an interesting read, not really about tiers. One mod I particularly like is AOE III's Wars Of Liberty (http://aoe3wol.com/civilizations) in which the civilisations are split by "culture" where each culture differs greatly from another but the civilisations differ slightly within one culture. I don't think each civilisation is perfectly balanced against all other civilisations, but there are no tiers either. Each civilisation just has its pro's and cons. Perhaps it would be interesting to find out how they balance stuff.
  13. Could you perhaps use the development panel to display the selection state and see what the health of such a unit is?
  14. You mod because it's awesome and people love your mod Meaning you've fixed it? @gameboy Do you still experience the error? (For I can't reproduce it.)
  15. You may like D2199. You can take a look and perhaps even test and give feedback there.
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