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  1. That would be huge. ^^ If you do get it working (whilst not breaking everything ;P ), please make a patch on Phab. Also, feel free to ping me on IRC (#0ad-dev on Quakenet) if you want to discuss something (even ping when I'm not online, I follow the logs quite regularly).
  2. Hey @kennethmartin! We're always looking for new programmers. You can (also) talk to other team members on IRC: #0ad-dev on QuakeNet (https://www.wildfiregames.com/irc.html). Is there anything specific you are interested in?
  3. I feel the urge to react to the OP, so here I go. Haha! I like jokes. No game has ever looked so good/worked so good in Alpha. It has become a signature, whilst still conveying that we may overhaul our code at the blink of an eye. Do you have a reference for this? I understand that when not adding features fewer new bugs will arise, but even if we fix bugs, we (may) introduce new bugs, so this is quite hard, actually. Consider how long we've been trying this! "13" (Or actually: You should blame your distro, not the ISP.) Because such a document would become very complicated and unreadable very very quickly. It all depends on the situation, and there are a lot of those. Image there is a ram nearby, then the best unit to garrison would be (champion) swordsmen. If those are not close, however, you can garrison any projectile unit for added arrows. If there is merely a bunch of cavalry around, you can garrison your female workers to protect them. But that is quite useless when there is a real army on your doorstep. See how this gets messy quickly? ^^ As for the rest of the posts: Thank you all for your unwavering support! <3 Not everyone, I guess.
  4. I second @Genava55! Always welcome for a chat! Farewell, to the truest of that word, to you!
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Rams are balanced in PvP, assuming equal skill for both Ps. Rams are not balanced in SP, which is PvAI. That may mean one of two things, IMHO: PvAI needs a different balance PvAI is of unequal skill In the first post, the P in PvAI thought the rams are too strong, due to being overwhelmed by them. Then the P learned how to counter rams. In the later posts, the AI "thinks" the rams are too strong, due to being overwhelmed by them. Doesn't that point to the AI not being able to cope with being attacked by rams? (I'm not saying that the use of rams can't be changed to achieve a different balance.) Sadly, agreed.
  6. Please use SI. That is already in some descriptions and we use it as the system in the game itself. Also, since you're writing history strings, you could be meaning the "foot" from that age. (We might want to add something about that to the https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/EnglishStyleGuide.) I was also seeing some "programmer's quotes" as opposed to “real quotes” when I skimmed through some changes. Thank you for all the hard work in getting the history back! I'm very grateful that it is finally happening. I'm also willing to help review the whole thing when it is nigh compleat.
  7. Feel free to create a patch for increasing the garrisoning size of rams.
  8. Sorry to chime in here as well,,, You can see our AI code here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai/petra/. There is code for transport and such, so if that doesn't work consistently, one maybe can check why?
  9. This commit moves the Arsenal to the town phase, for Macedonia. I'm sorry, I guess I read over that. Point taken for LTS's. (Though there might be a backport available.) 'Loading', 'Generating', 'potato', 'potato'. Sorry, I meant 'generating'. But it seems that it generates fine, but crashes at some point later, if I read your post correctly. Those chat lines should be in the logs. If you get them again, can you upload the "interestinglog.html", please? Me neither, but we've got to rule out stuff. ^^ You could install it (on Linux). Then use gdb --args 0ad --editor on the command line to run the editor inside GDB. I think the prompt from GDB will get you far enough for retreiving a stack. Have you tried playing "Random Maps"? You can choose the size there.
  10. Sadly, we get at least one triplet of spam posts per day, usually the mods delete them pretty quickly, but imagine there was no post limit,,, Done: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP27828. ;P Compiling by yourself does have the benefit of rolling updates. But more seriously, what distro do you use? If it doesn't have A26 yet, you should probably move on. Source: https://repology.org/project/0ad/versions. Does it crash always when loading that map? And only with "giant" and above? Is this with your mod enabled? If so, do you have some public place we can view the mod? (e.g. GitLab or something.)
  11. Thanks for the report, @Mr.lie! I've fixed this issue in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP27824.
  12. Maybe it prioritises attacking the structures? Do you have a replay? Can you reproduce the issue?
  13. In this situation it seems that the corner of the house may be in/through the wall enough for the engine to believe there is free space there.
  14. You should indeed double-check that there are no duplicates of the technology, because if a technology isn't on your storage the game can't load it. (Not sure if it matters, but you did start a new match, did you?) As for the bonus text remaining visible; they are loaded from civ-specific technologies, but also from simulation/data/civs/*.json, so you might want to check that as well. (That obviously can't affect the match itself.)
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