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  1. One should replay the non-visual replays for consistent results, especially when one wants to investigate the pathfinder.
  2. You probably can find it somewhere already. ,,A programmer's work is merely limited by their imagination.'' It just takes time. ^^ I guess it depends on whom you ask. If you ask me, it becomes more fun, if you would ask some random competative player they might argue otherwise.
  3. It would be both complex and useless. Even if the AI does not have full vision, the functions she uses assume she has.
  4. Do note while she knows everything, she still is _very_ dumb. So not ticking that option makes it a tad fairer, I guess.
  5. Not that I know, but I do know that every time I have a match and do nothing, she only attacks with a giant army (~150 units) after a lot of minutes, instead of also rushing/attacking with smaller parties.
  6. @Gurken Khan PetraAI will also try to coordinate their attacks with allies. That they don't arrive at the same time is probably due to their walking distance.
  7. (As of https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP25958 one can also push an item to the front of the production queue. E.g. you're phasing but are rushed and need some units NOW, just use the hotkey and add them, which pauses the phasing.)
  8. Even better: They aren't damaged at all!
  9. Fine... Fine... We could add a lot more depth, if you ask me.
  10. I don't know when that filter was removed, but you'll need to make your own filter. The change you've made now ensures the wonder itself cannot garrison anything else. So you can keep the name of the filter (disableGarrisonHolder) but have to make that yourself (take a look at the "ungarrisonable" filter how to do that).
  11. We don't have a `disableGarrisonHolder` (anymore?), the `ungarrisonable` makes sure that the entity can't garrison something.
  12. One could just have the upgrade let the barracks (etc.) train/recruit rank 2 soldiers, so not affecting the already trained entities.
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