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  1. Kind of. As noted by @LetswaveaBook, having different speeds for different tasks makes for a hard time. It means you _have_ to micro your units to keep up with a high APM player (if they walk slower when gathering, just task them to walk next to a tree and then gather, task them back to the storehouse and then drop off). It is also hard to sell to players. Why are archers slower when gathering, but other (ranged) infantry not? It has been proposed several times before, feel free to look up those posts.
  2. ^ Exactly this. Please be patient @gameboy, and thank you for the report.
  3. @Yekaterina You can use the git repo to make patches ("git diff -U9999") and upload those manually to Phabricator (code.wildfiregames.com).
  4. I'm no RM expert, but it seems that the "placePlayerBases" doesn't account for biome. (Specifically "placePlayerBaseChicken" in the player.js in rmgen-common.)
  5. Standing still and trying to hit the same target would increase accuracy, but only if that target is stationary, right? Or are you talking about getting calm after walking? For I guess the prepare time is doing that job?
  6. You'll have to work that out with @wraitii a bit, since they are also planning some small campaign, IIRC. But the idea for now is teaching the very basics of an RTS, complemented with some 0 A.D. specifics. See:
  7. Nice you want to pick this up! First of all, I encourage you to take a look at the already implemented tutorial campaign. Albeit short, it shows some stuff already. It is basically a JSON file in the "campaigns"-folder.
  8. Which makes for nice scenes (cavalry (with their longer rotation times) getting caught in a forest by infantry).
  9. Better safe than sorry and don't change this one. It is used by the simulation, AI and GUI.
  10. Because part of 0 A.D. is "to reduce repeatitive tasks" and good micro would scout better still than an automated function.
  11. Because if the Macedonians capture such an arsenal they have the correct tooltip. (@Nescio) Not implemented (anymore?) in vanilla, but useful for mods.
  12. The pyromod is just a zip in disguise, so you can extract it with your archive manager.
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