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  1. Templates were moved to their civ-specific folders (r24216). One can use https://code.wildfiregames.com/P225, or a adaptation thereof, to fix the majority of changes.
  2. (Controllability patch is committed )
  3. One can already use that in SVN., just one template change away Is being worked on (D1838). I have that around somewhere. (D2175) Looking forward to that!
  4. Sorry for the late reply, do you still experience this? If so, could you upload a replay (with which SVN version and DE commit), please?
  5. By the way, losing HP in enemy territory (albeit only during ceasefire) was proposed before: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Background%3A_Territories#BENEFITSOFCONTROLLINGAPROVINCE.
  6. On SVN one _is_ able to pick those maps (called landscapes there).
  7. (Some WIP from some time ago: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2175.)
  8. Interesting idea, but I think that would work best if the resource gathering would go from event-based to continuous production (e.g. lumber camps being semi-large structures being built next to some trees giving a(n) (unlimited) trickle of wood, which is increased with number of assigned slaves and/or amount of wood nearby). TerritoryDecay.js just sends a message (MT_TerritoryDecayChanged) whenever an entity gets out of allied territorium, so you could listen to that in cmpHealth and respond accordingly. That would be fairly slow I guess though.
  9. Significant work has been done here: D1958. Sounds like trample damage? (D1838)
  10. The main reason there is no official campaign yet is because the underlying infrastructure is not there yet. There is a big patch for that (D11) but it needs review (feel free to do so) and fixes by the author. Once the infrastructure is there my guess is that a simple campaign won't be far off.
  11. (Actually, "/" selects idle fighters.)
  12. You can take a look at StatisticsTracker.js -- especially at the difference how e.g. "lootCollected": this.lootCollected and "percentMapExplored": this.GetPercentMapExplored() are obtained -- and at Player.js. Those should contain (nigh) all information you need. Feel free to ask questions! (You can also join #0ad-dev on IRC for a faster respons.)
  13. Could you consider submitting a patch for this? At http://code.wildfiregames.com.
  14. You just beat me to that @Stan`
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