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  1. You can just give them capture points? Or rather, just one capture point? You can't just walk by and get a sheep, but you can easily ranch them then.
  2. But don't let them use their bow and arrow for hunting and a dagger for defending, AoE-II did that for villies and it looks really weird Perhaps we can give hunters a pelt over the back of their horse or something?
  3. Didn't they mean people born after/in the year 2000 with 2k? ;P
  4. If the death animation would still play I could agree with on/off, but even then, having a limit may just help a lot. It (a limited amount of corpses) can also give a quick visual note about the place the last battle has taken place.
  5. Yes, we have started last Saturday. Any help is appreciated What do you want to help with?
  6. Fixed in SVN (so for A25). (For fun: it was commit r25000.)
  7. Yes, if UnitAI would be smart enough to all pick the same target after that first one ^^ That is also the problem with fattening animals, UnitAI will gladly pick the closest, albeit not fully grown, cow while keeping the fat one out of harms way.
  8. This is already how it works in-game? Just that violent and aggressive is 100% vision range, but violent will keep chasing when the player still sees the adversary. Defensive has a query range of 50% of the vision range That being said, improvements can be done for sure.
  9. So, it _adds_ a lot of micro? You need to be sure to have as many entities on one animal as possible, else you're being inefficient? About the templates, the state can be one or more of "alive", "dead", "gathered", "notGathered" and they can be mixed and matched. (So we can let animals fatten when alive and decay when dead and not being gathered from, or farms grow when being tended (gathered) and grow much slower when not.)
  10. The bug visible in the video by @fatherbushido is fixed in r24977. The behaviour mentioned by @hyperion is more difficult to fix.
  11. Thanks for the report @fatherbushido! I encountered this bug when splitting Turrets from Garrison, but I am quite sure I fixed it back then. Perhaps I reintroduced it in a later iteration. Anyways, it'll be fixed, I had a solution ready which accidentally fixes this ;)
  12. Hey @gameboy, thanks for the report, we're working on a fix.
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