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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D368
  2. I wish I could like/thank the first post again, after the update! These kind of calculations are really interesting!
  3. How would it look when you have a default stance passive at unit creation time, but your adversary had violent? That is why we don't access user settings in the simulation. One could pass the default stance as metadata to the training of the entity.
  4. I'm not sure what happens in your situation @Sebastián Gómez, but catapults prefer to attack structures above units (i.e. if both a structure and a unit are in range when it unpacks, it will attack the structure) and they will just execute any order given to them by the player (e.g. if you tell them to attack a _structure_, it will do that when that structure is in range). That said, I guess one can add a small circulair splash damage to ensure it _hits_ an unit when it lands close enough (the projectiles are much larger than e.g. arrows, so it is justifiable).
  5. She will also barter excess resources for scarce ones, to drive up the price. Just so you know. ;)
  6. Do note 0ad A25 is in Debian testing now, so it might be in the next version of your distro.
  7. Since A25 mods can declare themselves compatible with multiplayer, e.g. non sim-changing.
  8. Well, a 120 men strong army, including champions and siege at around 11 minutes is not something I see with VH often. ^^ The problem is _how_ she attacks and recovers from attacks, I think.
  9. Open the development panel (<Alt>+<d>) then click "Change perspective" (second button from the top) and subsequently change your perspective to GAIA.
  10. See e.g. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4250. Do note I meant it to be configurable in the match settings; it is unwise (also impossible, IIRC) to use config values in the simulation, imagine the person you are playing with has different values!
  11. "Normal" yeah. That is due to binaries which are only visible/downloadable when logged in, IIRC we're not sure why it happens, but it usually can't hurt.
  12. I would love to see the full glory of the game then sometime, for I already like it now.
  13. One might try adding the "Ranged" preferred attack class to ranged units and see how that feels/performs.
  14. Define `this` and how it differs from the main question apparent from the thread title, please.
  15. You can take a look at other numerical values (e.g. relic count). I know you can do that. About including this in the main game, I'm not sure it is needed, I mean if one VH AI is too easy, one can just fight more? I have yet to see someone beating 7 teamed AIs. Yeah, same here. ^^ I've tried a few things, but none really jumped the efficiency of her. I guess it needs more involved rewrites.
  16. We prefer to actually make the PetraAI harder by smarter, but maybe this should be included as a temporary feature. Altough I guess we should also change the construction times on extreme.
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