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  1. The patch is still open (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4308) but @Langbart had used a different icon, currently 40 by 33 pixels. I guess you can take a look and see whether you want to improve the icon and else just leave it.
  2. There is history in the templates, feel free to update/expand that.
  3. @alre How do you want to be credited in the game's credits for your patch?
  4. Hey @Karmo and welcome to our forums! You might want to check which victory conditions you are using (found in the "Game Type" tab). The one I use the most against the AI is "Conquest Civic Centre", since that makes you win when the AI has no CC left. But the default "Conquest" dictates that you need to destroy even hard-to-find foundations. Thus it can happen you have searched the whole map but don't find that last foundation.
  5. Very cool! It seems you are coming close to something we may be able include in the main game (feature wise), could you upload a patch on our Phabricator, please? (https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches) It will allow us to give direct comments on your code and speed up the inclusion. (I see quite some hardcoding in some functions, but it might be unavoidable.)
  6. (This can't be implemented (yet); it is a dropsite for either all food or no food.)
  7. We're trying to get them to update the patch, but to no avail yet. (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4294)
  8. That is how we update the AI. And for units that sounds somewhat like our timer system. We don't need to check for enemies every turn when attack-moving, so we do it every second.
  9. Attack ground: Harder to implement (properly). Attack group: GUI only code change needed (for the case of selecting a unit in the group randomly and keep attacking that until it is dead). As such, it seems easier to implement.
  10. Thanks for the report, I made a logic error. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4432
  11. In the development menu, you need to tick the option called "Change perspective" (in English) right below the "Control all units". Then, you need to actually change the perspective from "Observer" to the player you want to control, at the top of the screen, left to the speed button. You don't have to tick the "Controll all units" button anymore then.
  12. You can use the development panel (<alt>+<d>) to switch to an AI player, but the current AI doesn't expect it when units are created not by themselves.
  13. I'm not sure what changed, but IIRC @wraitii did some changes, indeed. You could try adding the effect manually in the modifiers manager (ModifiersManager.prototype.AddModifiers = function(ModifID, Modifs, entity, stackable = false) you'll have to do some warn(uneval())'s to see the structure of the Modifs.
  14. (See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4189 for that.)
  15. Tagging @mysticjim for the streaming part.
  16. Another positive thing about (mis?)using BuildingAI is that units finally can attack and move at the same time. By the way, the attack-group thing is GUI only. I know we have some fantastic GUI modders on the forum, so maybe one of them (with some free time) can try to implement that? Regarding the requests to rebase the attack-ground. When I find some time I will try it. But it is not my priority, sorry all.
  17. Glad you got it working. I've bitten my teeth on this turret-order problem before, so I'm very interested in any results, so please do keep us (me) updated.
  18. You can check out UnitAI and then specifically the part around finishing construction. Units look for the closest resource there.
  19. Gezegend nieuwjaar allemaal!
  20. Have you seen https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1838? Do you have played a bit with them already?
  21. When the enemies ranged units are in formation, targetting the formation will lead to each of your units targetting the closest member of that formation, which sounds more or less what you want? So the problem might also be addressed by quoting @wowgetoffyourcellphone: "Battalions". ;)
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