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Found 3 results

  1. I want some mechanic for mods or forvthe game itself. @s0600204 its possible adding a selector screen like AoE to the GUI? im pettry sure can be useful in mod in later stage of the game. the instructions are simple. chosse between several portraits 1 of 2-3 if you when you make the selection appaers new icons for units and new technologies, even the buildings can change(example Egyptian styles like New Kingdom vs Hellenistic) this save much room of space in icon of buildings and icons of units. second request. This for simulation T
  2. Several features aren't complete yet, but in History(Learn to play) Ptolemies and Mauryans can tame or capture elephants today somelse in Facebook ask me about how use corral and capture elephants.
  3. Disclaimer : It is important that existing balance changes are not only rated by reading, but by testing. Means: Install and play the balance branch and install and play SVN/A17. The aim of this thread is creating a place where all ideas are merged together so we don't forget any. Also this is the place to vote for those ideas. I'll update this thread as thing goes, and moderate it. What we need for now is the list of all players, so we have a numeric idea on how many people play the balance branch. Please comment below to give me your names. Also we are thinking of launching a tournament so t
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