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Found 4 results

  1. Bos Wars has a feature for enabling multiple viewports. You can select a viewport and scroll through it (The first screenshot is with no viewports). Does 0ad have anything like that and do you think it would be a good feature to implement?
  2. I want some mechanic for mods or forvthe game itself. @s0600204 its possible adding a selector screen like AoE to the GUI? im pettry sure can be useful in mod in later stage of the game. the instructions are simple. chosse between several portraits 1 of 2-3 if you when you make the selection appaers new icons for units and new technologies, even the buildings can change(example Egyptian styles like New Kingdom vs Hellenistic) this save much room of space in icon of buildings and icons of units. second request. This for simulation Turn on and turn off features like territory system? And adding extra features for mods but not necessary for the game. im sure @wowgetoffyourcellphone Will agree with this. this you can create other type of game like CBA or free placing of buildings.
  3. Several features aren't complete yet, but in History(Learn to play) Ptolemies and Mauryans can tame or capture elephants today somelse in Facebook ask me about how use corral and capture elephants.
  4. Disclaimer : It is important that existing balance changes are not only rated by reading, but by testing. Means: Install and play the balance branch and install and play SVN/A17. The aim of this thread is creating a place where all ideas are merged together so we don't forget any. Also this is the place to vote for those ideas. I'll update this thread as thing goes, and moderate it. What we need for now is the list of all players, so we have a numeric idea on how many people play the balance branch. Please comment below to give me your names. Also we are thinking of launching a tournament so that we can gather interesting feedback. I proposed something similar (but it was only for the devs here : http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19034 and here : http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18484). If you want to say something in this aim that doesn't fit in this thread, just ask me by PM and /or ask me to come on IRC. At the end I plan to have an excel file, becoming bigger with all the ideas then shorter when everything has been voted. Of course I realise that may mean 'A : I want cav to be OP' 'B: Cav should be less OP'. But that will work for other things such as increasing the strength of the ram when units are garisonned in. Or maybe make it a mobile garison like walls. Regards Stan. I don't have access to excel for now so here is the list. I'm basing the popularity of the idea of the proposition on the number of likes of the post -Units garrisoned in batterings ram, should give a bonus: mov speed, damage and atk speed. 1 -Bonus for units in walls. Deals better than unit without protection. (Already In) -Slavery at market by each percentage of units killed. 2 -Make Qarthage be able to train biremes (at least) at the commercial dock. That way it doesn't get bummed over in Island maps. 2 -Make formations more of a Select a bunch of units then "form up" (maybe for flavor one of them get's "promoted" and a bubble appears over his head every time you issue an order. Formations should also disable gathering - to make moving through heavily resourced areas less of a pain.2 -Make ships not take population - but instead make them mobile walls. When in range of a dock (Qarthage's military dock would have a greater range) they can train "marine"(Civilised) or "boarder"(Barbarian) units for the ships. Boarders would be better at melee, where marines would have a ranged attack and melee attack. -Make units like Hastatus Have slowly rechargeable one-time ranged attack when not in melee. Iberians would have it on all their melee units, and have two - instead of one javelin. -Make persian immortals be trained as a toggle. EG: Persian palaces give a slow toggle of resources, yes? make the toggle trade that for immortals instead. -A new special for iberians (that isn't dependant on map makers and isn't ALWAYS deleted immediately at the start of the game) -slavery at market by each percentage of units killed. AoE3 had a building that could train cannons as a trickle so that the only cost was time (it was slow enough to be fair). I don't see why we couldn't do that in our game for some unit. 3 Votes Authorized Members (To get in this list just play) (15 players in total) - AceWild - alpha123 - Altamura - angelogenius - auron2401 - djjunde - Infoman - Itms - Jagster3r21 - LordIgorIIIofKiev - santa - Sanguivorant - Shaken_Vesper - tau - Tux - z
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