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Found 6 results

  1. Please make skirmish maps have a fixed max number of players instead of just fixed. This way a skirmish map can be played with less players, but no more than designed. e.g. a 6 player skirmish map could be played with 4 players too, but not 8. The reason i request this is because an unassigned player will still be spawned, just not controlled. Another reason i'm asking this is because i'm working on a script to give players random positions (with team sorting) on a skirmish map (just mine for now) instead of fixed positions. I'm nearly done with it but the issue described above remains. The max players change + my script should encourage more people to play skirmish maps without having the same positions (which can also give unfair advantage, and gets repetitive). If there are maps that really need a fixed set of players they should be in the scenario department. Once i'm done with my random position script i would actually volunteer to rework existing skirmish maps to include it (which does visually nothing to the maps). But thats probably for another thread. Also wasnt sure where to make this thread but yeah here it is, lol.
  2. Gastraphetes Started to work on the gastraphetes request asked by @Nescio Progress
  3. I would like to see a weather simulation in 0 A.D. It would be nice to have weather events such as rain, dark clouds, bright sun, snow and desert winds. This would produces an entirely different feeling in maps. However, weather simulations can become annoying if they influence the map or game play to much.
  4. Here's the maur ram @Nescio without reference images it's kinda hard to imagine how it was so i follow they architecture design and used the same textures of the buildings. maur_ram.7z
  5. Being able to rotate the view and admire structures from all different sides and angles is certainly a visually pleasing feature. However, it can also be quite annoying and undesirable; the numbers of times I accidently rotated the map far exceeds the number of times I intentionally did this; the result is disorientation. Therefore I would really appreciate it if there were a quick and easy option to return to the default 0° angle rotation, e.g. a “re-orientate to the true North” button at one of the unused corners of the minimap. [EDIT: bb_ pointed out simply pressing “r” does the trick.] Something like that would also be nice to have.
  6. I want some mechanic for mods or forvthe game itself. @s0600204 its possible adding a selector screen like AoE to the GUI? im pettry sure can be useful in mod in later stage of the game. the instructions are simple. chosse between several portraits 1 of 2-3 if you when you make the selection appaers new icons for units and new technologies, even the buildings can change(example Egyptian styles like New Kingdom vs Hellenistic) this save much room of space in icon of buildings and icons of units. second request. This for simulation Turn on and turn off features like territory system? And adding extra features for mods but not necessary for the game. im sure @wowgetoffyourcellphone Will agree with this. this you can create other type of game like CBA or free placing of buildings.
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