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Found 8 results

  1. @cl2488@borg-@Feldfeld@ValihrAnt@Tom0ad Hi, I would like to participate an Idea on a tournament with a $1000 Cash Cup $500 for the Winner $300 for Second $150 for Third Would this be a great idea to push 0 A.D. into the public and would allow it to reach it's true stage? what would be a great charge for tournaments (or should be make it free and allow donations to come in) Please comment in your Ideas so we could host such a thing
  2. I am playing 0 A.D. for quite a while now. I like the game a lot. One thing I do not like is, maps often times look pretty at the beginning, but over time the look and feel of maps decline because of massive deforestation. The maps start to look very empty. Furthermore, deforestation seems to have been an issue for the Roman empire: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_during_the_Roman_period#Consequences_of_deforestation - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45407393_Ancient_Deforestation_Revisited There are games in which trees grow slowly over time and are therefore a renewable resource. One game which implements such a model is Stronghold Crusader. I would love to see small trees spawning and growing over time in 0 A. D. I think this would make long matches or scenarios in which one side does not have a lot resources more interesting. After all wood is a renewable resource.
  3. I would like to see a weather simulation in 0 A.D. It would be nice to have weather events such as rain, dark clouds, bright sun, snow and desert winds. This would produces an entirely different feeling in maps. However, weather simulations can become annoying if they influence the map or game play to much.
  4. Hello! I forgot myself and wrote, "some sh_it went down" without the underscore, in the lobby after all players in a multiplayer game got disconnected, probably by some bug. Consequently I got muted. Can someone please unmute me? May I suggest that the word activated muting was replaced with a word activated asterix censoring? That way we could avoid some hazzle and the bad words would disappear as wanted. People who are rude should of course be reported and then muted.
  5. While playing the game I have noticed something very big and historically significant that seems to overlooked in 0 A.D: logistics. I have looked at a past thread about a similar idea but many players did not want to have starving units as it would add to much micromanagement. I have an idea for a compromise between the hardcore rts fans and the casual players: a simpler logistical system. My idea of how it would work is that there would be logistical support units , they would give a "well supplied" aura bonus to armies (and possibly give a weak healing aura too) near it but they would loose health slowly. When their health is depleted they would use the spawn entity on death function to leave behind an "empty" logistical unit. They would then have to travel back to a city to "refill" and become a "full" logistical unit. They would be settable on automatic paths similar to a trader in between a soldier a player specifies (who would probably be one in the center of an army) and they would go back and forth between a food drop site class building and the specified soldier, if that soldier dies then possibly repath to the nearest soldier to the one that died.
  6. Ok. my new ideas after playing 1v1 in Bactrian skirmish. Add champion Mercenary camp, an special building that adds Champions mercenary units only. Add less building restriction for Colonies and CC. Add Galatians mercenaries as optional from their actual Thracian Black coat. Add Bactrian Cataphract as mercenary and some hostil few units in the map. A technology that increase outpost in late. Women are rare trainable in early, I don't see why is feeling unbalanced. or why need high recruitment prerequisite in all faction. Personal request, I want if want take my audio sounds to test it before be committed to main game(vanilla) Military colony upgrade a CC. Have 1v1 Scythian map. too much lag, normal size. Add neutral market to maps are part of Silk road.
  7. The concept was mentioned before. A Neutral building is non-buildable structure and don't the architecture influence by any faction, isn't relative to any, is only a usable building if is captured by a player. in this new building you can train eyecandy units. slaves from all cultures. Men and women. This will be cheap than current villager. wild animal (tamed) to use as pet or to fight, like tigers, lions, elephant workers, war dogs. Examples
  8. Have played romans but i fell something laks then remembered something that its really needed, Roman Empire, Roman republic, was caracterised by the jerarchy that his army had. Then I strongly suggest the Centurion to by a unit with radius of comand that adds bonuses like health or attack donno. Also other "supportive" units like standart mens, trumpet met, with radius to enhanced the legions
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