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Found 4 results

  1. hi all, I had this idea, lets make a thread for map creators where they can get inspiration from. Many of you probably know alot about history especially around 0ad timeframe, and know about interesting battles that have happened or places to recreate. The idea is to share that information here, so that a map creator can pick it up and start working on it. To keep things clear with a nice overview it's probably best to use a format e.g.: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Battle of Thermopylae Type: Historical Battle - Sources - Docs Source Vids Source Pictures Source Source Maps Source Comments/explanation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to contribute i'm sure the map creators will be thankful, at the very least i am. Copy and paste the format from above and start sharing (Keep the comments/explanation in a spoiler tag please, for better readibility of the forum). Looking forward to learn some new history. A few last notes. If you as a map creator decide to start working on one of the projects, please call it out in the comments section to prevent more than 1 person working on the same thing. If you decide to share a battle/historical place make sure your sources are solid, i learned from battle of thermopylae that alot of sources are not credible and often contradictory. Sometimes more than others you will get fed biased information/stories much like the spartans themselves did.
  2. Another DLC same as Rome 2 and Attila.
  3. This is my first time making a topic here I believe. Of course, my memory isn't exactly the best but lets not dwell on that. This here is a place to throw up concepts and ideas for all to see for review, constructive criticism, and inspiration. Perhaps even garner support for someone to aid in making the mod a reality. Mods can be either implementing your favorite franchises into the game to duke it out (example Warhammer vs Warcraft), to suggestions for gameplay elements for other people to use, or even concepts you've conjured in your Original Setting that you have in your head. Example: If you have Ideas for the modding community to use or make, pitch them here for inspiration or review. If you like an Idea, be sure to click the heart of the post and copy past it into your computer just in case.
  4. Ok. my new ideas after playing 1v1 in Bactrian skirmish. Add champion Mercenary camp, an special building that adds Champions mercenary units only. Add less building restriction for Colonies and CC. Add Galatians mercenaries as optional from their actual Thracian Black coat. Add Bactrian Cataphract as mercenary and some hostil few units in the map. A technology that increase outpost in late. Women are rare trainable in early, I don't see why is feeling unbalanced. or why need high recruitment prerequisite in all faction. Personal request, I want if want take my audio sounds to test it before be committed to main game(vanilla) Military colony upgrade a CC. Have 1v1 Scythian map. too much lag, normal size. Add neutral market to maps are part of Silk road.
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