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Found 3 results

  1. I'm happy to announce my first map and mod for 0ad! Gaia is a random map aimed at beauty and realism: It aims to provide beautiful landscapes and pleasant environments that are different every time, making use of all capabilities currently provided by the engine. You can usually expect plentiful resources and large forests with a lot of wildlife, may contain lakes and mountainous features alike. Supports all the default biomes and player placement formations. Roads connect player positions, longer roads will appear more worn out. You may encounter mercenaries and random buildings or camps you can capture. A time of day can also be chosen, night is supported as well as stormy days with weather effects (biome dependent). Games aren't guaranteed to be fair and perfect all the time: Due to how heavily randomized the map is, each player may start in a better / worse area nearer to different resources. I had several matches with AI and it feels fair and balanced overall. Give it a try and let me know what you think! gaia_1.0.zip Instructions: Since I didn't feel I should make a whole mod for one map I packed the map as is. Just unpack the zip in ~/.local/share/0ad/mods/user, don't know what the path is for Windows. It should then appear in the random maps section when creating a match.
  2. Ok. my new ideas after playing 1v1 in Bactrian skirmish. Add champion Mercenary camp, an special building that adds Champions mercenary units only. Add less building restriction for Colonies and CC. Add Galatians mercenaries as optional from their actual Thracian Black coat. Add Bactrian Cataphract as mercenary and some hostil few units in the map. A technology that increase outpost in late. Women are rare trainable in early, I don't see why is feeling unbalanced. or why need high recruitment prerequisite in all faction. Personal request, I want if want take my audio sounds to test it before be committed to main game(vanilla) Military colony upgrade a CC. Have 1v1 Scythian map. too much lag, normal size. Add neutral market to maps are part of Silk road.
  3. how i can create my first random map??? i understand how create my scenarios and skrmishes! "With Scanario Editor", but i don't know how create my first random map
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