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  1. https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/sacred-sites/173977/4 I think that is the idea that I liked the most about the design of AoE IV. " you capture them and if you keep all of them long enough you win". In AoE IV mechanic clear, the developers have explicitly said that one victory condition they've experimented with is sacred site victory where a player must control all sacred sites to win. At various points in the fan event footage you can see control of the sacred sites listed as a victory condition, and here you can see that controlling all sacred sites starts a ~5 minute timer. Weirdly in that shot there's only one sacred site to control. In this footage from the most recent event you can see that there's 3 sacred sites in the middle of the map shown -- their icon is a circle with a cross in the middle. The minimap isn't fully explored so there could be more. Its plausible that they have some additional purpose beyond being a victory condition but we don't have any hints of that being the case. In 0 A.D. in our game they could be places of natural as well as cultural worship.
  2. Dear 0ad players, as I still consider me as "young" and thus as "moody", I feel coerced to bond to existentialism what gives me as my maths test went horribly wrong today the will to publish a new map of mine. Being satisfied with this decision, I'm happy to present you the scenario Metropolis (which I started to create in July 2021) Metropolis, as the name says, features multiple fictitious miniature polises in an savannian, mountainous steppe filled with trees, bushes, palms and grass. Alongside rivers and wide beaches you can find quarries all over the map; the variety of animals include elepahnts, giraffes, gazelles, lions and wildbeests. The map is mainly aimed to singleplayer demoniacs (as I am, obviously :D). To defeat the enemies you have to use a wide range of tactics and knowledge of the map itself (or rather its terrain) coming with differnt levels of difficulty. For example, playing the Mauryas or the Athenians is harder as doing it with the Persians. Worth mentioning, the map does neiter pays attention to historical accuracy based on my plan to just build a simple sort of mythic sandbox nor fair starting conditions between each player as some of them even shall trouble more than others Player 1: Persians - starting with a huge and well defendable city, many troops and lots of resources at the start, this player does not only control all mayor transit areas but also is able to erade smaller civs at once Player 2: Romans: providing a little city on their own island, they rather lack of land than of resources Player 3: Ptolemies: being privileged to have a small starting city, the difficult terrain and uncomfortable position does not depict a threat too huge for the Persians Player 4: Macedonias (team 1) - bringing a moderate starting city with them and being bond via a quarry with the Athenians, they don't lack of resources, but heavily of land to build and grow crops on Player 5: Athenians (team 1) -bringing a moderate starting city with them and being bond via a quarry with the Macedonians, they as well lack of land and not that much resources Player 6: Mauryas (team 2) - being exposed to enemy charges, they don't bring any advatages with them (besides 10 maidens) Player 7: Mauryas (team 2) - being exposed to enemy charges, they also don't bring any advatages with them (besides 10 maidens) Player 8: Carthaginias: firstly looking quite impressive and strong with their starting city, they barely stand charges of the Persians, though they have moderately enough resources and troops To be honest, I'm not as satisfied as with my first map The Legend of Avilava, but I thought if I would like to fix some issues I'll just do it - loading up that next small versions into this post. Nevertheless, I consider it as a properly done map you're able to play on. (Still I gotta tell you I like the 0ad models - you're really able to build authenticly! ) Last but not least, I tell you straightforward that Metropolis comes with it's lags, yep. The map is very huge and as The Legend of Avilava has shown maybe does not work on every elder laptop or PC (not to mention MacBooks). Well, as my existentialism brought me to this point, I think I shall show you some screenshots to get a better understanding of the map. The players 1 - 8: Well, followed by some different insights: Hope you can download the map. Wish you a nice day guys! Metropolis 49.pmpMetropolis 49.xml
  3. I have just tested my new map of South America. It's a giant map for eight players with a lot of resources. I tried to make position of resources balanced and all biomes and vegetation are inspired by real ones (it was very difficult due to lack of new world specific vegetation and the variety of biomes). I know that it's not historically accurate (obv) but It's only for fun. Please say to me what do you think about it or some advice to improve it. If the community likes this work I will continue with other continents. South America Baelish.zip
  4. My proposition here is explain one of my obsession to give it to this game. Is a feature knew as neutral buildings, I will use Warcraft 3 official info in order to explain this feature because they were the first that I saw implement this in a RTS, after them AOE 3 do it the same with tradepost. ################################################################################ Neutral buildings appear at strategic locations on every map in Warcraft III. They are designated on the minimap as tiny golden houses. These neutral buildings can be used by any race. Any unit that comes within close range of a neutral building can use it. When a unit enters the vicinity of the building, an arrow usually appears over its head, indicating that the unit can click on the neutral buildings to do business, such as hiring mercenaries or buying magic items(here can be technologies). Some buildings have automatic benefits, and require nothing more than the presence of a unit nearby. Here are a few neutral buildings that have been sighted in the lands of Azeroth. You can also use the Select User button on the neutral building and click on the unit you want to use to activate the building. Neutral buildings are never actually owned by any one player. To use a neutral building, a player must move a unit within one cell (150 game units) of the neutral building. The building will then indicate that it is now active for the player and can be used. Once a unit has activated a neutral building, the player can left click on the building and receive a new command card with a list of commands indicating what can be done at the building. Units from opposing sides can use neutral buildings simultaneously. All neutral buildings are invulnerable. Neutral buildings' stock has a Cooldown indicator so you know how long you need to wait for an item/unit to be back in stock. Use neutral buildings at night to avoid the Creeps defending them. ############# ------ source: http://classic.battle.net/war3/neutral/buildings.shtml ----############# We can have different Mercenaries from a biome region.
  5. Hey all, I made a scenario map about the Roman Limes (latin for border), more specific the Upper-Germanic and Raethian Limes. The Limes was a Roman border defence and controll system against celtic and germanic raids, consisting mostly of walls, moats, palisades, towers and military camps. The land in the middle of Europe was mostly covered in forests and swamps, what complicated warfare for the Romans. I hope you'll like it Overview (spoiler alert): some references: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/35014-inspiration-for-map-creators/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes_(Roman_Empire) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes_Germanicus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castra to add an ingame preview, copy this to \binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\ui\session\icons\mappreview @Stan`, @wraitii hope you can give me a hand now to make the palisades and towers not lose capture points outside of the territory the_limes_2p.pmp the_limes_2p.xml
  6. === Once, some new 0ad player created a map called "map-rheinland". It was supposed to play around a river in old Germania. He tried to imagine how such rivers might have been like, long ago. He had no experience in the game and no idea of the balance whatsoever, so he simply decided to place ore in the mountains and rocks in the swamps and rivers. It was published soon. Since the original map became unloadable with vanilla, a multiplayer / skirmish map is being created from scratch. The main thread, which you are reading now, has been edited and renamed. This could someday become a map pack. I am not sure yet. === While there is further development, i provide the mod in this thread, so it can be used until existing problems are fixed. Also, please consider that it is recommended to use Alpha 27 with Vulkan Backend for good performance / stability. Maps can be huge and contain many resources. For me it works fine with Vulkan on mid-end system. The A27 version of the map... requires Delanda Est, which does not apply to the old A26 map. For some reason, after i had opened the map in Atlas - with DE activated -, the game cannot find any objects when loading it with vanilla 0ad. I try to find out why that happens and will provide the fix. While that is so, the Skirmish version of the map is supposed to work on Vanilla (although, as mentioned, it does not, right now). But for now, it should not be played anyway. I was focussing more on the DE scenario (see below), so that the Skirmish remains kind of unfinished. TBD. The A27 file can be found at the end of this post. Delanda Est Patch On top of that, you can then use the Delanda-Est patch if you like to. It contains a Scenario (1p vs 4 AI) aswell as balancing changes for DE that are designed for this very map. So please remember to turn it off when you play another map - else it will likely disrupt the balance of the original mod. The old file... If you want to play the vanilla map, you can still get the old A26 modfile on mod.io (ingame mod menu) - but it only has 3 player slots, it is not balanced and the terrain and forests are much more generic and dull. Also be aware that there may be changes in the file structure - renaming for example. Need to get a better overview of the map Sources for creation (for myself; can contain german articles. Feel free to share knowledge about how the terrain might have looked like at the time): "Geschichte des Waldes in Mitteleuropa" - Wikipedia (has translations) "Wie breit war der Rhein früher" - the-duesseldorfer.de "Der Rhein in römischer Zeit" - neuss.de "Maps reveal the historical path of the rhine" - uu.nl "Publius Cornelius Tacitus described "Free Germania" (Germania magna) in the 1st century as "terra aut silvis horrida aut paludibus foeda" – a land, covered by horrid forests or loathsome bogs. Tacitus' Mediterranean homeland at that time had already been a cultural landscape for centuries, its forests cleared for fields, orchards and towns, to say nothing of the use of wood for home fires and maritime construction." - Wikipedia Current Map: Old image: ================================================= FILES map-rheinland.pyromod REQUIRES 0ad A27 AND Delanda Est (for now) map-rheinland-v02-patch-delanda-est.pyromod REQUIRES 0ad A27 AND map-rheinland.pyromod AND Delanda Est =================================================
  7. I create a new map of North and Central America, I tested it on my own and now I would like to share it and use in multiplayer, but I don't know how to do it, because it's my first time. Can somebody help me? I attach a screenshot of the new map, I hope that you like it.
  8. I modify the marmara Map to make it more lorefriendly and I divided the Europa side and Asian side with the sea. I set the age during the late VI bc, when Bizantium, Kios and Ilum were one of the powerful cities of the ionian koine. I put also a Gaia Neapolis with a lot of gaia hoplite and soldier, a ionic Gaia pirate settlement in the east and a Thracian Gaia settlments in the north west. For a proper roleplay I suggest the use of Athenian/Spartan to play the archaic greek, without the use of rams and siege weapon, theaters, and Athenanian/Spartan Trireme TierIII ship (there werent during the VI bc), and to play Persian I suggest to play without the Elepant. I play also with a mod Terramagna 26, and I use the scythian to play the Cimmerian invasion of Asia minor. For play the map put the files in skirmishes. I hope some one will like it and play with me with this custom map! Cheers! Byzantium: Kios: Ilium: GDR_Marmara.pmp GDR_Marmara.xml
  9. Hello everyone, I'm sharing with you this mod that I made long ago, hoping it is useful to somebody. The mod is named CircularCamera (official page on GitLab) and it provides nine new cameras, each pointing at a fixed position on the map. Each camera can be accessed with a hotkey. See image below. Features Nine new pre-set cameras are available: one points at the center of the map and eight point at the eight corners of the map. Jumping to any of these cameras can be done via a hotkey. Hotkeys can be edited from the Hotkeys menu. Distance of cameras from map center: the default distance from the center, as well as the increasing/decreasing step can be adjusted from the Options menu. The distance of the cameras from the map center can also be changed in-game via hotkeys. Hotkeys: search for circularcamera in the Hotkeys menu: all the relevant hotkeys can be found and edited there. Installation Click here to download the latest release. Install following the official 0 A.D. guide: How to install mods? Alternative downloads: Latest Release (.pyromod) | Latest Release (.zip) | Older Releases Contribute The public repository is at this page. Everybody is very welcome to contribute, suggest, fork or simply give feedback. Have fun!
  10. Hello there! In anticipation of my (also Mediterranean) vacation in Italy I want to publish the last map I mainly built in November to December 2021. As new Aegean textures came out in Alpha 25 the summer a year ago I tried to make some map out of them (I can remember @wowgetoffyourcellphone of wishing my Map "Metropolis" having used the new terrains ). After my maps "The Legend of Avilava" and "Metropolis" (both scenarios) I decided to resort to the Skirmish type of map giving the player more individuality by choosing their own civ. Thus, there are no starting structures / little cities besides the original headquaters each player beginns with. Maybe I'm too generous in the assumption everyone playing 0ad has a proper gaming PC. I just like these huge maps (even beyond "giant" would be great) with gigantic battles and stuff, hence I've decided it's scale being "giant". The map generally is arranged to have a 4 vs 4 setting. Each player starts near his own team; far from enemy players. Relatively the same amount of starting resources near the headquaters accompany each player; every team should have land more or less equally distributed to gain resources from, to build and / or to expand on. Having let some simulations with bots go their way, I've had a lot of fun watching them. Through this I've been able to correct some little flaws and some features that would hinder the game's fluency. It's likely this map isn't perfect or "fine" anyway (others have to say so), thus I imagine that I'll maybe make some further versions. And if others like to do so, you're granted permission to of course. You guys feel free to use this map in which way you want, it's yours! But I think now it's time to show you some screenshots to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Best to show you the type of Mediterranean landscape that I love so much (regarding this I sadly live in Austria :D) and which I hope I've been able to properly reconstruct here: Also a look onto the starting positions of each player (screenshot follows player number): (Team 1: Player 1 - Player 4; Team 2: Player 5 - Player 8) Looking back, I'm happy enough with what came out of my conception of a Mediterranean "holyday-like" map. It's too good I'm now starting with feeling it all myself in my vacation in Italy! As for you guys, as I said - The map is all yours. Thank the 0ad programmers for having made this aweseome game and featuring the forum to have the gamers able to communicate and exchange with each other - and to publish self made maps! Cya soon, this Saturday I'm out in Italy now yooooo! Aegean Archipelago.xmlAegean Archipelago.pmp Edit on 13.8.2022: The edited versions should be preferred I hope there are no problems with downloading them? Aegean Archipelago First Edit.pmpAegean Archipelago First Edit.xml (When a number in front of the map file's name occur, you have to delete this part of the file name. For example, after downloading, you may get the files with a certain number, like: "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.pmp" and "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.xml" - you have to delete "678349583_" of the file names to be able to play on the map)
  11. This is a new random map created by me and @Jammyjamjamman Map Demo video: Jammy's Despair The size, depth, and borders of the lakes are generated using random numbers. Some lakes are shallow enough that units can cross the lake without any difficulty or wetness problems. The map will be included in v0.25.9 of Community Maps 2.
  12. I'm happy to announce my first map and mod for 0ad! Gaia is a random map aimed at beauty and realism: It aims to provide beautiful landscapes and pleasant environments that are different every time, making use of all capabilities currently provided by the engine. You can usually expect plentiful resources and large forests with a lot of wildlife, may contain lakes and mountainous features alike. Supports all the default biomes and player placement formations. Roads connect player positions, longer roads will appear more worn out. You may encounter mercenaries and random buildings or camps you can capture. A time of day can also be chosen, night is supported as well as stormy days with weather effects (biome dependent). Games aren't guaranteed to be fair and perfect all the time: Due to how heavily randomized the map is, each player may start in a better / worse area nearer to different resources. I had several matches with AI and it feels fair and balanced overall. Give it a try and let me know what you think! gaia_1.0.zip Instructions: Since I didn't feel I should make a whole mod for one map I packed the map as is. Just unpack the zip in ~/.local/share/0ad/mods/user, don't know what the path is for Windows. It should then appear in the random maps section when creating a match.
  13. 0 A.D. Community Map What is this? The Community Map is a scenario project crowdsourced from the 0 A.D. community. It is intended to show off everyone's design talents and let the community collaborate. It is based on a concept that used to exist in the AoMH community. To get an idea of how this works, here's a Photobucket album of a past community map: http://s797.beta.pho...een314.jpg.html Alright, I wanna do it! To sign up, post your email address below (or PM it to me, you know, for spam prevention) and I'll add your username to the list of Future Designers below. When you're number one on that list, I'll email the most recent version to you. This will ensure that no one is doing duplicate work. Rules: Please contribute in one of the areas designated. You don't have to go in any particular order, but try to paint inside the lines. If you are doing an area that is adjacent to a finished block, try to connect it in some way to the areas before it. You can delete a few trees, change the edges of the terrain, and other such small things to make your area blend in with the surrounding areas, just make sure you don't significantly change or do anything to damage other peoples' work. If you cause significant damage to another person's work and can't fix it, you will have to re-download the version of the map that I sent you and start over. When you blend areas, make sure there is a proper transition. Don't have a desert immediately cut off at the edge of a mountain or have an ocean suddenly end with a forest. Don't change the size of the map. Feel free to change player colors, although be careful about how it will affect other people's work. Save your map as "eyecandymap[YOURNAME].pmp" - this way I can keep track of each version of the map easily. When your turn has arrived, you will have 7 days to work on the map (although it is highly recommended that you finish it sooner if you can, so we can move along faster). I will email you when you have one day left, to remind you that your time is almost up. When you are done and/or when you have run out of time, send the map to me. There will be no time extensions. If you have not finished with what you were making by the time your turn ends, clearly mark the area your finished creation will take up, and send the map to me so I can send it on. You can then sign up again so you can finish your part later. You can sign up again as many times as you like, but only after you have finished your turn that you are currently signed up for. It doesn't have to be much, but if you really think "I'm too busy right now, skip me", then I'll move you one place down on the list and send it to the new number one. When you're done or when your time is up, you have to send the map back to me, and I will send it to the new number one on the list. If you send it to me and there is something inappropriate or against the rules on it I will ask you to change it or in the case that it is inappropriate your version will be deleted and you will no longer be able to participate. My email is kimball.r@meESPN.com without the name of the sports news network in italics. I'll update the full map screenshot each time someone makes a contribution. That's basically it! Have fun, and post/PM your email address so we can get this thing started. Current Screenshot Future Designers plumo Aurium quantumstate Lion.Kanzen If you have any comments or questions, just post them in this thread. I'll be sure to respond.
  14. Hey guys, since release of alpha 24 in februrary I've worked on some special map as my old alpha 23 map has been deleted by installing alpha 24 - don't know how and why. This new map, The Legend of Avilava, shall be it's replacement. I've tried to make this something unique - featuring huge mountains and dense forrests, including marshes and tiny pahts to walk on troughout the map. Furhtermore, I tried to depict the landscape with lots on beauty and small details. I've also included some bridges and quarries to enhance not only the look, regarding the latter to give some players a satisfying amount of resources at their starting position - so that they do not need to build new headquaters in new areas. The Legend of Avilava generally is based on the the area of eastern france and western germany, splitted by the river Rhine that floats into the English Channel. Behind it the Brits are stationed. However, it is important to note that this map does not aim at depicting geographical accuracy and rather tries to tell some sort of "mystery" about this area and how it could look like based on the imagination of people that were told how central (well, not that central, but you get what I mean) europe does looked like back in 0a.d.. Generally there are 8 players in the map: Roman (1): Southeast - starting as the player withouth teammates and thus has already a bigger city and lots of resources at the beginning Gauls (3): Southwest - stationed on the highest mountain; well defendable but may lack of resources Brits (4): Northwest to Northeast - being split into small villages throughout the foresty mountain they firstly need to find space to build and to grow crops on; player 7 & player 8 start with one dock and a merchant ship each To be honest I have to state that matchmaking was not my first thought while starting to build. I might see some advantage of the Brits since they're able to grow rapidly respectively exponential if they achieve to deforst large areas. Also the Romans may be a bit OP as they start with approximately 60 women, an already existing city and lots of resources - not even mentioning their fortresses, bolt and catapult tower systems. Nevertheless, for me running simulations with bots had been downright entertaining. Maybe it's just me, but I somehow find Romans fighting against barbarian tribes amusing. ;D For me it's not about winning or loosing - it's about enjoying the beauty of 0ad (especially regarding its graphics and battles!) :))) But I think I might show you some screenshots of it. The map on its whole: The "gallic" mountain / island: The "roman" mountain / island: The "british" mountain / island: To also give a view of the type of landscape we're facing here: Lastly i want to show the starting positions of each player, starting with the Romans, afterwards the Gauls followed by the Brits (the seventh player does have two beginning headquarters): I hope you can open these files: Until now, thank you guys for reading my post until this point. Feel free to download and play as long as you want to. If there are some complications or any issues I do my best to fix them - as the name of the files say - it's the seventeenth edition. Edit: As time goes by I will fix little issues and load up new editions of the map. The Legend of Avilava 17; The Legend of Avilava 18 etc. The Legend of Avilava 18.xmlThe Legend of Avilava 18.pmp 550969231_TheLegendofAvilava17.xml 311602329_TheLegendofAvilava17.pmp
  15. New random map created by me and @Jammyjamjamman, adapted from the Corinthian Isthmus 2v2 skirmish map. Available in v0.25.7 of CM2. Bases start with 1000 stone and 1000 metal next to their CC instead of 5000/5000. Mines are placed randomly but so far, they seem to be available very close to the territory borders. I'll make changes if necessary.
  16. Last match, which I unfortunately did'nt record, one of three Petra Bot AIs (Player 3, my ally) was constantly attacking the bridge in the middle of the map due to some Gaia furniture. I myself could'nt attack it. But in the end, the bridge was free. Despite having had a victory in the match, it was very slowing down the game, because the AI did not attack Player 4. Is there any way to either fix the map or the AI? I consider this as a hint for a potential bug report in Alpha 26.
  17. I am playing 0 A.D. for quite a while now. I like the game a lot. One thing I do not like is, maps often times look pretty at the beginning, but over time the look and feel of maps decline because of massive deforestation. The maps start to look very empty. Furthermore, deforestation seems to have been an issue for the Roman empire: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_during_the_Roman_period#Consequences_of_deforestation - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45407393_Ancient_Deforestation_Revisited There are games in which trees grow slowly over time and are therefore a renewable resource. One game which implements such a model is Stronghold Crusader. I would love to see small trees spawning and growing over time in 0 A. D. I think this would make long matches or scenarios in which one side does not have a lot resources more interesting. After all wood is a renewable resource.
  18. Update of map post alpha 23 (version 1.0.7 in the download section) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first 0 A.D. map - well, rather a preliminary version - with you. I was inspired by the map of Assassins Creed Origins which just crammed everything Egypt into a single place, often disregarding realism in favor of aesthetics and gameplay, which I did as well. I did for example borrow the idea of moving Cyrene, which is around 700km to the west into Alexandrias vicinity in order to add some Mediterranean environment. A further reason for me to pick that setting was that it allows me to have a lot of different cultures on the map. The upper Nile area is dominated by ptolemaic retro-egypt buildings, whereas the city of Alexandria is dominated by hellenic influences. Cyrene gave me an excuse for adding the Romans with some greek buildings, while I put the Persians, who were admittedly not really present at that same time, in the east. For purely aesthetic reasons I let Carthage occupy the Siwa oasis, and the Red Sea became a tourist destination for Mauryan coral reef divers. Map variants First of all, please take note, that this is not a final product, not even close. The map already includes most of the geological features and special locations I intended to add, but there are many areas that severely lack in detail, which is quite ok for sand deserts, but looks odd in places like coasts, riverbanks and rocky deserts. Blocking the map is also an issue, mainly because it feels strange, when the AI builds farms in the middle of the desert. The greatest thing that needs to be taken care of is balancing. Basic properties Type: skirmish Map size: giant Players: 6 Game version: alpha 23 (re-release) Right now (8.2.2018) I will only publish a 1 vs. 1 map. This has the benefit of being at least a little easier to balance out. I will provide A regular day version And a full-moon night version, because it looks just darn beautiful. I really love what you can do with the lighting and ambient conditions ... Update march 2018: A 3 vs. 3 map variant is now available and several small fixes regarding terrain, blockings and balancing have been made. On the long term I will try to release two varieties of the map regarding gameplay An all-in map: This one is outfitted with full grown cities and you will start with huge amounts of resources and a sizable army. Don’t try to play this with 7 AI players, as it will probably lag horribly. A stripped down version: Everything, except for the most prominent points of interest (e.g. the library) will be deleted. The difficult thing about this is that I will need to create a mod in order to achieve what I desire: See, if I make these buildings actors, all units will just pass through it, and if I leave them as entities, they will be taken over by the players within a few seconds and this would severely unbalance the game. Thus, I need to create a mod, which has all these buildings in a special version. I will increase those buildings capture points by a huge amount and also make them invulnerable, such that capturing them remains the only option. In some cases I might also try to reduce their functionality. Thanks to all the guys who helped me with useful tips and insights regarding modding. Gameplay In this map I tried to elongate the distance between neighboring players and create straight routes between the distant ones. In order to achieve the first requirement, the rare shallow banks of river Nile, meandering mountain tracks and marauding packs of soldiers prohibit straightforward shifts of large armies. On the other hand far away players can often be reached via wide patches of desert, which act like highways on this map. One major problem was the city of Memphis, which is located almost in the center of the map. I order to provide this city with a slight chance for survival I shaped the eastern and western desert like a bypass circumventing Memphis and relocated the city to the eastern shore of the river Nile, which I made impassable from north to south, while only the western riverbanks remained open. The Mediterranean Sea and the river Nile are navigable, which serves as much better means of transportation than the walk along the river by foot. Every player has wood in close vicinity to the starting point. No player will run out of wood easily. The banks of river Nile are especially rich in palms for obvious reasons. Stone is predominantly located in mountainous regions. Limestone can be found close to the pyramids and there is a rather large granite quarry in the very south. As I wanted the player to travel through the sandy dunes a lot metal can be found on the borders of sandy deserts. If you play the map, please let me know where you found too much resources and where they are missing. Players & Matches (and faction recommendations, mostly for esthetic reasons) Currently (9.3.2018) only the six players are available. Player #1: Alexandria (with greek and ptolemeaic entities) in the center north as Seleucids Player #2: Thebes in the very south as Kush Player #3: Siwa/Charga Oasis in the west as Carthage Player #4: Sinai in the north east as Persia Player #5: Memphis in the center as Ptolemeis Player #6: Cyrene in the north west as Romans Player #7: Red Sea in the east as Mauryan (buildings might be reverted to random later) Player #8: Desert nomads from the south west (random) Note: The AI does not get along with that map too well. It will soon be very crowded and very laggy if you choose a game with too many players. Proper matches would be: 2 players: Lower Egypt (#1 Alexandria) vs. upper Egypt (#2 Thebes) Lower Egypt currently has the edge, due to access to the Nile delta. 3 players: Lower Egypt (#1 Alexandria) vs. upper Egypt (#2 Thebes) vs. Siwa (#3) 4 players: Egypt (#1 and #2) vs invaders (#3 Siwa and #4 Sinai) Slowly approaches being balanced (version 0.19.10) 6 players: Egypt (#1, #2, #5) vs invaders (#3, #4, #6) Slowly approaches being balanced (version 0.20.7) Points of interest (selection) Alexandria: library, harbor, lighthouse Memphis: necropolis, pyramids, Apis sanctuary Fayyum: Crocodile sanctuary, Bahr Yussef channel & dam Thebes: Temple district, valley of kings Western desert: Siwa oasis with fortress, Great sand sea, Quattara depression, guelta Eastern desert: Red Sea coral reefs, mount Sinai, "Suez channel", deep wadi I collapsed some more screenies for you here ... ToDo and Changelog My ToDo-List is growing and shrinking all the time. If you have suggestions, please let me know. Unfortunately I cannot promise you, when or if I will implement them. You know, real life can be unpredictable ;-) Download Download the files and put them into the specific folders for maps and preview images. The paths I will state below are default paths for typical Windows 10 installation but may vary depending on your system and installation path. In case subfolders do not exist yet on your system, simply create them. Map files: Download: Version 0.19.6 (1 vs. 1) Version 0.19.10 (currrent) Version 0.20.7 (for upcoming release alpha23, new route through the red sea for balancing) Version 1.0.7 (30.12.2018, based on published version of 0 A.D. version alpha 23, design enhancments: red sea riffs, more nile river bank vegetation, parapets for persian base, fire places for town centers, small secret garden, other small fixes like missing ground textures, etc.) Path: “C:\users\yourname\documents\my games\0ad\mods\user\maps\skirmishes” When is the good time for deleting older versions from a post? Can I make the XML files all use the same PMP file? I noticed a zipped xml is about 10 times smaller. is the community OK with zip files? Map preview images: Download: Path: “C:\users\yourname\appdata\local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\ui\session\icons\mappreview” In case you are playing this map, please let me know about anything that can be optimized. Thanks a lot in advance. Greetings mimesot
  19. Mod that shows you all the maps in a grid for game-setup/ease of use/map selection. Mapp browser mod is now included in the mod AutoCiv version >=0.5.0 Link:
  20. Hello 0A.D community Here's another map, hope you enjoy and feel free to use it in anyway you want. Map size is from a height map of 483px by 483px. Not sure what map size the height map relates to but should be a large map size. Italian Peninsula (6).pmp Italian Peninsula (6).xml
  21. Hello 0A.D. community, Here's a map for anyone who wants to use it. The map is based on a temperate biome with lots of trees, stone and low metal. The main design for the map is more of an U shape. Country Side (2).pmp Country Side (2).xml
  22. Hello 0 A.D. Community Here is another map upload. This map was intended to be a symmetric map using a lush jungle design. Hope you enjoy the map. Pics (5) (Updated) More Vegetation Jungle Valley (2).pmp Jungle Valley (2).xml
  23. Hello 0 A.D. Community I've made a map that has an symmetric layout with a coastline design. The map should be balanced, but If you find anything that needs be added, changed or removed please let me know. The map is low on wood but abundant in stone, metal and fish, with each starting position having a shipwreck (treasure) to help get started. Coastline (2).pmp Coastline (2).xml
  24. Hello 0 A.D. community, Here's a map for the taking if anyone who wants to use, or play it. The map is inspired from a castle named Molivos Castle on the island Lesvos off the West coast of current day Turkey. A link to the Wiki page for more info of the city that houses the castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithymna Enjoy! Lesvos Castle (2).pmp Lesvos Castle (2).xml
  25. Hello, here's a map I made that's intended for 1vs1 (fast action) on a tiny scale size map. Been testing on how far a map of this scale can be pushed without it feeling that cramped. Please let me know if there are some good pointers that I should follow when making a map in tiny size, or is it just to small of a scale to be functional anymore. Pics The Duel (2).pmp The Duel (2).xml
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