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  1. My proposition here is explain one of my obsession to give it to this game. Is a feature knew as neutral buildings, I will use Warcraft 3 official info in order to explain this feature because they were the first that I saw implement this in a RTS, after them AOE 3 do it the same with tradepost. ################################################################################ Neutral buildings appear at strategic locations on every map in Warcraft III. They are designated on the minimap as tiny golden houses. These neutral buildings can be used by any race. Any unit that comes within close rang
  2. Hey all, I made a scenario map about the Roman Limes (latin for border), more specific the Upper-Germanic and Raethian Limes. The Limes was a Roman border defence and controll system against celtic and germanic raids, consisting mostly of walls, moats, palisades, towers and military camps. The land in the middle of Europe was mostly covered in forests and swamps, what complicated warfare for the Romans. I hope you'll like it Overview (spoiler alert): some references: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/35014-inspiration-for-map-
  3. I am playing 0 A.D. for quite a while now. I like the game a lot. One thing I do not like is, maps often times look pretty at the beginning, but over time the look and feel of maps decline because of massive deforestation. The maps start to look very empty. Furthermore, deforestation seems to have been an issue for the Roman empire: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_during_the_Roman_period#Consequences_of_deforestation - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45407393_Ancient_Deforestation_Revisited There are games in which trees grow slowly over time and are
  4. Update of map post alpha 23 (version 1.0.7 in the download section) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first 0 A.D. map - well, rather a preliminary version - with you. I was inspired by the map of Assassins Creed Origins which just crammed everything Egypt into a single place, often disregarding realism in favor of aesthetics and gameplay, which I did as well. I did for example borrow the idea of moving Cyrene, which is around 700km to the west into Alexandrias vicinity in order to a
  5. Mod that shows you all the maps in a grid for game-setup/ease of use/map selection. Mapp browser mod is now included in the mod AutoCiv version >=0.5.0 Link:
  6. Hello 0A.D community Here's another map, hope you enjoy and feel free to use it in anyway you want. Map size is from a height map of 483px by 483px. Not sure what map size the height map relates to but should be a large map size. Italian Peninsula (6).pmp Italian Peninsula (6).xml
  7. Hello 0A.D. community, Here's a map for anyone who wants to use it. The map is based on a temperate biome with lots of trees, stone and low metal. The main design for the map is more of an U shape. Country Side (2).pmp Country Side (2).xml
  8. Hello 0 A.D. Community Here is another map upload. This map was intended to be a symmetric map using a lush jungle design. Hope you enjoy the map. Pics (5) (Updated) More Vegetation Jungle Valley (2).pmp Jungle Valley (2).xml
  9. Hello 0 A.D. Community I've made a map that has an symmetric layout with a coastline design. The map should be balanced, but If you find anything that needs be added, changed or removed please let me know. The map is low on wood but abundant in stone, metal and fish, with each starting position having a shipwreck (treasure) to help get started. Coastline (2).pmp Coastline (2).xml
  10. Hello 0 A.D. community, Here's a map for the taking if anyone who wants to use, or play it. The map is inspired from a castle named Molivos Castle on the island Lesvos off the West coast of current day Turkey. A link to the Wiki page for more info of the city that houses the castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithymna Enjoy! Lesvos Castle (2).pmp Lesvos Castle (2).xml
  11. Hello, here's a map I made that's intended for 1vs1 (fast action) on a tiny scale size map. Been testing on how far a map of this scale can be pushed without it feeling that cramped. Please let me know if there are some good pointers that I should follow when making a map in tiny size, or is it just to small of a scale to be functional anymore. Pics The Duel (2).pmp The Duel (2).xml
  12. I have designed an op map imo 1.How can I place units Where can I find the xml file and can i share it here, to play it in lobby with you?
  13. Had to make a map as my map making addiction wouldn't go away today, and here are the results. Please let me know what you think. The map is made for 2vs2 in mind. Map Location: Euboea Greece. Download for whom may want to play the map.
  14. So, this game started out as an age of empires modification. I got that info from Wikipedia. Could you help me make an age of empires like map? That is all I would need to get started. I DO NOT WANT TO KEEP MODIFYING THIS GAME! I WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING BY MYSELF!!! No Unity, no Unreal Engine, just cold, hard C++, C, Opengl, and SDL2!! Please just tell me how to create a map. I have used c++ for a year and a half and java for 3 years. I do, indeed have a Java RTS engine that I made that does have a variation of the A* algorithm. It also has sort of an attacking AI, but the rays do not work. I
  15. Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, thanks for clicking on this topic. This is my first map in 0 A.D. and I am suprised that I actually made it beacuse most of the times I will leave this kind of stuff half done and never finish it. This map took me aprox. 2.5 hours or 3 hours. Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------- On the map there are 2 teamed up Gauls against 1 Roman 1st player (Roman): The Roman is surrounded by indestructible "terrain wall" with 2 entrances that ar
  16. This map is supposed to be some kind of copy of Europe. Tried my best. On this map there are 8 different civilizations each being on the place theyve been in history (expect Spartans, they are in scandinavia) while balancing them (civs. with neighbors that are far have bit less resources around them but civs. that have close neighbors get more resources around them or start with bonus resources, or both) and the "cold" Russia is populated by bandits. Thanks for checking this out and give me feedback. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/EDZUF (Btw those red crossed out places have som
  17. Description -------------------------------------- The map is bit hilly with some flat ground and a big mountain. There are 2 forests with wolf den in corner, rich wildlife, stones and iron ores. There are 4 players, 1 being the Roman and other 3 being the Gauls. The Roman starts with big city on top of the mountain and with a "checkpoint" on the first elevation of the mountain and the Roman starts with some extra food and soldiers with which he/she can defend against the Gauls but not enough to defeat or harras the Gauls from the start. The Gauls start with civil centre and several
  18. Hello everyone, I am a newbie but wanted to test how the 0ad map editor works so I tried a map of the Battle of Numantia (Celtiberian city that was besieged by the romans) in the 2nd century BC. It is unfinished, but I share it in this post. You are free to use it. The terrain is more or less accurate as I have copied it from the map (however I have drawn it by hand), aswell as the roman fortification spots. Tell me if it is interesting in order to develop it more or not. The city finally was burnt by their own inhabitants to avoid the romans to take it and they killed themselve
  19. This map is meant to be an accurate but fun and balanced reconstitution of the siege of Agrigentum taking place between 262-261 BC and followed by the battle of Agrigentum. So there should be a city in the middle easily defensible.It's Greek city named Akragas (which is btw one of the two rivers near it, it was named Agrigentum by the Romans), it would more likely tend to be like Sparta but there are similarities with Athens so I chose Sparta as their civ and maybe I'll give them some athenian units. They would be leaded by Hannibal Gisco (a Carthaginian general, the city was a possession
  20. Im not very convinced about the textures on the mountains neither the color of the water, but here it is, the Gauls. You can Download it here https://github.com/Skhorn/0AD-map-pack Depends on the stan eyencady mod
  21. 0 A.D. Community Map What is this? The Community Map is a scenario project crowdsourced from the 0 A.D. community. It is intended to show off everyone's design talents and let the community collaborate. It is based on a concept that used to exist in the AoMH community. To get an idea of how this works, here's a Photobucket album of a past community map: http://s797.beta.pho...een314.jpg.html Alright, I wanna do it! To sign up, post your email address below (or PM it to me, you know, for spam prevention) and I'll add your username to the list of Future Designers below. When you're number
  22. It was really difficult to start this map, there were few references on mauryans cities. Mostly no one likes this faction, so i decided to make something very cool (Hope so). Don't know if name it Pataliputra or Mauryan Empire, anyways.
  23. Hi, This map, it is supposed to be a rough representation of the siege of paris, in 845 led by the vikings, led by a Norse chieftain named "Ragnar". (It does not follow all the history). Vikings had a fleet of 120 ships, 5,000 men, they went trough the Seine, arrived to paris, entered and plundered it. A plague broke out in their camps, but the franks did not have a good effective defense against their besiegers, they paid them 7,000 french livres and the viking invasion was over. (If i made a mistake, please, correct me). For the showcase of this map, i wanted to do something
  24. Hello everyone. I wanted to try a scenario related to a battle. I've chosen a city, Cyzicus, who has lived many (in 410, 73 B.C., in the 193, 672 and 1305 A.D.) The last was a clash between the army of the Roman Republic, Commanded by Lucius Licinius Lucullus, and That of Mithridates VI of Pontus, fought in 74-73 BC near the city of Cyzicus, besieged for a year by the Pontic forces. Lucullus liberated the city and destroyed the enemy army. The battle was an episode of the Third Mithridatic War. The town lies at the center of the Sea of Marmara, at that time called Propontis. I used a
  25. I've always been interested in English history so I created a map where people can play out wars between the Scots, Red Coats (English) and the Irish.Issues; AI players are unable to board ships? check image below. I know this was problematic with earlier versions of the game. I have included a readme with my plans but maybe not all possible. I also plan to release other maps depending on what I find possible with this first map. The map below has a lot of resources as the UK around the 15th /16 century was mostly covered in trees, rocks and irons deposits. BritScot_CivWa
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