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Found 22 results

  1. Not the first map I've made using Atlas editor, but it's the first I'm feeling rather satisfied about I had the Nile river delta in mind but I wasn't looking to create an accurate representation this time. This map is basically a river system deep enough to hold the largest class warships, with every bit of land connected by shallows and therefore not requiring ships at all. Thought it might provide a fun and interesting scenario with a lot of possibilities. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  2. Hello there! In anticipation of my (also Mediterranean) vacation in Italy I want to publish the last map I mainly built in November to December 2021. As new Aegean textures came out in Alpha 25 the summer a year ago I tried to make some map out of them (I can remember @wowgetoffyourcellphone of wishing my Map "Metropolis" having used the new terrains ). After my maps "The Legend of Avilava" and "Metropolis" (both scenarios) I decided to resort to the Skirmish type of map giving the player more individuality by choosing their own civ. Thus, there are no starting structures / little cities besides the original headquaters each player beginns with. Maybe I'm too generous in the assumption everyone playing 0ad has a proper gaming PC. I just like these huge maps (even beyond "giant" would be great) with gigantic battles and stuff, hence I've decided it's scale being "giant". The map generally is arranged to have a 4 vs 4 setting. Each player starts near his own team; far from enemy players. Relatively the same amount of starting resources near the headquaters accompany each player; every team should have land more or less equally distributed to gain resources from, to build and / or to expand on. Having let some simulations with bots go their way, I've had a lot of fun watching them. Through this I've been able to correct some little flaws and some features that would hinder the game's fluency. It's likely this map isn't perfect or "fine" anyway (others have to say so), thus I imagine that I'll maybe make some further versions. And if others like to do so, you're granted permission to of course. You guys feel free to use this map in which way you want, it's yours! But I think now it's time to show you some screenshots to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Best to show you the type of Mediterranean landscape that I love so much (regarding this I sadly live in Austria :D) and which I hope I've been able to properly reconstruct here: Also a look onto the starting positions of each player (screenshot follows player number): (Team 1: Player 1 - Player 4; Team 2: Player 5 - Player 8) Looking back, I'm happy enough with what came out of my conception of a Mediterranean "holyday-like" map. It's too good I'm now starting with feeling it all myself in my vacation in Italy! As for you guys, as I said - The map is all yours. Thank the 0ad programmers for having made this aweseome game and featuring the forum to have the gamers able to communicate and exchange with each other - and to publish self made maps! Cya soon, this Saturday I'm out in Italy now yooooo! Aegean Archipelago.xmlAegean Archipelago.pmp Edit on 13.8.2022: The edited versions should be preferred I hope there are no problems with downloading them? Aegean Archipelago First Edit.pmpAegean Archipelago First Edit.xml (When a number in front of the map file's name occur, you have to delete this part of the file name. For example, after downloading, you may get the files with a certain number, like: "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.pmp" and "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.xml" - you have to delete "678349583_" of the file names to be able to play on the map)
  3. Hi all, I've made a new map that is actually a remake from a map in Red Alert 2: Yuri's revenge. I've played this map quite alot back then because it was definitely one of the harder maps to play out there. It felt as if the AI was extra aggressive on that map in Red Alert. I really like the layout because you can do pretty much any strategy you like with it. Anyway, here a quick comparison: This map will be included in my new mod that includes player position randomnization and makes sure that ridges cannot be abused by ships by unloading units over them. I've done my own take on the iber defense on the start of the game which can be seen in the screenshots below. Download my mod here New mod: Grapejuice - Game Modification - Wildfire Games Community Forums
  4. Hi guys. I give Gallic Fields and Alpine Valleys a "autumn" skin. Would be cool to be able to "bundle" multuple maps together into one file and they could be randomly chosen on launch (like different variations of the same skirmish map). But that's a idea for another day. In meantime, enjoy screenshots:
  5. A desert map for four players, very little wood, lots of minerals. Files: Arabia (4).xmlArabia (4).pmp
  6. Hello 0 A.D. fellows. I'm proud to present my first polished map: Four Cities Meet (4). It is a map for 4 players, very assymetric gameplay, but I tried to keep it balanced. There is enough trees and animals, but not a lot of stone and even less metal, so there will be struggle for these resources. Player 1 and player 3 start in a large plain, which has a nice mountain where you can build defensive structures. The entrance of the mountain favours player 3. Player 4 starts at an elevated plateau, surrounded by a dense forest, while player 2 is very well protected by hills and a small stream. A pond in the middle of the map prevents a total war in the center: the players will have to fight in the flanks. Some screenshots: If you try it, let me know what you think. Have fun! Download: [It is part of the community maps mod (you get the whole mod on Github or just the map files for this map). The mod is already submitted to mod.io for approval, but that version still does not include this map.]
  7. Update of map post alpha 23 (version 1.0.7 in the download section) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first 0 A.D. map - well, rather a preliminary version - with you. I was inspired by the map of Assassins Creed Origins which just crammed everything Egypt into a single place, often disregarding realism in favor of aesthetics and gameplay, which I did as well. I did for example borrow the idea of moving Cyrene, which is around 700km to the west into Alexandrias vicinity in order to add some Mediterranean environment. A further reason for me to pick that setting was that it allows me to have a lot of different cultures on the map. The upper Nile area is dominated by ptolemaic retro-egypt buildings, whereas the city of Alexandria is dominated by hellenic influences. Cyrene gave me an excuse for adding the Romans with some greek buildings, while I put the Persians, who were admittedly not really present at that same time, in the east. For purely aesthetic reasons I let Carthage occupy the Siwa oasis, and the Red Sea became a tourist destination for Mauryan coral reef divers. Map variants First of all, please take note, that this is not a final product, not even close. The map already includes most of the geological features and special locations I intended to add, but there are many areas that severely lack in detail, which is quite ok for sand deserts, but looks odd in places like coasts, riverbanks and rocky deserts. Blocking the map is also an issue, mainly because it feels strange, when the AI builds farms in the middle of the desert. The greatest thing that needs to be taken care of is balancing. Basic properties Type: skirmish Map size: giant Players: 6 Game version: alpha 23 (re-release) Right now (8.2.2018) I will only publish a 1 vs. 1 map. This has the benefit of being at least a little easier to balance out. I will provide A regular day version And a full-moon night version, because it looks just darn beautiful. I really love what you can do with the lighting and ambient conditions ... Update march 2018: A 3 vs. 3 map variant is now available and several small fixes regarding terrain, blockings and balancing have been made. On the long term I will try to release two varieties of the map regarding gameplay An all-in map: This one is outfitted with full grown cities and you will start with huge amounts of resources and a sizable army. Don’t try to play this with 7 AI players, as it will probably lag horribly. A stripped down version: Everything, except for the most prominent points of interest (e.g. the library) will be deleted. The difficult thing about this is that I will need to create a mod in order to achieve what I desire: See, if I make these buildings actors, all units will just pass through it, and if I leave them as entities, they will be taken over by the players within a few seconds and this would severely unbalance the game. Thus, I need to create a mod, which has all these buildings in a special version. I will increase those buildings capture points by a huge amount and also make them invulnerable, such that capturing them remains the only option. In some cases I might also try to reduce their functionality. Thanks to all the guys who helped me with useful tips and insights regarding modding. Gameplay In this map I tried to elongate the distance between neighboring players and create straight routes between the distant ones. In order to achieve the first requirement, the rare shallow banks of river Nile, meandering mountain tracks and marauding packs of soldiers prohibit straightforward shifts of large armies. On the other hand far away players can often be reached via wide patches of desert, which act like highways on this map. One major problem was the city of Memphis, which is located almost in the center of the map. I order to provide this city with a slight chance for survival I shaped the eastern and western desert like a bypass circumventing Memphis and relocated the city to the eastern shore of the river Nile, which I made impassable from north to south, while only the western riverbanks remained open. The Mediterranean Sea and the river Nile are navigable, which serves as much better means of transportation than the walk along the river by foot. Every player has wood in close vicinity to the starting point. No player will run out of wood easily. The banks of river Nile are especially rich in palms for obvious reasons. Stone is predominantly located in mountainous regions. Limestone can be found close to the pyramids and there is a rather large granite quarry in the very south. As I wanted the player to travel through the sandy dunes a lot metal can be found on the borders of sandy deserts. If you play the map, please let me know where you found too much resources and where they are missing. Players & Matches (and faction recommendations, mostly for esthetic reasons) Currently (9.3.2018) only the six players are available. Player #1: Alexandria (with greek and ptolemeaic entities) in the center north as Seleucids Player #2: Thebes in the very south as Kush Player #3: Siwa/Charga Oasis in the west as Carthage Player #4: Sinai in the north east as Persia Player #5: Memphis in the center as Ptolemeis Player #6: Cyrene in the north west as Romans Player #7: Red Sea in the east as Mauryan (buildings might be reverted to random later) Player #8: Desert nomads from the south west (random) Note: The AI does not get along with that map too well. It will soon be very crowded and very laggy if you choose a game with too many players. Proper matches would be: 2 players: Lower Egypt (#1 Alexandria) vs. upper Egypt (#2 Thebes) Lower Egypt currently has the edge, due to access to the Nile delta. 3 players: Lower Egypt (#1 Alexandria) vs. upper Egypt (#2 Thebes) vs. Siwa (#3) 4 players: Egypt (#1 and #2) vs invaders (#3 Siwa and #4 Sinai) Slowly approaches being balanced (version 0.19.10) 6 players: Egypt (#1, #2, #5) vs invaders (#3, #4, #6) Slowly approaches being balanced (version 0.20.7) Points of interest (selection) Alexandria: library, harbor, lighthouse Memphis: necropolis, pyramids, Apis sanctuary Fayyum: Crocodile sanctuary, Bahr Yussef channel & dam Thebes: Temple district, valley of kings Western desert: Siwa oasis with fortress, Great sand sea, Quattara depression, guelta Eastern desert: Red Sea coral reefs, mount Sinai, "Suez channel", deep wadi I collapsed some more screenies for you here ... ToDo and Changelog My ToDo-List is growing and shrinking all the time. If you have suggestions, please let me know. Unfortunately I cannot promise you, when or if I will implement them. You know, real life can be unpredictable ;-) Download Download the files and put them into the specific folders for maps and preview images. The paths I will state below are default paths for typical Windows 10 installation but may vary depending on your system and installation path. In case subfolders do not exist yet on your system, simply create them. Map files: Download: Version 0.19.6 (1 vs. 1) Version 0.19.10 (currrent) Version 0.20.7 (for upcoming release alpha23, new route through the red sea for balancing) Version 1.0.7 (30.12.2018, based on published version of 0 A.D. version alpha 23, design enhancments: red sea riffs, more nile river bank vegetation, parapets for persian base, fire places for town centers, small secret garden, other small fixes like missing ground textures, etc.) Path: “C:\users\yourname\documents\my games\0ad\mods\user\maps\skirmishes” When is the good time for deleting older versions from a post? Can I make the XML files all use the same PMP file? I noticed a zipped xml is about 10 times smaller. is the community OK with zip files? Map preview images: Download: Path: “C:\users\yourname\appdata\local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\ui\session\icons\mappreview” In case you are playing this map, please let me know about anything that can be optimized. Thanks a lot in advance. Greetings mimesot
  8. Hello 0A.D community Here's another map, hope you enjoy and feel free to use it in anyway you want. Map size is from a height map of 483px by 483px. Not sure what map size the height map relates to but should be a large map size. Italian Peninsula (6).pmp Italian Peninsula (6).xml
  9. Hello 0A.D. community, Here's a map for anyone who wants to use it. The map is based on a temperate biome with lots of trees, stone and low metal. The main design for the map is more of an U shape. Country Side (2).pmp Country Side (2).xml
  10. I have made a new city vs city map with premade large cities and armies using the alpine continent map. It is advised to either have a decent computer or turn graphics down as there will be a lot of units moving around right off the bat. City VS City (2).pmp City VS City (2).xml
  11. Hello 0 A.D. Community Here is another map upload. This map was intended to be a symmetric map using a lush jungle design. Hope you enjoy the map. Pics (5) (Updated) More Vegetation Jungle Valley (2).pmp Jungle Valley (2).xml
  12. Hello 0 A.D. Community I've made a map that has an symmetric layout with a coastline design. The map should be balanced, but If you find anything that needs be added, changed or removed please let me know. The map is low on wood but abundant in stone, metal and fish, with each starting position having a shipwreck (treasure) to help get started. Coastline (2).pmp Coastline (2).xml
  13. Hello 0 A.D. community, Here's a map for the taking if anyone who wants to use, or play it. The map is inspired from a castle named Molivos Castle on the island Lesvos off the West coast of current day Turkey. A link to the Wiki page for more info of the city that houses the castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithymna Enjoy! Lesvos Castle (2).pmp Lesvos Castle (2).xml
  14. Hello, here's a map I made that's intended for 1vs1 (fast action) on a tiny scale size map. Been testing on how far a map of this scale can be pushed without it feeling that cramped. Please let me know if there are some good pointers that I should follow when making a map in tiny size, or is it just to small of a scale to be functional anymore. Pics The Duel (2).pmp The Duel (2).xml
  15. I have designed an op map imo 1.How can I place units Where can I find the xml file and can i share it here, to play it in lobby with you?
  16. Had to make a map as my map making addiction wouldn't go away today, and here are the results. Please let me know what you think. The map is made for 2vs2 in mind. Map Location: Euboea Greece. Download for whom may want to play the map.
  17. - Post is updated to V2.1 (latest) Hi all, This is my first post ever here aswell as my first attempt on making a map. I wanna start off saying that i love the work everyone has done in this game so far. Ya'll are some smart folk Alright ill get to it. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is the name of the map i created. Rapa Nui is the name of the people that live on this island called- yes you guessed it- Rapa Nui . Though its better known for it's nickname; Easter Island. Map discription; Map overview Rapa Nui topography Starting positions (Default) Area Preview I've captured the topography of the island best i could (also balance wise). I also wanted to match textures (Shape and textures should be more on par with the actual island as it is today) place Moai statues like it really is, but i do not have the resources or skill to obtain/make them. and i wasnt satisfied with the grass texture available. If someone could help me out on that, that would be awesome and I'll place the Moai's on the map. Though i understand alot of people are busy with higher priorities. For the people that are interested to help though, here is a to-do list (Updated list, V2.1); - Convert it to a skirmish map so you can choose Civilization/colours - Done - Grass textures that fit the Easter island style Not neccesary, but still welcome if you feel like you got better fitting textures - Moai statue models (Image in the spoiler below) - Critical for the atmosphere and uniqueness of the island - Explanation on how to make player 5 (Bot) garrison units in the ford - Fort is now garrisoned with 10 ranged units. - Explanation on how to create a foamy coast e.g. below For balancing, Not all hills/mountains (actually most of them should be Volcano's, same resource problem) are capped. Though the biggest ones are definetely there. I gave my own twist on Volcano Terevaka (It's still the biggest one ingame aswell as you can see), but the differences between all Volcanos/Hills/Mountains in height, are there (Ratio wise). To draw this island historically correct is hard, actually rather impossible. Because most of its history is actually speculation. Not to mention 3 vulcanos have been busy on that island for a while so no one really knows how it looked like when we talk about ancient times. Besides that, when i look at wiki, the dutch and english pages have rather opposite points of view. e.g. The english page says that there was pretty heavy cannabalism going on, the dutch page however completely throws that away. Saying that they were skilled farmers and knew how to survive well. Also anything related to nature that gets burned returns as even more furtile ground. Therefore the terrain is not accurately drawn but the shape is I'ts accurate (not perfectly) to how the island is today, but not historically (Impossible). At least i did my best and still gave it some of my own twists. I will still gradually update the map based on suggestions and/or ideas. Aslong there is a to-do list, this map is not 100% finished but it is playable. If you guys and gals like it i will expand it for more players. At least this makes a solid map for a good round of; THIS IS MY F***ing ISLAND! (I will delete this if it's not allowed to swear. At least i censored it :P). Extra information about the map: Well that's the story for this noob P.S. IM DYING FOR FEEDBACK- GUD OR BAT! P.S.S. English is not my native language, so excuse my england. Oops. Peace! - Grapjas Rapa Nui (Easter Island)[V2.1].zip
  18. I discovered an old map of mine and figured I could release it as well For the interested: this map was based of real world heightmaps. I created it since I discovered that there were barely snow maps present and I wanted to get acknowledged with the snow biomes (especially the polar one) Install it like any other mod. map_Northern_Island (2).zip map_Northern_Island_SVN.zip
  19. Wow, Has it been that long? Real life has kept me focused totally on work and family I hope to be less absent from now on. Here's my current work, tentatively titled "Backwater". Not every part of the Roman Empire was as pretty as Greece or Italy. There's the other side of the tracks, so to speak, where usable land is at a premium. This map is a 3 x 3 skirmish map. There's no lack of resources, but growth will be constrained by suitable land. I've attached the screenshots. I'll post the map itself after a couple of final touches, and hopefully, some feedback...
  20. Guys, take a look at this Mayan Cenote I created. Im going to make a map that resembles the mayan world. Please let me know if you wish to try it out when its done. meanwhile check out my "Valley of the kings" or "The cove" These are some maps Iv been making. Thanks
  21. Guys, here are a few XML files for the maps I have finished. along with some Images of things im working on. Stay updated for more maps..... suggestions welcome. Done: The Cove Desert Sands In progress: Valley of the kings Mayan Cenote Island The Canyon Brazil Desert Sands (2).zip The cove (2).zip
  22. Guys, Here is a few maps that I have been working on. Some are still in prep. Getting a bearing of the controls and GUI. Enjoy. Let me know what you think. - The Cover - Desert Sands - Valley of the kings - The Canyon Peace. Jfrankay
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