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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys. I give Gallic Fields and Alpine Valleys a "autumn" skin. Would be cool to be able to "bundle" multuple maps together into one file and they could be randomly chosen on launch (like different variations of the same skirmish map). But that's a idea for another day. In meantime, enjoy screenshots:
  2. A desert map for four players, very little wood, lots of minerals. Files: Arabia (4).xmlArabia (4).pmp
  3. Hello 0 A.D. fellows. I'm proud to present my first polished map: Four Cities Meet (4). It is a map for 4 players, very assymetric gameplay, but I tried to keep it balanced. There is enough trees and animals, but not a lot of stone and even less metal, so there will be struggle for these resources. Player 1 and player 3 start in a large plain, which has a nice mountain where you can build defensive structures. The entrance of the mountain favours player 3. Player 4 starts at an elevated plateau, surrounded by a dense forest, while player 2 is very well protected by hills and a small strea
  4. Update of map post alpha 23 (version 1.0.7 in the download section) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first 0 A.D. map - well, rather a preliminary version - with you. I was inspired by the map of Assassins Creed Origins which just crammed everything Egypt into a single place, often disregarding realism in favor of aesthetics and gameplay, which I did as well. I did for example borrow the idea of moving Cyrene, which is around 700km to the west into Alexandrias vicinity in order to a
  5. Hello 0A.D community Here's another map, hope you enjoy and feel free to use it in anyway you want. Map size is from a height map of 483px by 483px. Not sure what map size the height map relates to but should be a large map size. Italian Peninsula (6).pmp Italian Peninsula (6).xml
  6. Hello 0A.D. community, Here's a map for anyone who wants to use it. The map is based on a temperate biome with lots of trees, stone and low metal. The main design for the map is more of an U shape. Country Side (2).pmp Country Side (2).xml
  7. I have made a new city vs city map with premade large cities and armies using the alpine continent map. It is advised to either have a decent computer or turn graphics down as there will be a lot of units moving around right off the bat. City VS City (2).pmp City VS City (2).xml
  8. Hello 0 A.D. Community Here is another map upload. This map was intended to be a symmetric map using a lush jungle design. Hope you enjoy the map. Pics (5) (Updated) More Vegetation Jungle Valley (2).pmp Jungle Valley (2).xml
  9. Hello 0 A.D. Community I've made a map that has an symmetric layout with a coastline design. The map should be balanced, but If you find anything that needs be added, changed or removed please let me know. The map is low on wood but abundant in stone, metal and fish, with each starting position having a shipwreck (treasure) to help get started. Coastline (2).pmp Coastline (2).xml
  10. Hello 0 A.D. community, Here's a map for the taking if anyone who wants to use, or play it. The map is inspired from a castle named Molivos Castle on the island Lesvos off the West coast of current day Turkey. A link to the Wiki page for more info of the city that houses the castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithymna Enjoy! Lesvos Castle (2).pmp Lesvos Castle (2).xml
  11. Hello, here's a map I made that's intended for 1vs1 (fast action) on a tiny scale size map. Been testing on how far a map of this scale can be pushed without it feeling that cramped. Please let me know if there are some good pointers that I should follow when making a map in tiny size, or is it just to small of a scale to be functional anymore. Pics The Duel (2).pmp The Duel (2).xml
  12. I have designed an op map imo 1.How can I place units Where can I find the xml file and can i share it here, to play it in lobby with you?
  13. Had to make a map as my map making addiction wouldn't go away today, and here are the results. Please let me know what you think. The map is made for 2vs2 in mind. Map Location: Euboea Greece. Download for whom may want to play the map.
  14. - Post is updated to V2.1 (latest) Hi all, This is my first post ever here aswell as my first attempt on making a map. I wanna start off saying that i love the work everyone has done in this game so far. Ya'll are some smart folk Alright ill get to it. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is the name of the map i created. Rapa Nui is the name of the people that live on this island called- yes you guessed it- Rapa Nui . Though its better known for it's nickname; Easter Island. Map discription; Map overview Rapa Nui topography Starting positions (Defau
  15. I discovered an old map of mine and figured I could release it as well For the interested: this map was based of real world heightmaps. I created it since I discovered that there were barely snow maps present and I wanted to get acknowledged with the snow biomes (especially the polar one) Install it like any other mod. map_Northern_Island (2).zip map_Northern_Island_SVN.zip
  16. Wow, Has it been that long? Real life has kept me focused totally on work and family I hope to be less absent from now on. Here's my current work, tentatively titled "Backwater". Not every part of the Roman Empire was as pretty as Greece or Italy. There's the other side of the tracks, so to speak, where usable land is at a premium. This map is a 3 x 3 skirmish map. There's no lack of resources, but growth will be constrained by suitable land. I've attached the screenshots. I'll post the map itself after a couple of final touches, and hopefully, some feedback...
  17. Guys, take a look at this Mayan Cenote I created. Im going to make a map that resembles the mayan world. Please let me know if you wish to try it out when its done. meanwhile check out my "Valley of the kings" or "The cove" These are some maps Iv been making. Thanks
  18. Guys, here are a few XML files for the maps I have finished. along with some Images of things im working on. Stay updated for more maps..... suggestions welcome. Done: The Cove Desert Sands In progress: Valley of the kings Mayan Cenote Island The Canyon Brazil Desert Sands (2).zip The cove (2).zip
  19. Guys, Here is a few maps that I have been working on. Some are still in prep. Getting a bearing of the controls and GUI. Enjoy. Let me know what you think. - The Cover - Desert Sands - Valley of the kings - The Canyon Peace. Jfrankay
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