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  1. Funny that people are still using alpha XXI. Is it the Ubuntu repository version?
  2. Can someone explain why this is so? I'm surprised. I thought units were more complex because of all the movement etc.
  3. I am not sure buy I think the Myceneans are in Aristeia mod. Nice work anyway!
  4. I think so. Random maps follow a script, so the script creator just have to make sure that each resource he puts in side 1, he puts another in the mirrored position in side 2.
  5. Does it work fine to have two installations of the game? A23 and A24
  6. I miss having a chart for total population count (just like in AoE2).
  7. Hi @imperium, can I include this in the Community Maps mod?
  8. @crazy_Baboon I added it to the Community Maps mod, is that okay? Also, when I tried to play there was a problem with some tree templates (not generating). For example: flora_tree_banyan flora_tree_mangrove date_palm_fruit flora_tree_bamboo flora_tree_bamboo_single If someone knows if those have been replaced by new template names, let me know so I can just replace in the XML file.
  9. Just updated the mod on the git repo. I will update it on mod.io when we reach 50 maps. Six more to go. --- By the way, @Marcus Brutus Bombastus, just played the map, it is really cool and fun to play! Congratulations on the work!
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