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  1. the romans were black too https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/06/mary-beard-misogynistic-race-row-bbc-cartoon-us-academic-claimed/
  2. this is a picture of a typical northern germanic warrior .
  3. very shmart, kiddo. thanks for implementing my suggestion.
  4. JC is a man of the people. The people in charge are doing everything in their power to suppress him, but let me tell you: "tribunus plebis JC will not be silenced!". Ave JC, morituri te salutant.
  5. @ffffffff extremely talented hacker and programming genius please implement this.
  6. please unban linuxxx. he is a great friend of mine and an ardent follower of Allah.
  7. are you a hacker? what's wrong with the program?
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