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  1. I believe this is it. NP. @0 calories We both made many mistakes. Good for cast since active game, but we can both do much better, wouldnt be analyzing it too deeply if i were you. commands.txt metadata.json
  2. Glad you are back, @ValihrAnt and i hope we can play more 1v1s!
  3. @Stockfish yes, invitational. highest skilled top 8 of those enlisted would get picked(by me). Idea was to cut all the bs out, organize it fast. 3 rounds, 1 game per round, finishes the same day it starts. 1-2 hours total. This post doesnt seem too active tho, so maybe a fail? Vali said if he was free during the time he would play. perhaps 4 ppl tournament? 3 rounds, all get to play vs all then.( 1v2 3v4 / 3v1 4v2 / 4v1 2v3 )
  4. Start at 19:00 European time. 1 game per round. 3 rounds total. losers play losers/winners play winners. Rounds go back to back, whenever 2 games finish, new ones start. Those first to finish play eachother. Initial matchups chosen randomly. Who gets to pick civ first chosen randomly. 250 pop, Small Mainland, temprate biome, Feldmap, CommunityMod. Tell me if you have any problems with the start time, can adjust moderately if everyone agrees. Please tag those you feel would be interested, 1600+. I dont know some of the forum names for players, please tag also. @ValihrAnt @borg- @Stockfish Defcon MT Isam Philliptheswaggerless @SaidRdz @Feldfeld Aslan Havran @axo
  5. Ive had some tennable, easy and highly effective solutions for forever, even wrote out much of the post few months back but couldnt have been asked to finish. If enough people are interested id be more willing/motivated to finish it, since im off 0ad for a while and idk when ill feel like getting back in, could be a good time to post. If this post gets 15 positive Emote things, ill do it.
  6. cant type much rn but, if a mod can auto select, focus x type of units to kill, with ranged, or mele or whatever. effectively infinite CPS, and 0 effort cost. no balancing you do will matter. insofar as, ranged /mele paradigm of current day relating to squishier but higher dps ranged vs tankier but lower dps mele. unless you plan to completely revolutionize this fundamental and DEFINING 0ad piece, some way or another.
  7. i do think that mele unit speed is their weakness but in a non snipe world perhaps its necessary for avoiding a complete opposite problem of mele being able to chase down and or focus ranged inf. i remember a time when ranking up mele units gave them movement speed. so you could have a really mobile army as sparta, with skiritai+javelineers. i like the idea of ranking up giving mele more speed, and ranged untis more range. i feel profitable fights should be promoted more to incentivize and reward agression. i dont have an opinion on your solution but youll have to adress pikes spears and swordsmen balancing surely. relating to their dmg. i dont like that they nerfect pikes armor, while keeping their dmg same. they shouldve boosted it proportionally. and if mele dmg will be so important, swordsmen will become op naturally. also how this all interplays with cav is questionable. i initially had missed the utility of removing armor from mele and removing dmg from ranged but now i see. also, ofc all this will be useless unless theres mod regulations to get rid of cheat mods forever. ofc simple solution being some standard of having visibility of what mods non hosts are using. i did have many (what i think are really good) ideas relating to solving for sniping but i havent been motivated to organize and articulate them in a post or posts. also it would be cool to find someone to collaborate with, i have a lot of ideas for simple tweaks that would improve the game overall but cba to learn to code or to make mods.
  8. so your solution is to hugely buff mele units overall. 6%+ move speed and 50% dmg buff. especially considering the factor of micro, that would make mele the primary unit to use in an inf battle. i understand the rankup idea, one of my secondary/tertiary solutions involve reducing considerably the xp requirement for rank up to punish ignoring taking out mele. this already works with civs like sparta with the halved xp tech for spear inf. all the civ xp things would need to be rebalanced. overall in multitude of ways reduing xp requirement for rankup would improve the game.
  9. im still confused. perhaps you dont quite understand what sniping is. focus fire isnt the way to snipe. if by focus fire you mean target a small amount of units to take them out. while one may target a singular ranged inf when sniping, via shift clicking with a selection of own units, this is becuase that unit is in the center of an enemy army thats densely packed, so missed projectiles will hit adjacents. that is the inferior way to snipe tho, generally, as projectiles still hit far more often than they miss, so many might not hit adjacents. tha default way is to alt click spam on enemy ranged inf group. the benefit is to abuse the tank/dps carry type unit mechanic rn, by taking out weaker hp/armor units that deal most dmg first.
  10. what is the rebalance @real_tabasco_sauce ? cellphones explanation didnt make sense to me as a counter to sniping. but i do find the damage/health correlation idea cool. def would incentivize healing more. boost building dmg relevance.
  11. rome athen sparta is good to maximize that cc spearman tech of sparta / athen. idk for 4th civ
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