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  1. can hardly find any games recently maybe its just me.any recommendations for good rts es? ik sc2 am thinking of getting impossible creatures,ik aoe.
  2. the fact that you were completely incapable of disproving my statements and instead resorted to simply accusing me of being a troll only further solidifies my position and your lack of character.
  3. censoring system doesnt even make sense.it accomplishes absolutely nothing.anyone can just write any other abbreviation of the swear word that they wanna say. only people who get mute really are the ones who forget to change the nonoword or make a typo. what is the purpouse even? there are also many swear words completely allowed and many some would say horrible rants in lobby about various horrible things much worse than swearwords. i say remove mute for swearing. the current mute for swear is unjust,unjustified and just plain wrong.
  4. i was writing "counter" and wrote "o@#$%er" and got muted.. can i get unmute pls?
  5. im just gonna write here to maybe make this thread pop up into "recent" hmm..bababa dadadaddsdsdsdasasadsdadsdsdasadsdada also maybe if top 8 players wont all agree to participate next highest rated must fill the slot.altho from the lack or response from those pinged im pessimistic
  6. yeah you are right.i messed up on dogs i still think tehy op but we have to consider that the unit composition of an army makes it mathematically stronger than its counterparts like how 100 dmg 1 hp + 100 hp 1 dmg 2 soliders would destroy 2 dmg 50 hp 2 soliders. dps*hp isnt the complete determinant.still we can use math to calculate units value by also using dmg/hp proportions of the said unit to see how extreme it is compared to other units and go from there.i think all logn range entities need accuracy nerf.archer,cav archer,tower/ect.dont really see the need to reduce train time altho for c
  7. i personally prefer option 2 to option 1 it seems more fun to me as option 1 many players wont have a chance to face each other and there has to be several games per 1v1 3 for reasonabe amount of games to build up.option 2 is both dynamic and provides a better variety of games.also option2 seems more funt to play in if i were a 1900 (rn 1730) id def wanna play in option 2 over option 1.
  8. a24 invitational? never heard of it i assume it happened already? but glad to hear ppl doing tournaments. so 8 players 1v1 with 3 games each then 4 with 5 games each and then finals with total of 7 games? idk what Ro means but im guessing its that. not a bad idea so pretty much option 1 but more games per round.not gonna lie 7 for finals seems too much too me even 5 but if thats what the players would like that would be great more 1900+ games for me to watch and for u to hopefully commentate. civ rule is very good completely agree with it to create more diversity + ofc no advant
  9. the idea is to do a small tournament with only 1900+ players who are actively playing ranked 1v1s there being 8 of them. @ValihrAnt @borg- @scweinepriester(if som1 know his acc tag him) @Feldfeld @Stockfish @JC (naval supremacist) @superposition(also tag him please) @StarAtt question to players tagged above :would you play in the tournament? it should be easy to manage being a small tournament. option 1:there could be a regular system of 3 games per round per 2 player who would be randomly matched up. 3 rounds and 21 games. option 2:there could be every player playing
  10. i didnt forget the attack look at my calculations the 12.8 is dps of javelins (16 per 1.25sec) yes range is relevant too but 9*2=18 not 12.8 since now it can be trained in p1 the imbalance is far more relevant.after p1 there are men around farms,a lot of men in woodline so you dont have enough time to mass dogs. clearly imba from stats alone the fact that it can be defended is irrelevant since real game results are irrelevant and biased because of variety of factors like the 2player match performance and also luck (not only in form of mapgen) dogs are 50% stronger than regular
  11. never fought vs dogs but clearly op from stats 110hp*1.1(armor multiplier)*9=1089 this is ignoring the far superior speed to inf/women compare that to lets say javeineer 50*1.1*12.8=704 compare that to lets say spearman 100*1.41*5.5=775.5 and spearmen having slightly higher score is fair since jav are faster so it balances out dogs have 13.5 speed wich is too high and are around 1.5 as res >value efficient as regular units just stat wise ignoring speed. this cannot be justified by the fact that they cannot eco since that becomes irrelevant if you use them to fight.
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