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  1. i was half joking in overdramatic "WRONG" comment dont take things too seriously.but i did mean it .ill take some blame for writing incoherently but if u read it and managed to understand my incoherent writing what i specified was that most important is the woodlines closenes to cc as that is the largest factor to security(ill say rn prob 75% of importance then lets say 15% size and 10% backwood).back woodline while its good its the third most relevant from what i wrote right after woodline size.for cav not being able to overpower men the standard min 2:20 or something(dont quote me on time) 8
  2. did you just say what ive been trying to say in that "stats" essay but better..and in a sentence? insert boondock prisoner meme*
  3. oh also dont forget guys to get woodcutting p1 so that it matches there being 23 units on wood or so when it finishes. p2 immediately upon reaching p2 around 110 pop or so. and p3 asap as well i wanna say 160 pop? WRONG
  4. picking a proper starting woodline and properly positioning storehouses and other buildings is vital for optimal economy growth and security. proper woodline(s) management is vital for proper men and women positioning early,mid and late game. 1.everything about first 0-5 min. 2.middgame(after first few min) to till u reach p3. 3.endgame(after p3) 1.to start with your first woodline will significantly impact your economy and security. usually you will want to pick a patch of wood around the border instead of opting for placing your first storehouse near cc w
  5. THANKS..now i wasted more of my energy looking up GPT-3 understanding like 30% of what the programer guy explaining it has said,wondering wtf a watermelon means in coding,tiring my already exausted brain by thinking in moderate intensity for 7 minutes and now im even more terrified of the advancements in programming,technology and human capabilities that are incoming..and no this isnt the same shlt as 1990s when pp wouldve thought of flying cars coming in 20 years this is some real shut..and its like we have a magic sword that if we swung could cause alot of fuced up shut and now thinking abou
  6. rationale is my intuition and understanding from watching/playing thousands of games.while i dont play many civs my enemys play a variety of civs so i have many iterations of expiriences.i look at 2 civs and think hmm how much better is civ a compared to civ b and other civs in general % wise? then i make a guess and i do this for every single civ.eventually i end up with all civs numbered then i repeat again thinking hmm is civ a better than civ b more than civ b is better than civ c? ect ofc some civs counter others so i cant do an exact guess so ill guess an average in relation to all 12 o
  7. ill try rating atleast top 5 civs by points just by guessing with trying to keep 100 the average between all ingame civs: pto 113 gau 107 brit 107 rome 104 athen 103 sparta 103 im not as sure about the rest but here goes: iber 102 sele 102 mayu 95 pers 94 carth 93 kush 91 mace 86
  8. @Feldfeld i mean ppl clearly overplay the stronger civs and are generally highly unimaginative in their gameplay which makes sense because they cant afford to do otherwise as they are weak/incompetent in one way or another.I suppose that applies to pretty much everything even life itself.Humans rarely pop out high quality enough to be able to gain maximum results by being highly open minded .Wherever you look,wherever you go anyone doing anything even someone you admire has cut corners in a magnificent manner to compromise for their own incompetence.Briliance and perfection isnt real isnt admi
  9. hah! u read it also i thought putting this part separately in general with an accurate title would be better as some ppl might wanna read on this subject while not being interested in reading my reaction to valis video.
  10. Anyone who thinks when seeing obvious stupid mistakes from someone that the player wasn’t intelligent enough to have thought of the issue should know that 99.9% of the time its just confusion from brain overload that causes the mistake. 0ad is a very intense,demanding game so it’s wouldn't be surprising that some days you could be much worse at playing than others. Even "good" players make insanely simple mistakes because of simple exaustion or low stamina(at that time)/brain juice. Maybe they feel tired that day(week’s ,month’s) or are feeling off and that’s an easy skill dro
  11. ty for reading @Feldfeld this helps me pretend this wasnt a waste of time.i always do stupid @#$% when sleep deprived for example after i wrote this i went and on no nights sleep while carrying 10kg(measured later) of noteably raw chicken breast,prosciutto,vienna sausages and bunch of other groceries walked around 10-12 km uphill on a mountain with at first it being extremely hot and sunny and after that it being extremely cold and my throat hurts a bit rn.All this instead of taking the taxi after which i was very tired and went to sleep.I know i took thoes from the supermarket at ar
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