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  1. ty badosu that means alot. also i meant it im not kidding. in the end everything i say that might be controversial or which might disagree with someone is taken as a personal attack because im never polite.
  2. @smiley yeah..umm..idk how the whole 0ad power hierarchy system works and all that but tf r u on about here? are you seriously suprised that ppl who dont get paid to do something dont do that thing properly? XD what are you a communist? next thing u know ull be suprised at corruption being all like "it was supposed to be for the people! by the people! whaaa whaa whaaaaaaaaaaa"
  3. y idk what taht means.but how can u reveal the guy if he was smart enough to hide? wouldt that ruin the point of hiding then?
  4. finally som1 is getting it @badosu. whoever it is might be paying som1 for the ddos services cuz i mean who would take the time to just annoy the shlt out of dizaka atleast few bucks is reasonable or it seems so i mean what could dizaka do anyway online.did u like slaughter someones family to the 7th generation all north korea style @Dizaka cuz its obvious theres some beef going on here and ur not telling us shlt
  5. i just wanna say that @iish and @go2die are both from africa @Dizaka also no1 getting ataced as much as u dizaka so must be som1 that hates u
  6. THE PLOT THICKENS happened to me too btw dizaka who did you piss off so much? we need names for just in case you dissapear we can know what you knew im not a computer guy but this isnt gonna turn out to be some huge hac atac on all 0ad ppl attacking eachother and spreading some hac virus and in the end the masterminds presses a button and we all lose our money and our shameful collection of extremely ugly pug pictures gets leaked online while this guy laughs maniacally in his secret lair under a volcano while eating peanut butter with his bare hands and maybe setting up
  7. ty for the input @badosu @Issh @bb_ @smiley i figured that information issue wouldve been the most problematic. on your last comment smiley thats what i assumed that everyone gets waay too much info and is politely asked not to look. ill guess that lockstep is all players having back and forth with eachother and client-server is "server"/separate party handling it all. yes without a separate party theres no way to prevent players from cheating XD i mean someone is supposed to have the info or ..well it wont exist thats somewhat what i was trying to say with my i guess har
  8. yes i think thats what it was called.cloud gaming.where all the processing is happening on the company umm..servers?the company does all the processing..actually now that i think about it ti has far more advantages than wed imagine.in terms of fairness.no party will have advantage via game graphics quality or ping or whatever.assuming you have enough internet speed which should be the only factor.also it should be cheaper so if you are buing a pc for gaming it would be more economically wise to just get that service.like u buy a pc first of all since its a small size purchase its more expensiv
  9. eyes that arent being paid dont have all that much motivation other than interest in the game.thats like publishing a government owned recreational building schematic online having it being built purely by donations and willing participants.it wont be all that secure id imagine and if theres value in it som1 is far more likely to use the schematics to break in or whatever than to fix the flaws for near 0 motivation.am i talking shlt here? idk i assume it would be fine to just do the event but im just making sure.
  10. ok let me write it better.let me ask first what kind of cheating is possible? mostly id assume most threat comes from a player getting information he is not supposed to have like vision,game stats like pop ect. ofcourse if he can change like unit damage or only target ranged in some way ect taht is bad too but i assume wed notice that while watching. in conclusion i dont know how it all works but wouldnt it secure everyhtng if a program could be written where i or a trusted party would host the games in a way where no information or power is given to the potential cheater.i
  11. its a community project open scource not well funded so makes sense it wont be secure and i can tell with near 0 specific programming knowledge. and alot of ppl im sure would hack for even 50$ first place prize lol tahts what like 5k in africa or other poor areas? XD (no offence pls dont hack my potential event) anyway borg said ppl wont hack and we could tell from watching but i get the feeling that there may be ways we wouldnt notice. i will HAVE to put in a disclaimer either way giving me complete autority to do as i feel is right either way no matter what anyone thinks with
  12. was thinking of organizing a very simple properly made paid tournament.like 100$ total prizepool but was told 0ad isnt secure that ppl would cheat is it feasible to make it secure within reasonable effort or should i just forget about this idea? some bits of what i was planning: to enter gotta qualify via ingame rating and send a few replays of ur games so i can tell u can play well probably gonna qualify like top 50-75 on leaderboard prizes: 50/30/10/3/3/3 1/2/3/4/5/6 places respectively for 24 and 50/30/10/10 1/2/3/4 for 16 prob would have done 16/2
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