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  1. @Grapjas You have to be extremely gullible, simple-minded(scary), corrupt and ignorant to see malice predominantly in those who exhibit rudeness or impoliteness, and to see it more so in them than those who hide it under the guise of politeness, being a good person or "respectability" by which I more so mean adherence to social convention/norm of what a "respectable/good" person should act like. key here is the perspective that this function falls into is one of the eyes of "society" and society is corrupt and decrepit in its vision of what is proper or ideal because it is made up of followers who worship the whole, completely empty and devoid of life themselves, never questioning or falling out of line in fear of their complete lack of substance or life/humanity. Thereby society as a whole is empty at large, majority of its substance of value or good comes from the select few exceptional people while majority are a significant detriment to the whole. It is so easy to act polite, do you not feel a sense of shame, suspicion, revolt or doubt when it seems that being "good" is that easy?! Does it not immediately and clearly feel like a fraudulent belief or way of thought that would give such clearly covertly malicious and corrupt conclusions? Those most genuinely malevolent will always be motivated to fit into societal rule/norms as much as and as perfectly as possible, forgoing all individuality, good or self-respect in favor of gaining the boon of social approval, status, advantage, power by being SEEN as a good person. Think of it in terms of motivations, pros/cons, incentives, imagine if you were a bitter, malevolent, parasite piece of filth, because you have to imagine this to understand others, this is called empathy or putting yourself in someone else's position in all faucets, dimensions or aspects of cognition. without capacity for empathy one is cognitively blind, unable to observe or interpret people. If you do empathize with a truly malicious person you'll realize very quickly, the first thing you'd EVER do as them is you'll "ACT" nice, be POLITE, smile, never exhibit anything that would offend or discomfort those around you, you'd sacrifice all humanity, so that you could then act in the most malicious way imaginable AND GET AWAY WITH IT, infinitely more so than it could have ever been possible for you had you simply started yelling or sputtering as you'd have been discarded immediately being unable to satiate your bottomless hunger for malice. These are the people who can CALCULATE and PLAN and WAIT, they have patience and vision and enough vitriol to motivate said patience and vision. Often they can even convince themselves that they are truly good, subconsciously laughing at truth with eyes empty of any remorse, life or humanity, reflecting a worthless beast or an inhuman creature. If what I say confuses you, think also in terms of game theory, every action, can have an x motivation or a motivation that is complete opposite of x. I can be good because thats my end goal, or I can be good so I can get away with being 10X as bad, as no one will see it coming, people like you will just let me fly by and I can commit horrors you won't ever want to face are real or possible because its inconvenient to your comfy worldview or feels uncomfortable. Its convenient to think that most people are good beucase they want to be good or are good by nature, but the truth is most people who are "good" are malevolent, they are only using "being good" as a means to an end so they may position themselves in various means to successfully and reliably execute their drive for malice. look around you, the world is a total and utter SH**hole, not doubt about this for anyone who isn't gullible or blind, and if people were predominantly good and not fake or malicious liars, it would not be so. that's why we need systems based on reason and inter-respectability, impossible to fraud through like a coward because there's always consequence and NOTHING comes for free, we need systems based on merit of competence instead of those based on trust or the faith in the common good which always rot and give way to the utmost abundance of malice. There is no limit to the depths of deceit for execution of malice, to fall complacent to it is its equivalent.
  2. Most vile people i have known, spoken to, etc are the most polite, becuase they have motivation to be, it costs nothing, and it gives them immense power of being perceived as good or civilized or reasonable, so they may get away with the most disgusting acts/behaviors no one honest ever could, jc or shyft are completely insignificant in this sense becuase they are direct and honest, they cant not be, they will insult/talk "rudely" this is something to be admired, not shunned. Look for malice in the polite, not the rude.
  3. This is dangerous, far more so than shyft or JC or whoever else, these people getting ability to speak with little to no reppercussions speaks to the honest and free nature, uninhibited by corruption and censorship or personal malice of moralists landscape of 0ad communication. I read the link and understand whole optional thing, as well as not setting "nonowords" in stone to keep it about good faith/trust, but i see some corruption prone power allocation in form of check mark even existing, it sets a bad frame/pretense if it gets adopted in Mod form, then threatening getting adopted in game, next alpha. Soft launch of progression in this moderation of communication direction(beyond death threats, terrorism, genocide and such total extremes) is dangerous in a subtle way. It brings an avenue for malicious actors who prefer to use censorship power to silence others to exhert influence, please if its just about faith simply try to convince others through open communication, voting in games to ban individuals, or in general specifying such things beforehand WITHOUT a checkmark/lobby addons. The problem of harassment/trolls is interpreted incorrectly in this whole thread i believe, theres an assumption theres HAS TO BE a solution that wont cause more harm than good. dont look for idealistic solutions, there are none, people are flawed, groups are flawed, consequently resulting experience/effect is flawed, theres no solution to it other than improvement of individuals fundamentally, and good luck with that, not easy, i dont think even practically possible more than in some remote sense. A governing structure/function wont solve this, it will merely be engorged by the overarching nature, and it will always give power predominantly to the uglier parts of the group, since govrning structures based on moralism are not directed by their own consequences, but instead by general public image.
  4. @Pemulis I "educated" my "content" in an excellent "form" yesterday, felt so light.. like i could breathe well and my head was clear. I NEVER ignore the relationship between my content and it's form EVER! i even take pictures of my content when the form seems off to improve my process of self-awareness and development. As you surely know key is to eat a good amount of fiber/vegetables/fruit and to be physically active after a meal, ergo even 15 min walk is good enough to help the process of education. You may think that i have displayed a penchant for a lack of courtesy by this message, but a properly learned person would know that courtesy is infinitely subjective and ambiguous, always yielding itself to be the most convenient tool for moralists to discredit others they deem offensively direct in their beliefs they do not share. Hey @JC (naval supremacist) can you tag only 1 of your many supporters you drink tea and discuss complex ideas with? i wanna see one, it will be like seeing a unicorn XD.
  5. communism always leads to corruption, worst outcome. What did he do? dont you think its disgusting, condescending, bellitling and insulting to "train" an adult stranger online to who you have no personal relationship with whatsoever like a dog or a 6 year old. i feel theres some power drive there. get the priorities str8, remove all moralism/charity or itll be practically entirely used as an excuse for corruption and abuse of power as it has been in literally every institution that has ever utilized it. get the "rules" to a minimum, and must not be arbitrary or based on personal interpretation or emotion. rules need to be clearly defined by a motive/final goal, ie if som1 spams, thats understandable to remove them, for "baddies" i think just mute option/avoiding playing them works more or less. ultimate solution ie banning som1 leads to a bad outcome? for the community and its respectability sure, being a DICKtator isnt a good thing. Im not seeing a reason to ban anyone honestly, what would it be? spreading links on how to make nuclear weapons? calling to mass genocide? surveilance? you want mods to read chat? most speech is done in hosted games chat, and as som1 here wrote, its 100% under hosts controll/authority what to do with it. trust but check and act? then you arent trusting at all. Countributors? so dont ban ppl for things if its worth tolerating if they pay you/work for you/give you something? i agree. on a somewhat related note, JC still hasnt given me the points for a game he lost vs me, i was telling him to resign, he knew it was gg, then he started sending me res(which spams chat to make reading messages impossible), i paused to have a way to read/write things, told him to resign, he was raging, talking nonsense and acting clearly in a way indicating he would abandon, excuses, etc. he said "im leaving" and left the game, i went afk and when i came back i just ended game, allegedly he says he resigned while game was paused(becuase of his res spam), after implying abandon and saying "im leaving" (giving no indicator he resigned). why would i unpause a game if player left? id just end. And its clear he was intending not to give points, because he has no honor to give points when losing a game, didnt give them afterwards, he says he "tricked me" and its my fault for ending game. What if you lose a game, 20 pop vs 200 pop, are gonna resign, and power goes out? do you not give points to the other person after coming back online? ofc you do, its not about rules to avoid/twist, or act as if you dont resign, make som1 end game. There are no rules really, its just a trust system, you can just leave and itll be just as much of a "trick". 0 Honor, he used to dance too, all the time, and i still hear ppl say he does, but only if he can get away with it/when losing, as all dancers do. I told him i'd instaleave any game and never play again if he danced vs me, maybe few years ago and he didn't dance vs me since, but ofc vs ppl whod let it pass, he likely still does it, and def has done it. Dancers always know its cheating, thats why they only do it when losing, and when they can get away with it vs someone who will let it fly. They often do it a little bit, in hopes you dont notice also.
  6. we both know it would be insanely impractical, if not practically impossible to effectively play 0ad at the same level(find equal/good players) esp for a silver+ player by starting a separate lobby so this is not an option. im not so sure about the lag tbh, you only need 1 layer and 0ad doenst need much bandwidth at all. technical barrier that can be overcome by 2 min google search for "how to route game through a vpn/tor" or something. my point/question was it's funny to block an entire country with a population in 7 digits over 1 person, what did he do to cause something this severe?
  7. also, how would that stop him from using a vpn and route 0ad traffic thru it? About shyft, isnt "moohawk" rezamath? i forget, so shyft is reza? any proof of games together? when was reza last seen on OG acc. i told him we could play rated 1v1, and id send him 100 wood 100 food at start, and beat him as many times as he wants me to but he keeps ignoring me, i ask like 50 times. btw 100 wood 100 food = 400 res differential early on, so like aprox at least 50% advantage ie 10 vs 15 pop or something.
  8. ahahahahha did you really? ban a whole countrys majority XD ahahahahahaha what did he do to piss you guys off that much? XD
  9. Breaking News: Man can't comprehend humor, bitter about it and seeks to find power based manipulative motives in jokes.
  10. you are a worse person than the ddoser, we both know this, go away, this post is completely unrelated to that.
  11. If i played 0ad with same proficiency and function as an 80 year old president posesses for accomplishing his duties/governing the country id throw my pc out of the window. 95 year old that worries about the fence being repainted every year? even tho he never knows when thats a wasted investment..hmm now id like to psychoanalyze that, prob some death denial stuff. capitalism is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. beyond all that, i would agree that we should live our lives to the fullest, never retiring from it, theres plenty of time to retire after dead. one exception id give is when having family, grandkids, etc where your leusire time, peace of mind and near century of experiences can be extremely valuable in enriching their lives, more so than you could enrich your own at an old age where all of your functional capacities are decimated and theres not much left to enrich.
  12. @ValihrAnt you are wisest of all, no one else even comes close and you have taught us all many things, most important things, great things and we all thank you for this. (any1 who agrees, please upvote)
  13. @Feldfeld id likely be interested, its not that i dont play lower rateds, i do on occasion in general, but why would i register in a tournament to do so, when i can do it normally either way. But i cant predict what my mood/capacity will be in a week, also schedule.
  14. Id certainly make it a priority to make it a top5, no dillution. no less than 1800s at the very very least. so wally and havran are disqualified by default, so is friza.
  15. im not a good opponent? also, ive improved again, now im 2070, only 70 points from you, please come back, there is almost no1 to play vs, its getting boring again. I just had an idea for "top 5 invitational" tournament, as opposed to a regualr one, would give us some challenge, also easier to organize and deal with time arrangements since only 5 ppl. i was thinking each player plays 4 games, once vs each other contender, winner is one with most total points, if equal points, tiebreaker is played. ofc vali, feld and you would be in, and i would think obvioulsy me too but idk about 5th guy, hard to choose. @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @borg- I once had a discord, made for matchmaking, when there werent many players around but regrettably i abandoned it even as it was over 50 verified 1300+ players as i wasnt playing 0ad for months, so it was a desert with 0 activity. Perhaps bringing it back would be of use, especially for match arangement as it shows when one is online, so you may ask them if they are free to play more often during the day, as well as arrange future playing schedules, tournaments, etc. since its only 4 games per player, and the games can be played concurrently per round, it could be done within a weekend, ie friday night, saturday night, sunday night(if tie). if we play 2 games each a day which seems reasonable as many tournaments require 3 games a round vs a single player, it could end in 2 days, or 3 if tiebreakers are needed. if ever1 scores 2 points, somehow, then we say its a draw and give up, start over? idk XD. Another option would be to play all 4 games in a single day, but i feel for optimum performance, this is too much as its highly taxing to play against the top 5 in a tournament especially.
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