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  1. i dont even know the biome names lol since they changed it all and added 50 different biomes but ill assume you are questioning the viability of having smaller groups on a low wood map. about maps with thoes larger trees, scattered around thoes maps are largely broken, insofar as cav get a huge multiplier in value for obvious already stated reasons, and such rarely played maps are never balanced/fair for all civs, generally these maps favour certain civs, so ppl should pick these civs, or for a challenge play a badly fitting one. for example naval maps favor civs like athen, with its op hero that is still rarely used or iber with the fireships, ect. about maps with any amount of cuttable wood, consider getting baskets(+5) from storehouse as this reduces walktime, and allows for far higher concentration of units per woodline, abeit the woodline runs out sooner, then you move them to the next one, this allows ofc for larger groups on woodlines. in 1v1 consider, that carthage requires a significant amount of time from investing start point > arriving with swordcav on your property. this nessesitates that if one wants to start massing swordcav, one must p2 earlier as starting swordcav vis p2 ing at the conventional time, would lead you to engage the atack at basically a point when enemy is p3,or going p3, which is already too late, you can hardly mass swordcav if you cant deal damage as you STACK them, as this would be to inneficient to just mass 5 by 5 as all of them idle. i usually p2 start at around 80-110 pop from what i recall and this allows me to atack enemy when their pop is far higher, not sure at what point but ill guess 120-160? i believe objectively valis nub 45 pop p2 build is.. nub. he has beaten many players with it purely because of the skill gap, conpensating for the builds disadvantage. if enemy atacks you at that point, with 3 swordcav they have pretty much killed themselves, unless they click faster than you in which case they win either way eventually. you should always have, unless enemy severely stunts their eco, more than 30 men to atack with, you can make 1 tower on woodline and palaside it off, if you really dont want him atacking your woodline with his cav(depending on cav count perhaps more towers are justified), or move to cc wood, ofc keep few men back to garison cc either way. yes standard defense strategy against inf rush is generally very viable if done perfectly, but inf rushes(given superior men count) should not be underestimated. p2 towers require enough time to build that if you see them, you can prevent them with ease with a larger army, p1 towers arent as strong, there are many many targets you can have, assuming he garisons his baracs, embassies, there are still houses and now he has less men as each barac would need 10 not to get cauptured(lets say you atack at 130 pop, with 70 men, blacksmith techs ranged, pierce, mele) you should be able to do a significant amount of damage, if playing properly and not wasting time, ofc most important aspect here is pre scouting so you know his layout, his woodlines, ect. if he sees you coming towers can still be captured, you should have a significant enough advantage given he will have far less men, and not enough swordmercs(if you atack asap when he starts massing), still thought 0ad is largely about luck so it can go either way. keep in mind lets say sword/jav have like 15-20% advantage if not more vs spear/archer in a direct fight, let alone at a surplus when advantage becomes geometric. all women should be able to garrison given houses give 10/6 ratio of pop/garison capability, if you have at least 40% of your pop as men(and you should have at least 50% when inf rushing ) you should be able to garrison all women, assuming everything is towered(not that expensive just woodline basically, 1-2 towers more than enough usually) towers protecting eachother, some within cc arrow range. palasides around fields should come after a certain amount of cav is seen, maybe 8 swordcav, and should cost minimal amount of wood as in a25 fields are extremely vunerable and you should have it largely walled off with buildings, thereofre more than 100-200 wood for palasides shouldnt be nessesary. yes large wood biomes are bad for cav rushes. atacker does have the efficiency advantage on micro/macro/stamina as they know what they are doing, when the action will happen while defender must process within a second or 2 what to do, then react to this suprise, while maintaining macro(eco) and this puts stress on stamina more so than atacking.
  2. ppl have noted the spearmans inability to force an engage, this is as it should be, the main point is that the swords cant engage spearmen(assuming equal cost accounting for civ specialty, metal scarcity/minining inneficiencies, ect, ect.), yes mixing in ranged units is essential, depending on the size of the enemy army, usually more cav=more spearmen, even upto 60% spearmen comp i believe. one of the main issues, i feel is completely useless and worthless spear cav, that just barely beat sword cav in 1v1 from what i recall, and jav cav as well, very insiginficant advantage, even less of an advantage in larger group fights as ranged units get an advantage of being able to atack at once, as enemy moves through, and around the living obstacles. and even after all of this, spear cav are totally useless vs anything but cav. i recomend boosting spear cav atack damage somewhere inbetween their current atack damage, and sword cav damage. lets say change atack rate from 1.25 to 1 (this would boost dps by 20%) and reduce multiplier to like 1.5 or something.
  3. the part about ranged accuracy per rank up is interesting, how many times have you tested this? 0ad fights are extremely random, even 50 vs 50 equal fights can go either way with drastic variations, unless tested like 10-15 times and averaged out i wouldnt trust a result 100%. also i was pretty sure probably bad accuracy could be good in large fights like 100 vs 100 as the misses could hit adjacent enemy unit, avoiding overkill but now that i think about it your result seems more accurate and i assume dead units will still have projectiles pass through them, giving same result of mis shots potentially hitting nearby enemies.
  4. whats wrong with having extreme weak and strong points balancing each other out? is that not the point of the game? if there are no variations of stats, factors, ect then its no longer fun, then civs lose their uniqueness ect. also it is not a one trick pony, carthage also has avalible to it other mercs sword inf merc, jav merc, sling merc all with superior stats altho ranged ones largely useless accuracy boost given p2 battles are too large and bad accuracy is probably even benefitial. spear cav mercs are rarely used but also there. also carth has elephants as well as all other siege, 2 great heroes and spear champs from temple. while some of these things are all not as signficant without these things the only sword merc cav advantage wouldnt be enough to make carth viable.
  5. they are a specialty, unit, just skimmed thru the dev thing dizaka started, they have no idea what they are talking about and im too tired/disinterested to adress every point , and argue over it since it would take hours. ill adress only 2 points made. 1: 10 vs 10 spear vs sword mercs spearmen die, so that must mean sword merc cavs are op. 2: sword merc cav almost beat skiritai commando, or are similar in strength so sword merc cavs are op. first of all merc cav swords are a specialty unit, jsut like skiritai, that are only avalible p2, as all sword cav. you have to take into account taht only a single civ has these units, carthage, no other civ has sword merceneries, and most civs have trouble massing cav merceneries given the production buildings cost too much like colonies 600, need to walk ,separate, to protect must spread out units ect. carthage has extremely weak build, other than mercs, that is their SPECIALTY so ofc they must excell at it, as it is rn pikes are op, and sword inf are viable as well in inf battles, but spear inf is the weakest mele infantry right now, archers have become very weak again in a25, not as bad as a23 but not far from it. carthage objectively even with this great unit sword merc cav is not even in top 5 strongest civs, everyone knows this as the cons balance out the pros. 10 spear shouldnt be able to beat a SPECIALTY unit that requires metal(so metal techs), additional production buildings(200 res), and should be a stronger version of regular cav. keep in mind regular cav cost 1500 res for 10 unlike 1000 for spear. i do believe 80 metal seems odd given 100/60 ratio of inf mercs then 60% of 150 is 90 but keep in mind that metal is expensive to mine compared to wood 0.75/0.5 so 50% more gain on wood than metal(less efficient, requires men for proper efficiency unlike wood/food that can be cut/gathered by women). and metal is more scarce than wood/food on standard maps. so a civ SPECIALTY unit (stronger than 1500 costing standard counterpart) can beat 1000 costing standard counter units? nothing wrong with that. 2: sword merc cav can almost beat skiritai commando? that is not appropriate, but this is an issue with sparta balancing more so than it is about carthage balancing, also do keep in mind that sword cav, or cav in general are the direct counter to sword inf, given their high hack armor added with high dps/hp although sword cav hav 1 less hack armor than spear cav it has to be kept in mind that cav hitpoints mainly come from hp, unlike mele where it often largely comes from armor therefore 3 hack is high for cav, even if it is low for inf. 80 costing unit, that has far less traintime, and has far far superior movement speed(highly valuable stat) shouldnt be able to beat 125 costing unit(altho only small part of it is metal (35)) given they are both specialty units unique to their own civs. to finish up i wanna mention 2 things. first of all cav are generally far stronger in tgs, because of the large map movement speed stat appericates in value, as well as multiple targets, with far more openings for entry, atack, manuvering. ability to move your power quickly is very viable and complete lack of cooperation and coordination of teams only excacerbates this. secondly if carthage cant do damage with this, 1 tool they have they are finished often given they mass a large amount, there are ways to counter carthage cav, and most other civs have equal or superior advantages/specialties. other mercs are lagely underused, and i feel the res avalibility factor would come into play more so if people played more defensively, where accumulating float would be nessesary before a fight as to sustain training units but this wont happen a25 i think given extremely weak buildings, there are usually too many openings to close to turtule/play strategically and not agressively where larger army/better eco wins by default as you cant avoid fights if your defensive buildings deal less dps than archers, with 0 tech. often people dont get mele damage upgrades, and hack armor upgrades which can give upto 50% advantage to carth sword cavs, often people dont secure farms via walling off, vision and men nearby, have spread out disorganized buildings,spread out disorganized units that are eazy to pick off. you cannot run from mele cavalry, they are too fast so you often cant avoid lost fights, only solution is to have large enough groups. try atacking carth player directly , if they are massing sowrd cav, as they will likely have a very weak base defended by archer/spear
  6. im gonna re post the robert malone interview i did notes on before as i feel it answers many, if not most of the questions/misinformation ppl have written on this thread. https://odysee.com/@FearlessNation:7/Jimmy-Dore-Interviews-Robert-Malone-About-Covid-19-Vaccines-AND-The-Science-of-mRNA-Technology:c please do watch it guys, i know hour and 14 min tiring but try first 10 min, you will see interesting af and you will want to finish it i promise. im not sure if there are clips from this intereview, elsewhere.
  7. i guess its hard not to aruge since wanting to call out som1s obv bs is extremely ingrained in our psyche, as to keep proper tabs socially i assume so others see that the bs is bs and so that you dont lose reputation unjustifiably, via innapropriate statements by the guilty party.
  8. ok yeah this is pointless either way, come to my discord if you wanna keep arguing guys, i need practice against intentionally ignorant ppl anyway. altho i believe yekaterina is genuinely not getting nuanced aspects of what im saying and misinterpreting(not through any malice) context which is fine, altho unusual since the nuances were extremely obvious. ill go ahead and delete the "arguing bits" that dont hold any value whatsoever otherwise
  9. total immunity, your kids start growing fingers out of their foreheads? 0 consequences, maybe they sue you for defamtation since they will have 0 consequence either way legally.
  10. Lel could you get any more conceited. "things made by and designed by smart people are better than miracle cures offered by prophets" - what? what prophets? what cures did these prophets offer? who are these prophets? and smart people make mistakes often, as well as get influenced by vested interests via lobbying, ect soft bribes/controll. watch the robert malone interview i had linked at the start of this thread. do you mean the increased depression, ect and scuicidality which also leads to rise in drug abuse by "opioid situation" ? so you think third booster shot is being pushed for as a means of profit? how about the entire vaccination, overlooking safety risks, 0 risk for them blanket immunity laws are a bltch. do you even know how much money these companies will make from this? "the vaccine companies competed to make the first and best vaccine, expecting huge payoffs,it is in their interest to have it work well" it absolutely isnt in their fucing interest lmao , ppl are exposed to insane amount of fear p0rn, they wont blame them for side effects that certainly will be covered up and disregarded, minimized ect. Emotional people ruin countries. I dont know ww2 weapons making history but id like to imagine a weapon manufacturing company taking insane shortcuts, and their weapons failing, or even worse exploding the hands off of the army personell, and id like to imagine reppercussions XD. there is HUGE difference between screwing over the herd vs screwing over the most powerful entity in the whole world XD.
  11. lol theres this thing called humility, where no matter how confident you are in your beliefs you must by default understand that you are not god any everything you know can be wrong, without realizing this, and instead arrogantly posturing, with utter blind confidence, you predetermine your future failures. By default you are wrong when you dont have the option of thinking you could be wrong. it is an insult to ones intelligence, this compromised framework only leads to eventual suffering. yes most non popular groups are demonized, clumped together with others ect, ect generalized as to atack their credibility via ridicule and to not have to adress what is being stated. "vaccine designed by scientists doesnt work" - is that a ridiculous scenario? really? nothing ever designed by scientists hasnt worked before in history? even disregarding the intelligent approach you have literal proof of countless severe mistakes by legitimate, respectable scientists. in this case theres countless vested interests, some described the current situation as "war profeteering" which is spot on. dont underestimate drive for power, which big pharma has, via drive for more money. dont overestimate human morality, or any positive aspect for that matter we are exactly the same people that raped and pillaged 500 years ago, it is in our blood, did you know that 1/200 men today are direct descendants of genghis khan? that is in the world, so far more if only selecting for specific regions he pillaged, invaded, conqered ect.
  12. sorry if my sarcasm wasnt clear enough, what i was implying is that china, north korea they both lie, and there is no way to verify their obviously absurd claims, im 100% sure that neither of them have eradicated the virus, they hide the deaths from it via various means im certain. did you know that kim jong un doesnt defecate? he had never defecated, he is a godly being. do you believe this? thats what north koreans are being taught, and please dont make me list all this shlt china has been doing, and covering up which include human rights violations, journalist assasinations ect.
  13. https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/08/13/mit-harvard-study-suggests-mrna-vaccine-might-permanently-alter-dna-after-all/ "it cant alter DNA" just that statement is enough to lose all trust in the whole essay, even ignoring the obviously patronizing wording of the whole thing by which i mean self serving via omissions and simplifications, completely optimistic and delusional mentality/framework to an arrogant degree, reads as if the writer is speaking to a terrified, irrationally scared child. ill put in a piece from the link to induce interest. Well, first let’s just address the big elephant in the room first. First, you should care because, “THEY TOLD YOU THAT THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE AND TO JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE THE VACCINE.” These pathways that I hypothesized (and these researchers verified with their experiments) are not unknown to people who understand molecular biology at a deeper level. This is not hidden knowledge which is only available to the initiated. I can assure you that the people who are developing the vaccines are people who understand molecular biology at a very sophisticated level. So, why didn’t they discover this, or even ask this question, or even do some experiments to rule it out? Instead, they just used superficially simplistic biology 101 as a smoke screen to tell you that RNA doesn’t convert into DNA. This is utterly disingenuous, and this lack of candor is what motivated me to write my original article. They could have figured this out easily.
  14. Please do watch the link ive posted above ^ overuse of vaccines will heighten mortality, in totality long term via producing vaccine resistant strains, as they already have with high proficiency given that the vaccines are really weak at immunization only being 40-60% effective at preventing you from getting covid and lasting a very short time, like 6 months ignoring the myriad of other issues regarding this. as for the utter and complete lockdown, ofc unfeasible, but while more effective at getting rid of the vaccine it brings in absurd cost, 4 months of complete lockdown would induce economic collapse, there is no magic sack @#$% comes out of if ppl dont work we all get poorer. and this would not prevent covid, even in an ideal scenario of no ppl fighting back , ect (which will happen countless times out of nessesity, and out of personal belief) while less likely there is no 2 meter limit to how far it can travel it can travel for miles on air currents, ect many many ways. From what i recall it can survive for a long enough time, on various surfaces. ton of other issues with this idea i wont expand on. as for china, there are many things happening in china and not happening in china XD if you believe them that is, no real way to reliably verify and this one is an obvious lie, im sure there are covid cases in china, and im sure they are covering it up, it would be mathematically impossible to circumvent this problem with such methods as "isolation" itll just restart the moment you reopen. on an unrelated note did you know north korea landed a man on the sun? crazy right how far we have fallen behind in tech... i rewatched the interview and have made a few notes, so i wrote the notes here so any1 can use. 7:40 - regarding vaccine ethicality 14:08 - mandatory vaccination is not a good medical practice from the point of a virologist and a vaccinologist "what we are doing by using the vaccine innapropriately for people who dont really need it is that we are driving the virus to be able to escape through evolutionary selection the benefits of the vaccine" - Robert malone "The overuse of vaccines will drive the develpment of viruses that are able to evade vacination. Now who cares? Because we know that natural infection provides broader, longer lasting, and up to 20 fold more effective immune response in terms of preventing re-infection that the vaccine does. "So if the vaccine is no longer effective why should i care because ill just get natural infection and thatll be better anyhow. The answer is that we do have people in our population that are at high risk, the risk if you catch this virus if you are elderly and have significant other co-morbidities like pre existing heart conditions, obesity or other characteristics your risk is quite high, it can range up to 50% probability of death depending on your pre existing conditions " there really no good point to cut off the quote tbh, but ill stop now as i realize ive written too much above, hope this motivates ppl to watch the interview. The main point is that vaccination only strengthens the virus, if it is abused. 19:14 - we cant vaccinate our way out of this pandemic, and we shouldnt be trying to do that. "in an outbreak when there is very active spread of high levels of virus, you cant vaccinate your way out of the risk of that virus during an active outbreak, with an imperfect leaky vaccine" "based on various estimates coming from isreal and other places suggest that its ability to prevent infection is something in the range of 40-60%" you still produce, shed and spread the virus, even while vaccinated which makes it worse as you become a superspreader. "even if we all had perfect practice and m95 masks the best we could do is slow these viruses down" The vaccines are "leaky" which means they only work a certain % of time. "the sanctity of the individual, is more important than the sanctity of the collective" 25:30 - high zone tolerance in regards to re-vaccination. 28:49 - corruption of medical institutions. 31:10 - Leaky vaccine, its implications. 36:05 - Fear p0rn. 36:45 - Conflicting interests 53:32 - Legacy media owned by 6 companies.
  15. Jimmy dore interviews robert malone (inventor of the mRNA vaccine tech) https://odysee.com/@FearlessNation:7/Jimmy-Dore-Interviews-Robert-Malone-About-Covid-19-Vaccines-AND-The-Science-of-mRNA-Technology:c
  16. Lol they legit spray people XD this is too funny. Symbolism op like spraying a cat or a dog for misbehaving. I guess mask can be seen as a muzzle, forced mandatory vaccination as physical violation, putting something inside you that affects the most intimate parts of your biology and being. Liberty, Property, Personality violation bingo book.
  17. i see, as i thought its prob a bug/problem in the game. Perhaps some mod we use is messing it up? autociv, feldmod is what i have rn.
  18. controll+left click to atack move, often controll doenst register, units just move ofc causing gg. has anyone had this problem before? i keep checking the key im pressing right after it doesnt work, and it is indeed controll so not a mistake on that part.
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