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  1. Alright good news! I tried borderless.fullscreen = false in user.cfg but I also needed to set xres = "3840" and yres = "2160" because otherwise resolution changed to something like 1024x768 (I think boonGUI has something to do with this) and everything turned big and ugly with these 3 variables set this way it looks incredibly beautiful as it should be so the file ended up this way: borderless.fullscreen = "false" xres = "3840" yres = "2160" curiously now i can go fullscreen and typography and graphics has antialiasing I removed and introduced the line a few times to confirm. Thank you so much for your time, Stan!
  2. yes those are the default settings, I clicked on Restore after modify some settings. I took a photo of both versions to show the difference in the typography. Same happens to the 3d models in-game but is moree difficult to show the no anti-aliasing with a photo. Screenshots doesn't seem to show any difference. This is fullscreen mode This is window mod
  3. mmmh i didnt play with nvidia control panel. However I change FXAA from Deactivated to Activated but didn't change anything on 0ad
  4. mainlog.htmluserreport_hwdetect.txtsystem_info.txt Here's the files! I got no warnings when changing sample number
  5. I play in a 4K monitor. AFAIK, game doesn't support 4k resolutions. Anyway, if I play on window mode (with the windows maximized) the game looks great, anti-aliasing working good. As soon as I go full-screen antialiasing disappears. Weird thing, screenshots on full-screen mod looks ok. Any suggestion to fix this? I show you my graphics settings
  6. mod is working fine on my a27 compiled version!
  7. It was not my intention to drop a bomb and cause this, and I believe my message somewhat provoked it. I have my opinion on automation, and it is already known by everyone. But the differences in our criteria regarding automation are evident, and continuing to escalate the conversation in this manner is not going to produce any benefit for anyone. Can we stop this?
  8. Sorry, I didn't realize there was a page 2 with a keep on topic In fact, there is a THREAD made by Mentula where he made some of the most objective measurements possible regarding certain advantages of the mod in terms of boom speed. And this is without considering other aspects like the military and bla bla bla I just don't want to make it long because it has already been discussed extensively in many threads. But I would like to point out that I find it regrettable that when this discussion arises, instead of having a respectful debate specifically focused on the issue at hand, direct attacks on the other person are used as a resource to discredit their argument. This type of resource is a classic known at least since Ancient Greece as an ad hominem fallacy, and I am sure that many of those present here, all intelligent and adult people, are perfectly aware of this. In summary, what importance does the skill level of a player have in determining whether their argument is valid or not? In a 1v1 against all or most of those present here, I would surely lose, regardless of whether they are using the mod or not. Moreover, I would probably still lose even if I were using the mod and they were not!!! Does that make proGUI (for instance) more or less of a cheat? Of course not, and it is truly simple to realize that the interlocutors' skill at playing does not determine the validity of their arguments at all. In any competitive environment, the sense of fairness is necessary. Even though there are only the same five of us here, it is evident that a competitive environment has been created. Even though we are not millions, it is not broadcast on social media, and there are no prizes, the environment is created, and therefore, the need for fairness will arise. Honestly, my greatest wish is that we can resolve certain differences that seem irreconcilable and not continue to fuel toxicity, at least among those of us who I believe have the ability to realize how harmful this is for the community and have not developed such deep obsessions as to consider there is no way back, as for example, our friend here the main character of this thread Geriatrix/1min/-DonkeyKong/Cedric_O/Physic/Shift_Sierra?. Nubs greetings to all
  9. Poor women they don't have any fault for someone else's toxicity =) btw, I played some TGs with weirdJokes just 15 days ago. He beat all of our asses as usual.
  10. This is awesome! Is this actually working? I tried installing it on my a26 version but the button didnt appear at the main menu
  11. Sure thing! I have an hour to test this whenever you are available. Just send me a PM i'll be checking my inbox
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