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  1. Unfortunetly one missclick erased my whole answer to you. I keep my first opinion in this matter. This is not a community problem. It´s just a few op player's problem. We don't even have TG rank points wich means the worst can be happen with an unknown players is realizing he's better than you expected and the next time you will know this. I agree losing 1v1 ranked match against a smurf account it's unfair and should be prevented some way. I can understand frustration of someone who is trying hard to lvl up his rank points and got deceived by some smurf. But this is not the common case. Better use same tactic and play only with known accounts. Considering the whole 0ad situation as game, we should be thinking in ways to make huge performance improvements, gui/lobby enhacements, creating some legal frame to use the money we have to pay some programmers or do something with that money so it doesn't just get devalued in some bank account, etcétera.... Showing account's age on profile it's the best effort-benefit ratio to void smurfs Having this excellent open source game and how much potential it has to be the Worldwide Best RTS game in genre by far but it seems some weak points that can't be fixed make the whole project roaming in a dead end... Honestly it makes me feel kinda sad for the few people getting involved Can't be more agree with you
  2. @asterix@Feldfeld I found an easy way renaming 0 A.D. alpha to something else folder -> accepting uninstall dialog (seems nothing is being removed since folder already renamed) -> renaming new 0 A.D. alpha to 0 A.D. alpha 25 -> renaming back original a26 folder to 0 A.D. alpha as it was. I've already been playing and it's workin good so far!
  3. Is there any chance to have both version installed at the same time. I tried to installed but it asks me to remove the already installed version. I´m lookin for a friend I think he got stucked there and wanna try to bring him back to the future =) Im under windows. TY
  4. Hey @leopard this nightime looks really nice! Download link is updated right here? I wonder if it possible to have a map with some daynight simulation. I read about that in other thread, can't find now and i don't know how far that idea went I already have feldmap. I've never host TG with it because for some reason I though it was only working fine on 1v1 games. I'd like to start using now for tg games and see how it goes. Please if you can clarify this to me. Feldmap mod also adds other in addition to mainland balanced?
  5. I'd like to support this propositions (notice I've left only three of six). 1st and 2nd seems very useful to avoid smurfing. Rating shouldn't be change in any way. From my point of view customrating-mod should be banned 3rd one: Idk what would be those limited privileges but it would be useful having a verified-tag in the account description. Also give the option to reset/change password to verified accounts using standard email confirmation method would be rather useful to improve account security or recover accounts in order to avoid making new ones. It would be nice to have this implementations in a27
  6. Ey, could you list wich changes have u made? Is it a balanced map for team games, as the topic suggest? From my understanding, feldmap is only for 1v1 games
  7. @G.O.A.T I´ve already given proof to you. As I showed in my last post you assaulted me by private message with a banana and when I answered you never wrote me again. Now you are using a banana again here. It seems to me like an open provocation. I ask you to explain to me what do you mean using a banana after I posted your private message with a banana and telling I took this as a provocation. I don´t have to have patience with you. You insulted me before by private with no reason. You are accusing me without giving proof. I was forced to give explanations I don´t have to give to anybody because accusations YOU made. Furthermore you have no title here, you´re no moderator and no ones asked you to do what you are doing. Then, no one has to be considered with your witch-hunts method. You still acusing me without proof in you public list.
  8. In other thread I asked @G.O.A.T to remove xaiki and wilsonwilson as my smurf names since they are not me. He didnt answer neither removed. I repeat it again in loud voice: THIS ACCOUNTS ARE NOT MINE and if someone keeps accusing me of that he must SHOW ME THE PROOF AS HE SHOULD DO IN ANY CIVILIZED ENVIROMENT It seems like anybody con acuse someone of smurf without giving those proof and we are ok with it. Not a big deal, right? Well, is it a big deal to me. I've being force to answer questions of 0ad friends asking me if I was using this 2nd and 3rd account. People who I respect and I care about what they think about me are now wonder if i'm not fooling them with lies. And I can notice how the paranoia atmosphere is getting bigger. I don't want to be dramatic. I still think this is just a minor issue and it's better not to give him too much attention or ourself will get it bigget than it is. But this questions happened. And I feel bad for that. Also this @G.O.A.T sent me a private message with "smurf tag" as topic in a clear reference to my intervention in this thread with only a banana. In a clear intention of harras me or being rude because my way of think about this "big issue". And then he didn't tell me anything else. Also who is this @G.O.A.T in lobby? It seems he can use a disguise but we can't? What rights he has to do that? Maybe he uses this nickname, I never saw him online. So I won't go further and ask what is his real name on Lobby. Or maybe I should apply the same principle and ask him to prove everybody he is not using multiple accounts. Now I'm being forced to prove myself as a non smurfer and not the other way around. I don't know how we turned around the Principle of Innocence and here some people believe they have the right to accuse someone and -again- not give ANY PROOF to sustain his accusations. Ddosing has being a worse problem and I know few people getting involve and working hard trying to catch ddosers or even creating mechanism to avoid it. And most of the time these people were very careful in terms of sharing his suspicions with everybody in clear responsabile attitude about his claims and actions. I also never seen a ddos wall of shame... About the big issue for the pro players. I want to ask you in good faith. How many times you have lost rating in 1v1 against a smurf? How many games were ruined because one smurf came and turn upside down the balance you tried to make? I'm sure most of us needs just a few games, three as much to realize someone is a smurf. Most of the case we doesn't even need to play to realize. We see one new name coming to our game and we can ask one or two simple questions to realize if this new name is brand new or if he has experience. Some people say this is an issue for new players because they are deceived by pro smurf who ruin his games. I don't believe this is an issue for new players. They mostly are full of energy and wants to learn. U know what is a big issue for new players? Harrasing, bullying, being called "noob, cosmic, piece of sh*t, full-trash" U know what is an issue for many no white-caucasic-european-hegemonic people? Being called favela, banana republic, sudaka, nig*g*a: being called spaniard sh*t, for example. Xenophofia, toxicity, ddosing. Those are big issues if we want to get involve with something. And I can keep on with the big issues: performance problems, lag problem, convincing people to use community-mod that we all know the benefits it has; lack of developers getting involved in the projects; whole game balance problems. Then, if some of you wants to go further with this mod, and thinks this could be a great help to improve balancing and all you have said in this thread. All right, go on, this is a free world. BUT I need to ask you all: don't acuse me or anybody of being a smurf, or having another accounts without giving proof. It's not right and it's unfair to force people to prove his innocence. Now I ask particulary to @G.O.A.T to remove those claims about me or to show the proof to everybody, here in the thread, as he should do in any modern trial. Now, because @G.O.A.T forced me to do this I will show you the few things I collected to prove I'm not WilsonWilson: Needless to say I will do the same the day I see xaiki. I think this is enough prove to ask @G.O.A.T to remove his claims. Are you agree @Philip the Swaggerless, @Darkcity @Player of 0AD, @Sevda, @Dakara? Also I wish you to know I don't have nothing personal against any of you or anyone who finds this mod a good idea. Particulary you @Philip the Swaggerless you were always kind to me and I never saw you behaving toxic or something like that. I'm telling this to you just in case. Same applys to @Darkcity and @Player of 0AD they also teach and give advices in a good manner, but just in case, I've added this explanation to you and not being missunderstood. Cheers and long live to zero ey-dee Lobby video.mp4
  9. Hey, @Stan`, I'm trying to use the addon you made. It seems like the mesh is imported well but I get this error and no texture is being shown. Could I ask you for some advice to make it work? TY
  10. @vinme It would be nice if you share those replays so we can watch and learn of top tier 1v1 matches.
  11. @Nobbi I've just finished testing community-mod 0.26.2 + boonGUI 2.6.4 and its working properly. It's shown right next to POP column
  12. @G.O.A.T BTW I'm not xaiki neither wilsonwilson. I ask you to remove it from your nonsense list? TY
  13. Changes Made 0.26.1 Fixed Han field upgrades 1 and 3 not working 0.26.2 Fix the victory conditions infinite loop bug with A27 files One easy step could be update lobby subject in order to show this changes?
  14. @real_tabasco_sauce ty. I guess I need to learn more about gitlab interface. Then I should only care about of changes listed on this page? https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/commits/main
  15. @real_tabasco_sauce here: https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/commits/siege-acceleration-change
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