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  1. I don't want to offend anybody but every months there's a new thread about balancing and all thing should be done to improve the game. I find this version quite balanced regardless ppl complaining of Merc Cav OP, carth OP, anything OP, and so on. I agree with @Yekaterina this is good base to go through with small changes. RIGHT NOW the game needs gameplay fixes, fix and improve pathfinder, and many optimizations tweaks, balancing should not be a priority. (at least not the top one) I always find this threads interesting, there's 2 or 3 with very interesting proposals but imo the best the majority of us can do is foundrising to pay some C++ dev
  2. @seehidk if im getting right what u want but there's is an option on settings menu to show only "Generic names" instead of specific. Maybe u find that useful
  3. Thanks, @Langbart. I played a game 2 hours ago and I think I got the same error. I had to turn overlay info off bc I was getting constant error message so I always had like 10 error notification's lines on the top left side of the screen. It was not just one error but constant messages. Luckily i didn't start the game again so interestinglogs is right there. I'll attach it to you. Also I sending to u mainlog and the replay of the game. I have feldmap 0.1.0, autociv 25.2.6 and boonGUI 2.0.1 mods installed Would u prefer I write down an issue on the github repo? I can do that ofc interestinglog.html mainlog.html 2021-11-22_0001_boonGUI bug.zip
  4. @Langbart thanks to u and all the ppl working on this project i find it really amazing. How can we report bugs? I get an error related to boonGUI, infinite error message on top left screen. I would like to get the files u may need to identify this and whatever bug appears when using it
  5. It's like @m7600 said. Ugi's is like a popular brand here in buenos aires. Many customers "joke complain" in social networks waiting their bizzarre answers. It has manu places in the city and It's a popular place between middle-low and low classes workers bc of their cheap prices. Most of this places have a cleaning service once a day or sometimes the same ppl that cook the pizza must clean the place for a very small salary so I can understand his lack of motivation to "wear the t-shirt of the company" (like we often say here, as an idiom?). So the place is always kinda dirty, the cheese is mostly oil and flour and probably u even get a napkin to clean your hands
  6. lol yeah that's the worst place ever to eat pizza
  7. lol seriously??? I cant belive u r serious about that xD are u from here or just traveled once?
  8. ofc it is the spot In general I like more empanadas than pizza but nothing can beat the stuffed fugazzeta they make.
  9. From all thing u mention i think this is the most important thing. Is there any way to setup and mantain at least 2/3 dedicated servers? America, Europe and Asia? I know we don't have any income that could pay off the costs of this but have we ever thought about it and realize its not possible to make it work?
  10. Greetings from Argentina! My nickname comes from a famous pizza place called Güerrin here in Buenos Aires. If u ever come to Buenos Aires must taste the best pizza ever since 1932 I would like to show u a photo of the front
  11. Those cannons moves like a playmobil lol. It looks they moves so much faster than they should regardin how moves the men on foot. Sometimes I feel all the graphics are kinda cartoon style I think all the projectiles, arrows, cannon's projectiles, has very fast animations. It seems all game has like a 1.25x or something i really don't like that. After watching many gameplays i think the game is interesting but not that masterpiece some streamer talk about. I like how formations works and i like thats there's not too much overlapping when having massive groups. 0ad could improve this
  12. Thing is, Facebook is now just an advertisment platform and they manage to generate polarization in every political/social/whatever aspect of our life to sell ads using our rage, anger, fear, and every "bad feeling" of any human. And whoever paids more it will rule the local market Idk many social networks without this market strat anyway but fb its at the top of the list for sure.
  13. @mysticjimits a pretty nice surprise to watch myself in one of your videos!. I agree noferatius (the unpronunciable bloody name lol xD) was the MVP. He saved Akazid from the counter attack and carry on the pressure in left side. Really good and important work to let more ppl know the game, discussing games and teaching the basics. I've learned good advices and tricks watching your videos. Cheers!
  14. This is Dota 2 player's skills system. I would like to have some system like this. With more or less and different categories. Not necesary this star-like graph. It can be just numbers. Also, the "20 last games" period of time gives the more actual players skills. Rating points in 1v1 maybe is enough, but in the case of TG I agree is better to have multiples categories to look at to know more accurate how good is some player I'd like to add Langbart- in the podium Valihrant vinme, Feldfeld, Lorenz11 chrstgtr, Berhudar, borg-, Langbart- Letswaveabook, dakeyras
  15. @leitoso If it happens again u can make a copy of mainlog.html file before restarting 0ad (every time u open 0ad this files is reseted and u lose the info). Ofc, as an editable file, is not a deffinitive proof and it should be neccesary some screenshots to confirm the data. But is still a very good way to analyze data after the ddos/troll event occurs. If u r under windows u can find mainlog.html in C:\Users\$YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\0ad\logs\ Replace $your_user with your user ofc xD EDIT: here's a link with a list of usefull paths https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  16. If u want to grow up the community u want some easy system for creating games. It could be a lobby like, auto matchmaking-like. But i think there's no way to keep growing community if the only way to play in peace is with a LAN-like system like that. Ofc, its still a solution in the meantime. @Dizaka TY, man. I appreciate. i'll check it out. Agree with @go2die, some private message would be helpfull to start massivly games with password. Ofc some "friends" entering your game, can share that password with someone else with bad intentions, join the game, gather your IP and do a ddos. So its still a very restricted mechanisms. In any case, private message in lobby would be a great implementation. @sarcoma I think its because there's no any solid proof so its better to keep some discretion even if someone could recognize the conversation and identify the pseudonimous. If we don't behave like this anyone could acuse someone, like hamdich did, undermine someone's reputation, without giving any proof. Ppl in general, I understand the frustration but i think its better to ignore this "bad player" unless he wants to share some possible solution for this with good intentions without irony. It's pretty obvious that a recently created account with so few posts and the way he talks is involved in this ddos crap or at least he is enjoying it for some reason. so we don't get anything. We're just filling up his ego. BUT, its true. we need at least IP's to be hidding. There's information that can be gathered very easy for many ppl and they don't have to be a dev pro to do it.
  17. @alre I'll be monitoring network traffic. Ofc we could never found the Origin IP since ddos should be made through VPN and from many devices but at least I could confirm with facts that what happened to me was a DDOS and not some ISP connection issue. Ofc, they are others elements all host ddos victims has in common like hosting games very often with some "very known ppl" of the community, or being involved in trouble with the same ppl (or I should say the same person with different nicknames). But i think its important to, at least, confirm that this is in fact a DDOS and not some other issue as I said before. Yesterday I was doing some test about game's network consumption. And after three games in a row i concluded that in a regular 20minutes game, there is about 4,5 MBytes received and about 0.08Mbytes of sent data. I attached two screenshot of the program i used to see that. (IP's has been erased for me manually to avoid share information) First Screen: U can see amount of data transfered in bytes right before starting game with all ppl on lobby rdy up to play. Second Screen: U can see amount of data transfered in bytes right after game finished. I've to say i'm surprised bc its really a small amount of data received and even less sent by my pyrogenesis.exe process. I was specting more sent data since I was hosting, but I'm no developer nor IT manager so I'm aware I'm missing too many details. Also i was specting to see more IP communications bc i though that connection between players and host were directly and not through 0ad server, or at least both. But as I already said I'm no dev so. I also supossing that all network monitor has to be done from the router or maybe before data reach It through some device and not AFTER the router send the data to my PC in the local network. But now all I can do is start monitoring network traffic in my PC until I learn how to monitor the router itself. Finally, @Dizaka tell something about make a python script to make more human friendly the data alocated in mainlog.html file. I have some skills with python and C syntax so maybe u can help me with that to make that script and depurate this log file. Any advice is welcome. I couln't check amount of network activity in the ddos moment, bc game freez and the TCPView updated faster than my Print Screen key got hitted so that info is missing. I know this is no new information for whom were suffering this ddos @#$% but I want to let know dev's and all ppl taking care of this that i want to help in any way i can. Screen 01 Screen 02
  18. I was present there that 10th octuber and i asked "Harry" if got proof BC i know "Carl" and i couldnt believe he does that. Today this "Harry" entered a Game i hosted about 6pm -3gmt, but with a diferent nickname. I asked this "NEWharry" if he was a smurf of "Harry" and if that was the case i was waiting the proof against My friend carl. he only replies "ok" and leaves. Then we started Game and 5 minutes later i got all player with high ping, then They leave, but i was still connected to the Game and could chat on lobby. Ping Google worked, but some websites don't. Ppl could rejoin Game but someone missing so we decided to re. Same thing happen. U were there @Norse_Harold maybe u remember. quite coincidence with this "Harry" "NEWharry"..... Again. About 11 -3gmt hosted two games normally but The third Game it was clearly a ddos because My router just stop responding and after a while i Lost all internet connection. I'm posting through My cellophone and i don't have screenshots here. Tomorrow Will post them but i don't think they Will show nothing important BC software was not the appropiate one and i was not aware of the mainlog.HTML file that @bb_ mention before and restarted Game so probably it was modified. finally i want to Say that although i'm a new player and new here on forum i started hosting many often under the name Mainland TG and there is a considerable group of ppl of average, good and op lvl that has been playing my games and besides some smurf or weird name players with no rank that has been banned for rejoining lobby or spec lag rejoining, i only has been trouble with one person that use a few accounts including this two "harrys" we talking about. next time, i'll ve prepared pd: English is not My native. Hope the messsge is clear enough
  19. TY for quick response, @Langbart. In early pages @ValihrAnt discuses with @Stan` that the blood itself really matters in the FPS dump, so i though i could keep like 10 max corpses but hide the blood and keep improving performance. But maybe just using the max corpse option to 0 its the best way to improve as much as i can game's performance (ofc also lowering graphics tho) TY again see u in the battlefield
  20. Hello everyone! After reading the whole thread i have two doubts i want to share with u. 1- Didn't find autociv option to disable blood to test performance. Am I missing something or this option its only available with No Blood And Gore Mod by @Stan` (https://0ad.mod.io/no-blood-and-gore-mod). 2- Autociv's autoassign civ its not working properly in my 0ad. If u say Gauls u take Spartans, If u say Iber u take Seleúcids. I've already installed a fresh version of 0ad with Autociv and Boongui Only. I download autociv v25.2.3 from github (https://github.com/nanihadesuka/autociv) and still having this error. I wonder if there's something related to 0ad native lengauge (spanish in my case). I'll be glad to change it my self but there's no editable file in the mod (ofc, autociv.pyromod its already compiled). Maybe is there a fix for this I didn't see or I can only fix it compiling new version from sourcecode. I hope u can understand my poor English. TY
  21. I think this is a good start. I wouldn't do the hover/right click thing nor the scroll bar. There's no time to sit quietly in RTS. U need fast and synthethic information to make fast desitions Just show the units this way (maybe type-unit in the first line, and then just the health bars in the lower lines as said before. The settings in the options menu could be used to apply this filter. And u could click the bar to ungarrison the group of "-%" or "+%" previously defined. At least, hotkey implementation using actual "Wounded unit health" its a simple good start. And I want to add, regarding your topic the fact that Control groups cannot be selected when garrisoned, I think it should be able to keep selecting them even if they are garrisoned. Maybe this option actually exists and i'm not aware
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