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  1. mod.io version is a very old one, for most recent update go to: To disable corpses go to settings -> autociv tab -> max corpses -> write down: 0 The mod is compatible with multiplayer and other players not having the mod
  2. I expected some bugs as I didn't test everything. @seeh @Kampot Please keep posting any bugs you encounter, will wait one week and fix all of them in one go.
  3. Won't add it as is not really part of the feature. But, you probably can make it react to player join message, only needs some lines to change. Look at the the bot `playerReminder` at https://github.com/nanihadesuka/autociv/blob/master/gui/common/botmanager.js Check, when the gamesetup starts, for the join events. Change the code for the cases you want to react to and voilà.
  4. You should be able to capture the wonder if you have more than 10 units. The only thing you can't do is destroying the wonder or garrison units inside. The code for tiggers might have chnged in alpga 25 so some things might be broken.
  5. @ffffffff is this your alt account or a fan? xd. Looks like a useful mod @rossenburg props
  6. Tell what mods you have: post a screen of your mods page. Explain how to reproduce the error, does it always happen, when, etc... anything unusual?
  7. Elon Musk has rescinded the offer to buy 0 A.D.
  8. Can't/wont, that would modify existing xml files that could break compatibility with other mods. Sorry
  9. Easiest way to find out is to test the change :=) Also where is entity_id_t stored in the second case?
  10. Great to see other people that appreciate hotkeys , but in case you didn't know autociv mod already had that feature added long ago (see https://github.com/nanihadesuka/autociv/blob/81601be697900917768089a77273b9be330c58b6/autociv_data/default_config.json#L182) Anyway, is good to have two options. I see you used the proper functions and sane code style to do it so it might have high chances to get merged to the main game if you try it to make a patch (see https://code.wildfiregames.com/)
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