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  1. What it does is disable units from entering the entity, in the case of the Fert map it was so units can't garrison inside the wonder placed at the center of the map.
  2. Ok, but that still doesn't tell me why sheep, pigs, etc (cattle) units don't behave the same same way normal units do in respect to unit vs unit collisions. Does someone know a 0ad templates wizard who can tell why? @wowgetoffyourcellphone or @Freagarach?
  3. You can use whatever you want. I recommend Visual Studio Code as is relatively lightweight but useful enough for editing javascript and xml files. The file wont corrupt, you might get some errors if you are modifying some javascript file and the engine tried to do a live-update of the file, but doing a new save usually re-reloads the file correctly. Depends, if you you change some xml templates and use some elements that no longer are removed/moved/removed then yes. For javascript files you can usually keep compatibility with old 0ad versions if you only add or modify superficially some code of the existing one. For changes on the GUI or similar assume yes too. Look at maps that already use triggers, (e.g. random maps: Jebel Barkal, Danubius) and code your triggers like those maps do, can't help more with that you yourself will have to learn how to do them. The JS console is not really useful for triggers and the console only can access the GUI javascirpt context (not the simulation or the map generation stage) (GUI= graphic user interface) You can modify pretty much everything of the gameplay as long as is not defined in c++, assume everything in js to be modifiable except some parts that are performance sensitive (which are coded in c++, thus you can't modify easy). Pyrogenesis is the name of the engine, and 0ad is the main mod people play, that means you can create a "0ad mod" with your own civilizations, art, buildings and custom javascript components (simulation folder) Units -> the more units -> the more lag Area effects (auras) -> the more and the bigger -> the more lag Graphics -> the more high quality -> the more lag AI -> The more state and code each unit has to process -> the more lag (avoid long loops in unitAI.js that) Egypt 3v3 lag -> probably because the map size is giant size, has many units, many unique buildings, etc You mean auto-queue? If you mean auto-building you would have to create a new component in the simulation folder to define it and write the functionality you want, then add that component to the units/buildings you want in their simulation/templates and last, if needed, write the GUI code so the player can interact this new feature. There is no most powerful as you can only program in javascript, C++ would be if you want to change the engine (I don't recommend) To know more you will have to ask around the IRC chat https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad
  4. Yeah, disables with radius = 0 right? But what I get then is even more units overlapping and no push mechanics. I want them to behave the same as the sheep, pigs, etc units do but can't find what I must modify in the templates.
  5. What is it This mod lets you play alpha 23b balance in alpha 25 Download a23_balance_for_25.pyromod a23_balance_for_25.zip Why? I like alpha 25 but I like 23b balance better. Source code public repository https://github.com/nanihadesuka/a23_balance_for_25
  6. What's sad is that in a23 these were not a problem.
  7. Champion cavalry has entered the chat and would like to have a word.
  8. Well apart from the joke, seems ... @wowgetoffyourcellphone removed the unlimited option? But still, you can change population to whatever number with autociv if you so want by writing in the game setup chat this: /population 100000
  9. Add autociv after delenda est and it will work (tested)
  10. That was one time hardcoded feature, for a general case I not sure I could pull it off as a mod and seem too much work/reward ratio. Better ask official team. F4 does nothing in the latest version (also told in github)
  11. Why the rotation can't be smooth , doesn't pyrogenesis interpolate rotations?
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