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  1. That line doesn't make any sense, if the line says by.class.select. it means class and only class no some random keys.
  2. In some maps the players are indeed placed like that but you cant assume it, so I don't think is a good idea.
  3. Summary: stone was an essential resource in a23 but in a24 with only 1000 units of stone you are already set for the whole game which means now the game has 4 resources but one is basically unused.
  4. You can't enforce that kind of state sync to corpses bc they are not serialized.
  5. In the last autociv version I added some extra settings controllers, one of them is a slider for integer values, seems to work well for the max corpse setting and doesnt modify much the base code.
  6. From playing games I never had any problem identifying the units type so I don't really see the problem.
  7. Stan connecting all the pieces in the project, circa 2021.
  8. Instead of trying to cripple the maury ele we could also add equally unique units for each civs so they have more variation. I'm sure the 0ad historians would have some interesting ideas, then the balance team could integrate them to the unit composition of each civ.
  9. Here you have all versions listed http://releases.wildfiregames.com/
  10. @azayrahmad could you tell what lines were added in the github repo, hard to see without being able to diff with the original.
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