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  1. f(x) = (-0.123*x^2 + 1.293*x + 0.1342)/(x - 0.3472)
  2. To be honest matlab curve fit toolbox is quite amazing, haven't found anything similar to it. Xd
  3. 1) f(x) = (0.6821*x - 0.6818)/(x - 0.6562) 2) f(x) = (0.7012*x - 0.6062)/(x - 0.4146)
  4. That's what the global ambient light trick is for, in 0ad it works very well as maps are all open scenery you can combine it with the sun angle intensity.
  5. With matlab I found a good one: f(x) = 0.6217/( x^2 + 1.207*x - 1.585 ) has an R^2 of 1
  6. Uff, two dimensional data + many terms, I guess you could try using some toolbox from matlab (or octave) and see what it gives, havent tried that
  7. Ahhh, then how is it computed in the spreadsheet you posted? I only saw 1-cos(x) so i guessed you wanted that. What is the complete function you want to approximate?
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometric_functions#Power_series_expansion put the cos x expression from above in the f(x) = 1 - cos(x) and in our case using the first three terms of the expansion: 1 - x^2/2! + x^4/4! but you can add more if you want more precision, then you do algebra simplification and stuff and gives you the result
  9. When the angles is pi/3 it can be considered a straight line so you can do an if (x > pi/3 ) then line interpolation etc so then you dont have that 0.02 error
  10. Use taylor expansion for 1- cos(x) =~ 1 - ( 1 -x^2/2! + x^4/4!) = x^2*(1/2 - x^2/24) Taylor Expansion error 0.9800 -0.0200 0.3317 -0.0005 0.2497 -0.0002 0.1313 0.0000 0.0819 0.0000 0.0562 0.0000 0.0410 0.0000 0.0312 0.0000 0.0247 0.0000
  11. They are boolean expressions that every unit must pass (result in true) to be selected when the hotkey is pressed | means OR & means AND ! means NEGATE value ! has precedence over & and & has precedence over | You can use parenthesis Example: imagine you want a hotkey to select only the cavalry units and your dogs units, then hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Cavalry|Dog = "your preferred key" Example: imagine you want a hotkey to select only units that are cavalry and dog at the same time, then hotkey.autociv.sessio
  12. I send a command to build or attack and have to wait to actually see them do it before doing another command as sometimes they don't do it. I know it all very ambiguous but I can't seem to describe better. Example: - 1 (select group) key vs Ctrl + 1 key (make group) - H (halt) key vs Space + H (place house with autociv mod) - Any similar to the two above I don't think the solution is to create hotkey modifiers + Engine.IsHotkeyPressed as in all previous alpha it was just working fine and allowed you to create any combination possible. (Also this would create implic
  13. Also due to many times having multiple hotkeys with same key (but one with ctrl, shift, space) get called one after the other, very annoying
  14. When I say lag = combination of stutter + ping lag + interface update slow I use alot the hotkeys and click alot so I can reach 4 to 5 diferent action per second, with a23 I could somewhat do it but with a24 I have to double/triple check the units so they do what I tell them to do as I don't have immediate visual feedback to if command was done.
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