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  1. Yeah, and also on the same theme, having the probably most used buttons "single-player match" and "multiplayer game lobby" as primary buttons (not children) would help visibility/usability
  2. Another upload from Play&Go ( @seeh ), lately he has been uploading some videos every week of his plays.
  3. 1) This make sense no? 2) Also makes sense otherwise they would not return for resources that are far away (hunting), a fix could be to check for more resources near the dropsite if they can't find any more near the last resource
  4. Opened for the info, stayed for the music
  5. You have installed an old version (0.14.0). Delete that version and install the new one. To install follow the instructions on the first page. Apart from that there is nothing else to do and it should work.
  6. Typeface is this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typeface You mean font types or font in short. @vladislavbelov added some support for it in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4108. For now is just no supported in the engine.
  7. You can't just post this image as it is and say all is done, you need the art to be compatible with the 0ad art license. Who made this portrait to begin with?
  8. The run when in fear.
  9. I seen this happen in other situations since long ago (alpha 23). IRRC, this is some weird bug where the object is in "between" both territories lines or something similar (how the code bugs might be diferent), basically what you see in the game are "fake territories lines" but internally is computed as squares where each one has an player ownership, seems this one has none or is computed in a way that i gives ownership points to gaia then to enemy, thus you losing them. This also can happen even if the other player is an ally too (:D)
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