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  1. I hope is more like AOE titans expansion, it had a nice story continuation. A remake with just new textures feels unnecessary
  2. Guten tag @sim4seasons . Thanks for liking the mod, you are welcome As for the F4 key for shortcuts: it doesn't work because the newest 0ad now has an official hotkey editor, so I removed the one I did to not confused/duplicate functionality.
  3. version 26.4.0 - special update New Custom default initial unit stance (you can change it in settings) @Langbart Better coloring and symbols for overlay stats Removed Set healer aggressive by default setting. Now you can use the custom initial unit stances setting. @Emacz as for skiri: for the aggressive stance setting add "Soldier&Swordsman"
  4. Friday evening and challenge always go together :=D. Will try to add it as is something useful.
  5. @BeTe you mention that the lag specially happens during big fights. This is probably due to the corpses that accumulate and need to be rendered. There is an mod called autociv that allows you to reduce the maximum number of corpses (go to settings page, then autociv tab), you might give it a try and see if it helps.
  6. A long time ago in a code review far, far away ... https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2667
  7. I already knew the "quirk" but working as expected. In fact, if I remember correctly I did it this way on purpose so you can type as separator whatever you want. The teams separator can be anything. Regex: text.match(/(\d+)/g);
  8. Is not autociv. I theory, when the game is paused any action you do will get queued to be executed on unpause. The thing, the UI is also sort of blocked when in pause so this is not "possible". Some commands the user can give, as for example the hotkeys, can bypass this as they don't depend on the UI (autociv hotkey or not). There is also the limitation that you won't be able to do "chained" actions as it would require to already have the previous action finished which at the initial moment you wont.
  9. @ShadowOfHassen @Sundiata wrote some time ago a super in-depth on the Kushites
  10. From the code I see you only record serializable actions, do you plan to add local UI actions too? If so how? A cool feature would be to show an UI with the steps of the macro after you record it.
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