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  1. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/24318-fgod-mod-for-0-a-d-a23-fully-compatible-with-0-a-d-players/
  2. simple, do a search for the names on the public mod to see where the heros names are defined then change
  3. given the thread has been moved can it be added to the official autociv page (https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24649-autociv-mod-0ad-enhancer/) or say it wasn't me the one who created this new thread pls ?
  4. I'm on board with disabling some "questionable helpers" for competitive rated games but I wont cripple the mod so we all have the same lower bottom minimum 0ad experience when these features could/should be in the game rather than as a mod. Just stating that these mods are trying to improve the playability not cheat.
  5. Wont deny it can be considered a cheat but I can assure you no pro player uses autotrain to win a fight, quite the contrary, having autotrain doesn't let you micromanage your resources precisely hence you eco will suffer from it. One thing they will do however is use it for the late game spamming and the very useful specific case: corrals, in fact I did add this feature because I wanted automatic corral production :P
  6. Very nice, I see you really liked the auto-assign, auto-train ones xd. As for APM I know is not very useful but i didn't find anyother way to measure the actions or what should be an action that can be measured with current code ... BTW, I don't know if you know but all the features are listed here: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24649-autociv-mod-0ad-enhancer/
  7. portforward only helps when you are the host
  8. Mods can only execute javascript and interact with the c++ engine defined functions. Exactly, why bother with it when you would just do an new js interface function also doing it more safety
  9. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1746
  10. 0ad engine doesn't distinguish between Z+X and X+Z, never the less, making modal hotkeys like in AOE (like you said) is possible but won't do it for this mod. cheers
  11. Yep, added an overlapping hotkey without noticing in an older version but the newer version should work fine (fixed)
  12. nani

    Spec mod

    I dont know what load order the simulation files have. The file might be being loaded after its used or not accesible from that folder, try copying the file where you use it but be careful to not name it the same as the others.
  13. nani

    Spec mod

    Adding new methods to the GuiInterface component doesn't trigger OOS and if you only extract data from the simulation then you can guarantee no OOS as it doesn't affect the simulation
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