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  1. You are free to submit patches to https://code.wildfiregames.com for all the changes to the code needed, new models, new units, historical background and units balance required to make the game less offensive.
  2. Yes, you can for autociv, but in general if you install a mod then asume is not compatible otherwise the mod says so.
  3. Guilty until proven innocent.
  4. you are using autociv, what other mods do you have enabled? take a pick of the screen where there mod list are shown. Also tell what version of the game you are using.
  5. The attack is directed at the router creating a saturation on that point and not on the computer or pyrogenesis as the whole house loses connection when happens. I managed to avoid it by using my smarthphone data connection with wifi tethering as it looks more difficult to ddos the game that way and seems to be working (don't expose your real IP)
  6. Where is python 2 used in pyrogeneis? just for the build process?
  7. nani

    Spec mod

    Temple had something in phab already irrc, idk how it fares now
  8. Looks like nice idea but IMO this is unnecessary as regular chat already does the job well and would lead to more confusion. New commands imho should be things that you cant currently do directly in gamesetup in any other way, so wont add ty for suggestion tho
  9. triple click will select same template units with same rank, skiris default is rank 3
  10. There is no example the problem are the functions on itself, they do too much so if somebody changes some part and some other want to change another part you just cant have both
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