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  1. If any of you is wondering why this mod is useful, this is what I do in almost every game: when reaching the population cap I might want to make space for new units (such as rams or elephants), so I do: 1. select all fields, 2. select one gatherer per field (using the mod) 3. destroy the selection. Another use case is when floating in food and short in wood. In this case one can: 1. select all fields, 2. select one gatherer per field (using the mod) 3. send selection to wood. In these (and certainly other) cases, one can keep field harvesting at its maximum efficiency.
  2. Hi 0 A.D. friends, the FieldManager mod I am presenting in this post is aimed at reducing micro-management on fields. Official mod page on GitLab here. The mod has been around for a while and I see players on the lobby already using it. I was hesitant to announce it on the forum, for I wished to come up with more functionalities but... I couldn't so here it is! Despite its ostentatious name, the mod provides few but useful features: Select military/non-military/all gatherers from selected fields. Select one gatherer from each selected field. Evenly distribute gatherers across selected fields. Here's a screenshot of the commands available when selecting a number of fields: Mod installation Contribute The public repository is at this page. Everybody is very welcome to contribute, suggest, fork or simply give feedback. Have fun! FieldManager.pyromodFieldManager.zip
  3. Unfortunately no, as far as I know. It would be great to have an "Inspect" functionality, like the one present on most browsers. Maybe it is worth to considered it as a long-term addition to the game. This would make the game more attractive to modders and facilitate the development of mods/features/patches. @Stan` what do you think?
  4. The local.cfg file must be placed in the same folder as the user.cfg file. Therefore, look for user.cfg in your system. On a typical GNU/Linux installation, the user.cfg file is in ~/.config/0ad/config, but since yours is a snap installation, I have no clue where to find it. I'm sure you will easily find it with a file search. Surely though, the folder in which user.cfg is placed is not the same of default.cfg. Remember that default.cfg is not supposed to be changed. You will only use it to look at all the possible configurable options, and copy-paste from it to your local.cfg, but don't modify it.
  5. I hope this post can clarify things a bit more. There are at least three options to change hotkeys. Option A Open 0 A.D., then open the Settings > Hotkeys menu. Change hotkeys from there. Note: @gui456wSERTDYF I know you are already aware of this solution, but I report it for completeness. This solution can be ok for replacing few hotkeys, but not suitable for changing many hotkeys. For example, this is not ideal for @gui456wSERTDYF's issue (replacing "Ctrl" everywhere). Option B Look at the default.cfg file present on your computer: this file should look like this. Each line identifies a configuration option. Just to make one concrete example, the default hotkey for attackmove can be found under the [hotkey.session] section in the default.cfg file: [hotkey.session] attackmove = Ctrl ; Modifier to attackmove when clicking on a point I you wish to rebind attackmove, say for instance to CapsLock, add this line to your user.cfg file: hotkey.session.attackmove = "CapsLock" Option C (recommended) Very similar to Option B. Following the above example, if you want to rebind attackmove to CapsLock (again, as an example), add these lines to your local.cfg file: [hotkey.session] attackmove = CapsLock ; Modifier to attackmove when clicking on a point The local.cfg file lies in the same folder as the user.cfg file; it possibly doesn't exists: if so, create it. The local.cfg file has the same structure of the default.cfg file. In principle, you can copy-paste everything you want from default.cfg into local.cfg and tweak the values at your own needs. Note: this solution is probably the one @gui456wSERTDYF is looking for. You can copy-paste all the default.cfg content that includes "Ctrl" into local.cfg and replace the "Ctrl" occurrencies with the key you like. Remember to include the section names (in the above example, the section name is [hotkey.session]). Option D (not 0 A.D.-related but OS-related) @gui456wSERTDYF if your Ctrl key is not working... have you considered assigning Ctrl to a different key system-wide? In many operating systems (and certainly in the GNU/Linux ones) you can assign Ctrl to other keys, for example to CapsLock.
  6. Yes @real_tabasco_sauce. Look at these lines (and many view-related others) in the default.cfg file: [view] ; Camera control settings scroll.speed = 120.0 scroll.speed.modifier = 1.05 ; Multiplier for changing scroll speed What you might want to do is to copy-paste these lines (and others that you wish to change) into your local.cfg file and tweak the values at your own need. If instead you wish to change these values in your user.cfg you can add the lines there: view.scroll.speed = "120.0" view.scroll.speed.modifier = "1.05" and all the other lines you want to tweak, with the values you want. Basically, there are two alternatives: do it in local.cfg or in user.cfg. I recommend the first of the two options; there are reasons for that, which I omit here.
  7. This question has already been asked and answered here: This page will help you find the correct datapath of the configuration files for your operating system: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Cheers
  8. There is no shared database/cloud/space for replays, as far as I know. The idea of sharing replays has been brought up by other users, and I personally like it, as it has other side benefits in terms of sharing knowledge about the game. For what it is worth, my dream is that one day Wildfire Games will have the economic and developing resources to afford own lobby servers. That will allow collecting replays, along with solving many of the major problems affecting the game today.
  9. I updated ResetQueue to version 0.26.2. The main change is a new hotkey that clears the trail of production queues: in other words, all but the current item are removed from the production queue. This hotkey is in addition to the existing one, that completely clears the production queue (including the current item). Further, with the new version, hotkeys are not mapped by default to pre-set keybindings; I noticed that some users find conflicts with existing keybindings, so it's better to leave the choice open. Cheers. ResetQueue.pyromod ResetQueue.zip
  10. Hello everyone, I recently had a few conversations with players on the lobby about "how to improve". When I am being asked, I usually reply with: 1. watch replays 2. watch ValihrAnt videos 3. read this file. This file is what I am presenting in this thread: it's a collection of tips & tricks I initially shared with my friends and then made it public on my GitLab page. It might be incomplete, it might be wrong in some of its parts, it might give importance to aspects that are not or viceversa, etc... I am not in the position of claiming this is a manual to become a good player. However, it might be useful to somebody and I'm happy to share if it helps. The file is divided into three sections: 1. Interface, 2. Logistics, 3. Fighting. Each section contains a list of tips & tricks in sparse order; each tip comes with an extra tip. Cheers Source: https://gitlab.com/mentula0ad/0ad-tips-and-tricks
  11. Hello 0 A.D. friends, I have been thinking about the possibility of making a mod implementing macros and came to the conclusion this is feasible, albeit complicated. Despite my good intentions, I will be in shortage of time very soon, and this is the kind of project that takes a while to be developed. Perhaps, this is also the kind of project that triggers the interest of some of you smart guys populating the forum. If so, this is the topic for you. If any of the developers has considered this before, I'd be curious to hear from them. This might not be a new idea after all. This post is organized in sections, so a reader can skip the parts they're not interested in. 1. What are macros? 2. Why do 0 A.D. players need macros? 3. Why macros, when there are mods around? 4. What's the proposal? 5. How can a player define a macro? 6. Implementing macros can be complicated
  12. It's on the FAQ page. In short, the page says: For a general overview on the ELO rating system(s), Wikipedia offers a good explanation. As you will notice by looking into elo.py, the adjustment of a player's rating mostly depends on the difference between that player and their opponent. The stronger your opponent is, the more your rating will increase in case of victory. Similarly, the weaker your opponent is, the more your rating will decrease in case of defeat. Therefore, having played hundred of games does not say much on the player's ELO rating. Winning/losing "quality" games is what affects the rating most.
  13. @maroder's solution is correct. For your information @Thales, you can achieve the same, but without entering the Game Lobby. Just do the following: one of the players hosts the game: from the main menu choose "Multiplayer" and then "Host Game"; the other players join the game: from the main menu choose "Multiplayer" and then "Join Game". The joining players just need to enter the IP address of the hosting computer in the prompt. If playing with people you know, this alternative solution has some benefits: no need to register/authenticate with a lobby account, no need to set a password when creating a game, no information on your games are made public, risk to be DDOSed is reduced.
  14. @poised you can toggle the summary charts by pressing "Ctrl+Tab" at any time while watching a replay. I know this is not exactly the solution to what you are asking for, but it's a good approximation and a viable solution that does not require tweaking the code. In my opinion, this is satisfactory enough.
  15. Colors are obtained from the player name by applying a specific function. The function is described here. The function's documentation also refers to this page on StackOverflow.
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