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  1. Some players wanted to have the replay from a 1vs1 between @borg- and @Stockfish. I guess we can use this thread for more great games in the future as well. commands.txt metadata.json
  2. @alre i believe @Dunedan is responsible for the lobby bots, included the rating bots. I looked at the code and it should not be so hard to implement.
  3. I would love to have the option of rated TGs together with auto balance, so the players won't waste 10+ mins just discussing the balance of the teams. It is going to make 0ad more enjoyable in my opinion.
  4. @0 calories you weren't there, why? Your team lost because they had 1 player less, that's why the rule got enforced. You would have won if you were there. It would have been sanafur + rejoicing + AlexanDerGrosse vs weirdJokes, guerringuerrin and Matt_of_Qc
  5. hi everyone, the result between Team-1 VS Team-3: ==> Team-1 won round 1: Victory Team-1: more players present round 2: Victory Team-1: more players present Team-1 advances to the finals Team-3 will battle for the third spot
  6. Here is the schedule. Keep in mind that if 1 team has 1 player less, will they loose the game automatically. Better said, just the first round. After around 30 mins starts the next round. If the player is still not there will the team loose the match.
  7. Hi, we tried to create the teams as balanced as possible but we can still split the teams and make small changes if they are requested. Contact me today if you think 1 team is stronger or you want to play in a different team due to personal problems with a player or just play together with a friend. 0zon will upload the schedule this evening. It is a bracket system, we randomized the bracket using https://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator Bracket 1: team_1 team_3 Bracket 2: team_2 team_4 Teams, give me a custom team name as soon as possible, so we don't have to name you team_1, team_2, etc.
  8. Hi, We had to do a late stage rule change to increase the balance. The difference from the teams will not be +-100 but +- 25. So the max difference in rating between the best and worst team is only 50 rating points. I am really sorry, but the current teams that have a average rating above or bellow the new rule will have to split up and get into that rating. My own team was affected too. The minimum required average rating is now 1466. The maximum required average rating is now 1516. Free team registration time until Friday 14:00pm CEST. If a few teams have not been registered until that date will we create the teams manually in the evening. Everybody can take part in the team creation Friday afternoon CEST. You can see the list of players here if you want to create a team: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zF9_ktBOinbyMeEgEo5I156dsPz_Xy9VfswmQvh1orY/edit#gid=0 It's a 4vs4 with 4 teams.
  9. Hi @everyone, i know that taking the average of the rating from all players is not a good way to balance things up. But it's only there to give us a upper and lower limit or rating allowed for each player. MINIMUM_AVERAGE_TEAM_RATING = AVERAGE_PLAYER_RATING - 100 MAXIMUM_AVERAGE_TEAM_RATING = AVERAGE_PLAYER_RATING + 100 but we need to correct the ratings from the players in the tournament. And there are a few players whose rating need to be corrected in my opinion. We can discuss it together in #rating-discussion or in the forum. @Effervescent and me combined our local ratings to get at least a few parameters like Tributes send, gathered resources and the amount of killed enemies by value together with a adjusted general local rating. But local rating isn't accurate, above all for rushers and early tributes, etc. That's why we want the opinion from all players. Check out the google doc to see the LR and current estimated ratings from the players
  10. I have put you in as only available on Saturday. Is that right?
  11. We don't have so much time for the organisation, so here is a proper schedule: Registration: until Sunday, 10th September 23:59 CEST Rating evaluation and last player filtering: Monday The min/max allowed rating will be published Monday in the night as well as the final amount of teams(4, 6) Free team creation and registration: from Tuesday to Wednesday night Draft system for not completed teams: Friday Tournament Kick Off: Saturday 17:00 CEST Here is the discord link if somebody else wants to join: https://discord.gg/VvREA8kW The committee members are: 0zon, Effervescent, Leopard, ScribeOfAges
  12. register yourself and maybe your teammates here if you don't use discord
  13. Schedule: schedule_tournament.pdf
  14. RULES Team Player Count: If a team is short a player compared to its opponent during the scheduled game, that game will be counted as a loss for the team with fewer present players. Map Selection: Maps will be randomly selected via pickerwheel.com and announced 48 hours before the match starts. Committee Oversight: At least one committee member must be present from the beginning to the end of each game to ensure its validity. Game Protection: Both teams can mutually decide if they want to protect the game with a passcode. Playing without a passcode increases the risk of cheating and susceptibility to DDOS attacks. Spectator Chat: Spectators are permitted to chat only within the spectator chat. Violators will be banned without a second warning. MODS Required Mods: autociv community-mod feldmap mainland-twilight Optional Mods: LocalRatings customRatings Any GUI mods CHEATING POLICY Teams can raise a complaint about the last game within 4 hours of its completion. If even one player is found cheating, the entire team will lose the match. Identified Cheats Include: Modifying the 0ad source code to: Gain full map vision. View enemy stats. Read enemy ally chat and spectator chat. Using a second account to spectate the game on a different device/monitor. BetterQuickStart(proGui). proGui Trainer. Note: While proGui is permitted, the use of proGui Trainer is strictly prohibited to ensure fairness. BetterQuickStart is also not allowed.
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