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  1. Hello, @user1 commands.txt frappucino as host closed the game, after a long fight even, without resigning. Disrespectful to opponents time...
  2. Hello, @user1 This evening I (@AlexanDerGrosse) was playing against Rebi13 and just before I finished him off, he quited the game/the server. It would be nice to get the points... Here is the file: best regards ADG commands.txt
  3. Hello and good evening, @user1 I just played a rated 1v1 game vs "auxilentmoon (1296)" who as host shutdown the connection instead of resigning as soon as the game was clearly determined. I played a 1vs1 rated, normally prefer to play TGs, as I got called a smurf today twice when I did a good game. It would be nice to get the points I've been trying to improve my rating and its not fun if people always quit, when I succeed. My username is "AlexandDerGrosse (1145)" . commands.txt many thanks in advance. best Alex
  4. same error for me that I can't join 75% of T.G. looks like some server issues. Is there a workaround for that?
  5. Hi I'd be searching for a team, too. playername: AlexanDerGrosse
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