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  1. Hello @user1, yesterday I played a 1v1 vs @Roque15. I tried a new strategy and rushed my opponent. I obviously suceeded and did a great job with my early sling rush, took out much of his eco. Roque15 then just closed the game as host without resigning. Would be nice to get some points to improve my rating commands.txt commands.txt best, @AlexanDerGrosse
  2. Hello, @user1 commands.txt frappucino as host closed the game, after a long fight even, without resigning. Disrespectful to opponents time...
  3. Hello, @user1 This evening I (@AlexanDerGrosse) was playing against Rebi13 and just before I finished him off, he quited the game/the server. It would be nice to get the points... Here is the file: best regards ADG commands.txt
  4. Hello and good evening, @user1 I just played a rated 1v1 game vs "auxilentmoon (1296)" who as host shutdown the connection instead of resigning as soon as the game was clearly determined. I played a 1vs1 rated, normally prefer to play TGs, as I got called a smurf today twice when I did a good game. It would be nice to get the points I've been trying to improve my rating and its not fun if people always quit, when I succeed. My username is "AlexandDerGrosse (1145)" . commands.txt many thanks in advance. best Alex
  5. same error for me that I can't join 75% of T.G. looks like some server issues. Is there a workaround for that?
  6. Hi I'd be searching for a team, too. playername: AlexanDerGrosse
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