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  1. I am happy to anounce there will be a prize ! The victorious player will have my approval to use the following picture !
  2. What will germanic Civs be like in terms of civ specific features ?
  3. No, you just need to show up at 20.00 CEST
  4. Please note that Sunday Pro Games is back this Sunday !
  5. First of all, i can confirm that @Stockfish does not use an autosnipe mod. I have personally heard how he is clicking when sniping units :D. Secondly, 0.A.D as an open software project is, as i understand it, generally welcoming people to try out the "programming part" and play around with it, creating new mods, testing and exploring their own skills. So i think having mods that influence gameplay etc. is generally welcome and ok. I think it is a totally fine motivation on why to engage with 0 A.D. However, some people like to play 0 A.D competitively. The part many of them enjoy about the game is developing the best build orders, showing off mouse skills, macro, etc. It is less fun for them, if mods take over the part they enjoy the most. If they do not use the mods or are not accostumed to them, they might still be able to outplay players of lower skill easily. Nevertheless, on a more or less equal (high) level of play it is often small nouances, that will decide the outcome of a game. Saving clicks for macroing your economy, building houses etc. does for example allow a much greater dedication in time and focus on microing a fight, or thinking about the best strategy. This may lead to defeats that are frustrating, as the part of the game they enjoy and aspire to improve in the most is not the one that will decide on who wins. Therefore i think it is reasonable to set up rules for a tournament, which can allow or not allow the use of certain mods, so participants can evaluate if they are intrested in the specific challenge. I dont think mod users and non-mod users should condem each other and suggest that one of them should stop playing 0 A.D. It is about mutual respect ! So this issue is something players should communicate about before (comeptitve) games and accept other players preferences as legitimate.
  6. To be fair if any of "berhudars" accounts has to be considered the "original" account its felixix lol xD
  7. I would be up to participating. Someone wants to team up ? @KI Petra Bot (Very hard) ?
  8. Maybe there should be rules on what mods can be used
  9. Guys, i am not against also having a game on Saturday for example, but i can not guarantee that i will be able to be present that time. Is there someone who wants to take responsibility for organizing Saturday Pro Games ?
  10. Thanks for your feedback. I have listed no upcoming streamer as it was still unclear who was available to stream. I am happy to hear you will stream. The standard time is 8pm CET, but in the past it had to be delayed for several reasons. I havent thought of a clear limit of games, my plan was to keep it going until Alpha 27 is released.
  11. Partially because Saturday is a popular day to go out. For myself as the organizer i am more confident i will be home Sunday 8pm CEST compared to Saturday to take care of things.
  12. Are you biased bc it will make it harder to identify smurf accounts ? xD Given all the mistakes maybe you should use it as a more advanced method though
  13. I think it will be more hard to create intresting, balanced games as player levels would be much more different if 16 players would need to be chosen Oh, i see, in my experience there are not many players online at 8am CEST
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