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  1. Thanks, i am not serbian myself actually, i am just done with such people in general, so i dont care against whom it is directed. And i dont want people who just want to play 0 AD and actually belong to the targeted group be discouraged from doing so.
  2. @user1 @Melusines No need to comment...
  3. Generally i was also thinking, why not have someone who has experience about promotion/PR "influencing" etc. join wildfiregames so he can act with "legitimation" and implement some sort of strategy ? I get that wildfiregames is mostly about programmers, game developing etc, but i dont see why wildfiregames can not have its own publishing department.
  4. There are several 0 AD groups already on discord. https://discord.gg/ztUnc2dg https://discord.gg/xgpMArvu https://discord.gg/jywnFzFA And several others Those are all private though, it would be good to have attention not divided amongst all of them and have something like a "offical 0 AD discord group" by wildfire games, which is linked of Wildfiregames social media, website etc. new people wont usually search whole forum to find some links. There sharepics/posters announcements text, post etc could be posted by ppl with such skills and then added to oth
  5. The content creators are already there, all it needs it that someone shares content of other youtubers for example on Wildfire games distribution channels like social media, website etc. I think there are enough ppl willing to do content. All it takes is to centralise and occasional short posts about news / new alphas. It is less about having programmers to make hour long trailers and videos, but just about utilizing what is already done.
  6. As there has been plenty of criticism concerning the new alpha, i am feeling the desire to make a list featuring changes that i consider huge improvements and points of criticism that i dont necessarily agree with. Of course this is just my subjective opinion, but my points are often related to general principles. 1. Game has more depth, as champions are now viable option, adding another dimension to lategame. Each faction basically got several new units. 2. Counter system working better. Spamming sling or for new alpha archers isnt really a viable option. As soon as melee units ente
  7. I like the idea, but consider issues like crash/internet problems of a player could affect all other teammembers, you can play op but still lose rating. If you evaluate personal play on the other hand you encourage ego strats. So tg could be ranked, but all would have to agree. Also team making when rated could take forever to get all to agree. However also an issue is, that if you only evaluate win/loss and games are well balanced, you can be the player carrying the team all the time but your win rate is 50% so u have still nub rating. Combining rating personal performance and team win would
  8. u can use the other install methods ( git, svn) from first links to have both versions at the same time
  9. @Stan` can't find :(, i get error Message: Not found
  10. I think one of them was @YT99, not sure who the other one was
  11. I might have time on Friday but i think for most people Weekend is better @Grapjas
  12. Ok, i will tell you on Friday
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