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  1. He was definitly not having an argument in any of the cases i have seen, but maybe tried to start one provoking someone in lobby. Anyways, if he stops it goal is archieved.
  2. The food served consists of raw dead chicken, elephants, deer etc. as well as fish and grain corns. In 2026 rice will be added to the menue. The crafted products are ancient siege engines.
  3. This guy sometimes randomly joins games, just to post something similiar to the above mentioned and then leaves the game again.
  4. What toxic 0 AD players think they are like: What they actually are like:
  5. Despite not beeing mentioned here, i would use an official 0 AD server on such a platform . Right now some people use a program called mumble for voice chat. It is open source also as far as i know. There is no 0 AD server though, so we use random servers created by others.
  6. The so called " great reset" is a rather unsuccesfull try to exchange "shareholder capitalism" for a supposedly more just "stakeholder capitalism". Generally it is legitimate though to critisize supra-national organisations who are under little if no state control if they execute actual power, such as for example private courts who rule over violations of trade agreements. That is indeed a problematic example, as they are used by non democratic, non-sate bodies to undermine political control.
  7. CIV 5 CIV 6 Endless Legend Cities Skylines Cities XXL Dorfromantik Chess Planetary Anihilation Crusader Kings 2 FIFA 09, 12 as a kid
  8. I think one of the main things that need to be considered for balancing is, that for every advantage a civ has, there needs to be an equal disadvantage compared to other civs. This is ofc present in the game: Persians have a slow eco and "weak" archers in the early game, therefore more pop, and cav techs that could make them strong in late game. In some cases it is present in theorie but with too little effect. For example Ptolemies are supposed to have weaker buildings. This is not big enough of a deal compared to both economic and military advantages; if u cant defeat the enemy army u will struggle to destroy many buildings. I see little to no reason why i would pick seleucids over ptolemies in competitive multiplayer. Roman variety for siege and camps for example just dont really make up for slower eco and a lack of pikes rn. Therefore there should be a concept/overview for all civs, on where they are strong and where they are weak, each strength opposed by a weakness. Then the second step could be to make sure, things that are considered a strength and things that are considered a weakness are actually strong or weak respectively in relation to other Civs. I have tried something like that in the past. Just to stay within "meta".
  9. @user1 @Stan` @Dunedan Maybe you could make a disclaimer in the multiplayer Lobby as it was the case for former events. Maybe the competition could also be shared on social media. @ValihrAnt @mysticjim Maybe you can mention the event in some of your videos `?
  10. This is very incorrect. The NATO has been saying that the independence and Integrity of the Ukrain as a state should not be violated by Putins government. Official Ukrainian Army is beeing supported. There have been no claims about "Azov Battalion" beeing good people. German ministery of interior affairs is doing its best to keep german Nazis from joining the fights. German official news channels have reported on discrimination of non-Ukrainian citizens even, so its wrong to imply this is lied about. Still the Ukrainian state itself cant be called a Nazi dictatorship, despite some Nazis supporting fights. Most of german corona conspiracy theorists claiming germany was a dictatorship (lol) follow russian goverment sponsored news, Putins attempt to destabilize the country. Now the same people ofcourse follow the channels where Putin now spreads his war propaganda, as he has always claimed the war was about denazification lol. I can only repeat myself. Yes, Azov Battalions are Nazis helping the Ukraine, but from that it cant be concluded that the Ukraining government is a "Nazi-regime" that needs to be brought down. In fact Zelkensky is quite a liberal i think from what i found about his views. Also as shown above, some of these mercenarys hired by russia are Nazis aswell. So the statement below the picture is pure propaganda.
  11. Funny how "traditional" Neonazi Party NPD supports Russia, while "new school" "national socialist" party "The Third Way" supports Ukraine, maybe we get lucky and they shoot each other lul
  12. Which Russian concerns ? Most of the educated Russian population is not concerned about the west. Most internationally known Russian public figures without direct ties to Putin have expressed their discontent with the war. As far as Putin would need to be concerned, there has been extensive economical cooperation with state concerns, Nordstream etc. His own country wasn't threatened by the "west" in a military sense. That other states dont want to Putin to have direct influence on them can hardly be called agression. If there is a thread it is a cultural and internal, as big parts of russian educated middle class is not in favor of Putins rule. Cant blame it on the west, if living in liberal democracies just seems more appealing to russians.
  13. While i have no intention to discuss all of these examples individually, i dont see how the US endangering and killing civilians in some occassions, or aiding the military coup against Salvador Allende for example justifies Putins actions. I think this is called "whataboutism". More or less all the superpowers have a unglorious history. You have a point when u point at western hyprocrisy, only imposing measures when they feel threatened themselves, but ignoring for example Jemen, but that does not mean Putins actions are justified.
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