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  1. I mean if someone likes to do it - fine for me, thats those players buisness. Personally i think i would not be intrested because it would make 0 AD too serious, i would be bothered more by the outcome of the game, which is something i do not necessarily want for something i do for fun and escapism. After a game of 0 AD i dont want to go to bed and be mad bc i lost money etc. I also think it will lead to more conflicts inbetween players, especially given what past incidents i have witnessed, and also there would be trouble connected to the lack of infrastructure, authority and rule enforcement we have in our non-professional small community. Another issue would be the skill difference between players. Players who pay an entrance fee want at least an outside chance to win in the end, which will mean its gonna be tough to find many players willing to "bet" money. Another option that doesnt really seem promising due to a small community would be to use donations for prize funds, gathered through someone broadcasting the games, so the earning would kinda be a bonus. Consider that tournaments could have a non-monetary prize maybe, that is more about creativity and of symbolic value.
  2. They can always be countered by melee or jav cav, as long as the unit itself is not too op. But i agree nevertheless, towers already dont do very much damage and need quite some time to make any impact. It would be strange if archer cav could just ignore them bc out of range.
  3. I think that is just how the game is supposed to be like ? If the pike/spear unit doesnt kill the jav cav players just spam cav jav and u are gg and have no option how to react ? Every intresting rts that shall not be just about spamming a signle unit, that has strategic depth and allows putting some thought into army composition to have any impact should have at least soft counter system ! If the pikes bother u just make units such as spear inf, sword inf, inf jav, archer cav that should all do decent vs pikes ! So i think there really isnt any problem.
  4. Hi, i have recently noticed that there is a growing mistrust/number of arguments/accusations between players in "competitive" multiplayer games. This is due to several concerns Those are: 1) The use of not commonly used mods ( unlike autociv, community mod etc.) that arguably give an advantage to players by for example perfect unit production ( means no idle time, the automated building of houses, other features that is not even known of, so its not easy to determine wether they actually exist) 2) Pausing in critical moments in a game, to allow a faster reaction/ better decision-making 3) Misconduct within multiplayer games ( disrespectfull behaviour) I think there have been efforts to handle some of these issues by technical means, but i believe as a community we should be able to agree on something like a "code of conduct" to avoid spending an endless time in lobby arguing and fighting. Ofcourse these rules can be surpassed, detection or "punishment" might not always happen, but it is more of a violation of appropriate conduct, if there doesnt need to be another argument beforehands about what misconduct actually means. I suggest these following (very general) rules as guidelines: 1. The use of not commonly used mods that impact gameplay need to be anounced by players before the game starts. If a mod was not permitted by the host it can not be used. 2. You should not pause during critical moments in the game, like during a rush/critical attack etc. if there is no serious emergency or it is needed bc players have dropped etc. In most cases, pausing can be postponed for a few seconds. There can be no pausing just for the purpose of communicating with teammates. 3. Profanity or disrespectfull behaviour within the game is not permitted. This includes things you might personally consider "very funny", but it may not be considered funny by others, and could make playing 0 AD not the fun experience that it is supposed to be. Especially sexism, racism, antisemitism etc. is to be avoided. 4. Game hosts are asked and and to be considered entiteled to warn players in case of violation, kick or ban depending on what seems to be appropriate. Feel free to make suggestions or add other issues that you have found. And help to think about how something like this could be introduced.
  5. Maybe we could have some " I am not a bot " kind of confirmation before posts are made, by asking a simple question etc. That would at least help if noone does the posts manually.
  6. Simply means "zero" in german - i dont see the problem here ?
  7. I will try to have more competitive games with the mod in the future
  8. more hp/armour could be an option, they are cheap but take pop space, so if u spam many it means u got smaller army so disadvantage if a fight has to be won first. I think maybe they could be available early in game to give a unique option to the civs that use them, like an early game advantage in exchange for a late game disadvantage Alpha 26
  9. I played some 1v1 on the mod vs players of about equal strength. What i noticed is that coin is too easy to get, so spamming ultra fast producing mercenearies seems the go to strategy. The "log" rams are very ez to kill. Positives are imo that the "counter system" seems to work well. Also it is ofc intresting to check out new civs, have a difference between eco and military and tech tree decisions which leads to more intresting decision making. Games take quite long. I have experienced desync a few times in lategame. When rejoining desync will occur again.
  10. Select all the squares that contain champion units xD
  11. Thanks ! I will go through all the points on ur list that i havent checked yet
  12. Yeah, also other applications have started to become slow, 0 AD was the first place i noticed it. I get like 6 fps when loading into a single player 1v1 on lowest graphics settings ... Edit: Intrestingly using a different power cable caused a slight improvement
  13. logs.zipHere are my logs @Gurken Khan @seeh @ShadowOfHassen @leopard
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