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  1. I am sure we all agree that a tournament with less then 50% of games played makes little sense. Also it is unfair for teams that make time, just to see that enemy team did not appear, without even leaving a note in advance. Therefore i open this thread to discussing possibilities for improvement, especially concerning the following topics. If you find yourself unable to formulate constructive criticism that makes at least some amount of sense this is not the thread to do it. Team making: Next time first collect all players and then make balanced teams More fun to play balance
  2. challonge is definitly a op discovery, it would also be less work to costumize all things
  3. yeah, but we need to analyze well what went wrong, normally would be one more week May Gods havent played Centurios yet for example
  4. Unfortunately we got 3 zombie teams right now. Who wants to continue and who wants restart with other system ?
  5. Animal Farm had 4 players available, accordingly they get full points for win according to rules
  6. First of all raising awareness. The police cant afford to cover racists practice by police anymore if there is public pressure on the responsible executives. Also it is about fighting for cultural hegemony in that area, which is of major importance to make sure there will be no dominating "white supremacist" culture amongst younger generations and elsewhere in society
  7. Eae em fak, i didnt even realize, didnt pay attention when game was setup and then just played. You are rightfully confused as it should have been Lake map. Luckily it was the mistake of enemy team i think eae, otherwise repeat game in case of demand by the losing if it was the fault of the winning team for future incidents.
  8. I think it would be a really helpful feature if scroll speed of map ingame would be costumizable in options/game settings and saved. fpre told me to ping @Stan`
  9. You forgot randomid rating 41 Also you should enter some team eae
  10. Thats while wether the game is played depends now on your good will and otherwise your team will get points @Issh. Midnight for one might be midday for the other... its hard to make it all possible, worst case do a 2v2 if some members like to go to sleep early eae, or choose weekend, like Saturday
  11. Teams are not out of the tournament. Matches can still be played. Although only if the teams that were here today agree which they dont have too as no other time has been agreed upon. If they will not get played until next Sunday i will rate them as defeat. I will add players to graphic.
  12. In some 1v1 tournament i played ValihrAnt and i would bet 1000£ that i am going to lose 10 out of 10. Still i enjoyed the experience. I understand that some player who are above the team average strength might feel like they have been held back and more competition means more fun to some extend. but still each team has the potential to win some games. I would suggest we play for now while we continue to develope more advanced mechanisms for the next season that allow to improve balance
  13. As now we have 7 teams we can still only make 3 pairs/matches so one team has to pause
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