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  1. Maybe after rejoining the specific situation could be saved as the "starting scenario" ? After all the map shown in the replay is not a random "mainland" map, but a specific variation as well. It might be though, that a specifc "seed" is beeing saved, which allows the exact reproduction. So i guess it is technically difficult, to modify the setup before the replay starts, as lots of information would need to be saved, including commands in progress and an extra "modification" step before the replay starts would need to happen. But i am programming nub, so just random ideas.
  2. I would argue it is even of more use, than having just the first minutes ? It still would allow to see how certain actions during the game worked out. And despite i dont know if it is technically possible, it would also be an option to just add to the old replay file ? I agree that it would be a very welcome improvement.
  3. I propse the following idea: @user1 @Stan` @Dunedan To help moderators known players ( with their non smurf acccounts only) can be appointed "mod-helpers". They are able to vote for mod functions, such as "mute", "kick", "ban" for a certain player, and if a certain amount of of mod helpers, lets say 5 for example "vote" for such an action, the consequence will be enacted. It could be ofc limited to much less time as if mods do it. In the aftermath mods will be notified, and be able to check wether the action taken was "legit" or wether there was power abuse.
  4. This needs to be printed on calendars and deep pictures on instagram
  5. I heard it is a tradition in Poland to also call GG when the craftsmen finished the construction.
  6. No matter what i think how much of an emperor i am, there is always still an 0 AD player who is @Emperior :'(.
  7. Ingame report feature wont allow to send screenshots etc. though, and ez report button could be spammed and abused. Also 1v1 quitter thread is used quite frequently, and despite perfect coverage will not be achieved as you pointed out, it could help as at least frequent players are aware of the Forum.
  8. Maybe there should be a forum thread, much like the quitting rated games thread to gather all incidents to allow a better overview for lobby moderators, who could quickly check each week or so.
  9. One night, after you became rich due to a Youtube channel focusing on 0AD you told your manager to book Britney Spears for your birthday. When the day came three unshaved, wild looking men with no shirts on showed up. "Who the hell are you ? ", you exclaimed. In broken english they replied: " We are briton ey, Spears ! ", and held their weapons under your nose.
  10. Members of which ancient civilisation had never been seen alone ?
  11. No matter how archaic u think a historic leader was, Chanakya was Acharya
  12. He was definitly not having an argument in any of the cases i have seen, but maybe tried to start one provoking someone in lobby. Anyways, if he stops it goal is archieved.
  13. The food served consists of raw dead chicken, elephants, deer etc. as well as fish and grain corns. In 2026 rice will be added to the menue. The crafted products are ancient siege engines.
  14. This guy sometimes randomly joins games, just to post something similiar to the above mentioned and then leaves the game again.
  15. What toxic 0 AD players think they are like: What they actually are like:
  16. Despite not beeing mentioned here, i would use an official 0 AD server on such a platform . Right now some people use a program called mumble for voice chat. It is open source also as far as i know. There is no 0 AD server though, so we use random servers created by others.
  17. CIV 5 CIV 6 Endless Legend Cities Skylines Cities XXL Dorfromantik Chess Planetary Anihilation Crusader Kings 2 FIFA 09, 12 as a kid
  18. I think one of the main things that need to be considered for balancing is, that for every advantage a civ has, there needs to be an equal disadvantage compared to other civs. This is ofc present in the game: Persians have a slow eco and "weak" archers in the early game, therefore more pop, and cav techs that could make them strong in late game. In some cases it is present in theorie but with too little effect. For example Ptolemies are supposed to have weaker buildings. This is not big enough of a deal compared to both economic and military advantages; if u cant defeat the enemy army u will struggle to destroy many buildings. I see little to no reason why i would pick seleucids over ptolemies in competitive multiplayer. Roman variety for siege and camps for example just dont really make up for slower eco and a lack of pikes rn. Therefore there should be a concept/overview for all civs, on where they are strong and where they are weak, each strength opposed by a weakness. Then the second step could be to make sure, things that are considered a strength and things that are considered a weakness are actually strong or weak respectively in relation to other Civs. I have tried something like that in the past. Just to stay within "meta".
  19. @user1 @Stan` @Dunedan Maybe you could make a disclaimer in the multiplayer Lobby as it was the case for former events. Maybe the competition could also be shared on social media. @ValihrAnt @mysticjim Maybe you can mention the event in some of your videos `?
  20. Decger might be even more up on that list as he is one of the most op team players i have seen, and even vs good other players his flank usually is fast gg, but he doesnt play 1v1 for example. Emperior, Lorenz and Wendy arguable also deserve honourable mention
  21. All time most op players: 1.borg eae 1.Feld 1.Vali here 4.Ophudar 5.Stock 6. Camelius 7.Boudica 8. Decger 9.Jofursloft Honourable mentions x.Rauls x. StarAtt x.Vinme x.hanibal.Barca x. Schweinepriester x. LetsWaveaNub x. nanub x. bandich x. weaerdJokes x.chrstgtr x.chrstms x.faction x.Edwarf x.Darkcity x.fgod Just to be mentioned x.jc (before he got corona and became nub) x.NubZic Players i dont even remember well enough, but they might belong to top 8: y.Romulos ( could even be anka lul ) y.Liberty y.DefenderBenny ( havent seen eough games of new account) y.franksy
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