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  1. If you narrowed it down and there is a known player on the list that you dont want to accuse in public, i would be intrested in your pm
  2. Otherwise i agree that 0 AD looks better, or maybe just more realistic overall. Also i dont see why i should spend 60€ if i can play 0 AD for free.
  3. Maybe they prefer players to tell pos by compass direction instead of clock or campaign says attack "enemy in north" instead of at "12"
  4. A25 seems to be the best Alpha so far. It is alot better than the "camel rush and sling" alpha 23, as it offers more dimensions. P1 rush - P2 cav rush - Champions - Ranged focussed army - melee focussed army - i mean i havent played a lot, but seems more balanced so far. I kinda had the impression Camel rush very strong strat, especially with faster game, but it remains to be seen. Edit: Also i like the new path finder a lot
  5. I think naked fanatics, black cloaks could come back
  6. My observations so far Better looking graphics, especially many of the new tree models are really nice, also i like the 3-d grass a lot. I think though, that metal/stone is harder to distinguish with updated textures. Melee units (inf and cav) seem very strong, especially pikeman, skiritai and sowrd cav, while archer units barely do any damage. Ofcourse archers needed to be nerfed compared to last Alpha, but they got nerfed a bit too much. Updated pathfinder improves gameplay a lot. Also big armys with siege manage to navigate relatively smoothly through narrow passages between houses The gameplay is more fast overall, encouraging agressive play, early fights, which is making the game more intense, that is a good thing in my opinion Champions seem to be viable option to go for, especially in 1v1 or 2v2 games ( also in a24 possible), but i cant find p2 champs ( which i liked in previous versions)
  7. Maybe ban for smurf account ? I dont know ofc, but that is usually the reason
  8. Yeah, i would have time, but generally its a working day for many, and on Weekends overall player numbers are highest
  9. I think the A25 release candidate could benefit a lot from feedback gained by playing a "competitve" Teamgame. Who would be in at Sunday 19 CET ? @borg_ @Feldfeld @chrstgtr @Stockfish @ffffffff@nani@Pudim@JC (naval supremacist)@Yekaterina@carthage@BoredRusher@Boudica@vinme@Dakara@Dizaka@faction02@cl2488@Jofursloft@Wendy22@badosu and all the others i forgot or cant find on Forum (pls inform) Should be fun and A25 looks really nice. If you dont have A25 and dont know how to get it check out this thread with detailed instructions. Make sure to update to the latest version Thanks for taking notice and see you on Sunday
  10. What is the favorite Lord of the Rings character of @borg- ? Eaeomer ty
  11. Thanks, i am not serbian myself actually, i am just done with such people in general, so i dont care against whom it is directed. And i dont want people who just want to play 0 AD and actually belong to the targeted group be discouraged from doing so.
  12. @user1 @Melusines No need to comment...
  13. Generally i was also thinking, why not have someone who has experience about promotion/PR "influencing" etc. join wildfiregames so he can act with "legitimation" and implement some sort of strategy ? I get that wildfiregames is mostly about programmers, game developing etc, but i dont see why wildfiregames can not have its own publishing department.
  14. There are several 0 AD groups already on discord. https://discord.gg/ztUnc2dg https://discord.gg/xgpMArvu https://discord.gg/jywnFzFA And several others Those are all private though, it would be good to have attention not divided amongst all of them and have something like a "offical 0 AD discord group" by wildfire games, which is linked of Wildfiregames social media, website etc. new people wont usually search whole forum to find some links. There sharepics/posters announcements text, post etc could be posted by ppl with such skills and then added to other platforms by private people. You could post news about tournaments hosted, games dev news, new alphas, screenshots, etc. which is partially happening already on 0 AD Fb, but all could use content and spread elswhere.
  15. The content creators are already there, all it needs it that someone shares content of other youtubers for example on Wildfire games distribution channels like social media, website etc. I think there are enough ppl willing to do content. All it takes is to centralise and occasional short posts about news / new alphas. It is less about having programmers to make hour long trailers and videos, but just about utilizing what is already done.
  16. As there has been plenty of criticism concerning the new alpha, i am feeling the desire to make a list featuring changes that i consider huge improvements and points of criticism that i dont necessarily agree with. Of course this is just my subjective opinion, but my points are often related to general principles. 1. Game has more depth, as champions are now viable option, adding another dimension to lategame. Each faction basically got several new units. 2. Counter system working better. Spamming sling or for new alpha archers isnt really a viable option. As soon as melee units enter ur supposedly op group of 100 Archers and those melee units are even equipped with upgraded armour, ur gonna be in a pretty bad situation. You can react to game situation, countering what the enemy brings on you. 3. No dance. Dancing is Bug abuse and very nub thing to do. Point. !. 4. Civs are more balanced. I am not afraid any more when choosing to go with random civ, bc at least in lategame all civs have decent units ( champs) and offer decent winning chances,turteling until you get so far is more easy now with forts and towers. Gaul Brit and Ptol are no totally op eco civs any more 5. No GG (siege) deathwalls, even large amount of siege can be killed quite quickly when attacked with swords. This keeps the game more exciting, even if one player seems to have built up op army. Even horse archer spams die to good micro, towers and the right unit composition. Same for all cav strategies. 6. Game looks more nice. 7. Most of the criticism is just not true. Game is to slow, u cant rush etc is just not true. Yes, cav rush is more hard, u need to think twice if you can enter certain areas with cav, if ure enemy spams women though, like it is the case in many tg, its still gonna be worth it. Last alpha you could expect to get attacked by cav almost every game, this version its much more unclear whats going to happen. Also, if you want to fight early u can rush with units, archer rush since min 5,6 can be a succesfull strategy, i managed to beat better players then me using that strat, and also have been beaten by skirm rushs ( without total nubness happening). Also you can just decide to take brit and use dogs. I know each of this points can be discussed endlessly. I know most of this has been discussed in the thread " why is a24 not nice ? ", but i do not only want to give an opposing opinion but also change the tone of the debate, as the outcome of the other debate can more or less only bee: criticism is not true. What i really want to express though is that a24 is quite good and a step in the right direction.
  17. I like the idea, but consider issues like crash/internet problems of a player could affect all other teammembers, you can play op but still lose rating. If you evaluate personal play on the other hand you encourage ego strats. So tg could be ranked, but all would have to agree. Also team making when rated could take forever to get all to agree. However also an issue is, that if you only evaluate win/loss and games are well balanced, you can be the player carrying the team all the time but your win rate is 50% so u have still nub rating. Combining rating personal performance and team win would also be somewhat complex to implement, especially in a way so it will really reflect impact, for example op rush but dealy of eco and so on.
  18. u can use the other install methods ( git, svn) from first links to have both versions at the same time
  19. @Stan` can't find :(, i get error Message: Not found
  20. I think one of them was @YT99, not sure who the other one was
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