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  1. I will not update this mod as I think boonGUI mod can replace it.
  2. The feet movement of many units and their speed are not synchronised. Like a forward moonwalk. Can be seen best on a low speed setting, but its visible with normal settings too. The woman seem fine, on first glance. Maybe the animation speed should be coupled with the unit speed?
  3. I dont know the balance of your fork, but i'd compare it to the 0ad a23 balance, I'd say it only reflects the strategies the bot uses. Persians can be very strong in the late game using cav and the according hero. This of course requires the bot to build his game accordingly from the start towards that strategy. Mace had the advantage to get siege fast in their workshops. Your analysis is good, but I think this should be generated from real games from players over 1400. On lichess for example all games are recorded and are open available, I don't see a problem why 0ad shouldn't collect at least some data, like the civ. With this https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4376 you could generate it out of the logs.
  4. No intention, i just did the majority with what i had problems. Langbarts stuff looks good, just include that or change in that style whatever you like. Tbh. i didn't even play one game in a24 yet, just did a bare minimum a24 update here.
  5. good catch, will include it later
  6. Intelligence then maybe? Since its some kind of measurement unit, it doesn't fit on a different scale.
  7. Petition: Nani please add a command that assigns random civs in the game setup, with the option to exclude certain OP and UP civs. Like /civ_random_without civA civB. Or even with all civs randomly shuffled, its nice to have a glance at it before the game to see at least if the OP and UP civs are at least evenly distributed, otherwise shuffle again.
  8. 2 (or more) window or tiled mode e.g. for dual monitors. This would be nice for good eco in the base while attacking. The ctrl+F keys for camera jumps are hard to grab and rare used, afaik.
  9. 2 games in a rowmetadata.jsoncommands.txt metadata.jsoncommands.txt
  10. wonder - takes even longer than siege capture - doesn't work when the cc has ~10 men inside (and even later vs Iber with walls) relic - one relic can be send inside the the iber walls or next to cc regicide - horse can run around and hide in fog of war This option is just to play a normal victory game + end when its futile. This is to save the last unnecessary 15 min. of a game when all is decided.
  11. additional victory condition: have X% (e.g. 50%) more pop than enemy. This is useful, since one needs siege to end every game now. Even worse playing against a bullheaded Iberian refusing to resign. Or when players enter a boom period after a hard battle and the game is already over.
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