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  1. That's it. Projectiles (mostly) don't have a trajectory from the simulation point of view, they are just distant delayed hit. Then a trajectory is rendered. The choice was a parabolic trajectory. <Gravity> is the graphical parameter which will adjust the height of the parabola. For now, artists have to tweak that so it fits what they want to see. Don't bother with anything else. More have to be said, but not enough place on that margin.
  2. @Cophiansend me a forum pm with the data you need, I'll provide you them
  3. @Genava55 oh awesome! are you involved in that project? I am a bit confused about the mentioned locations, is that in the 02 or in the 80?
  4. @Feldfeld@smiley You can talk about that at another interesting place :p https://webchat.freenode.net/#forkad
  5. There is code loading actor from actor xml. There is code loading entity from entity xml. An actor is something completly different of a simulation entity. You can display an actor independantly of the simulation code for example. There is also code loading gui thing from gui xml and many other things.
  6. yes that's what I meant ;-) (for the alps you also forgot the purple cow!)
  7. @Feldfeld it's more like the "vosges" than the "alpes" :D I would say it looks better than a "try"!
  8. Salut Dakara ! oui c'est jouable mais on n'a pas encore fait de version complétement publique. J'espère que ça arrivera bientôt ! Si tu as des questions ou des requêtes, n'hésitent pas. Yes it's playable. We haven't yet done a public release though. ;-)
  9. Building placement features had been discussed since a long time. Those kind of features are highly dependent of the kind of game, of the obstruction design and so on. Among the specificity of 0AD and derived games, the buildings are rotated rectangles (and don't align on a grid). * Some discussions which occured in the past: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3685 (enforcing distance between building for realistic placement) https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3920 (magnetic grid) https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3920#comment:2 (dev input)
  10. it's the default selection texture for actors in atlas. I guess a zoologist wanted some values or something like that. Multiples of 0.5 sounds good enough for me too. You can't imagine how lazy I am right now! Thanks! Thanks again!
  11. Let's use filled texture then :-) More seriously, that's not an issue to have so much texture in the repo (some could even be merged together), the only potential issue is to load too much texture (but those ones are probably nothing compared to all art stuff). By the way, are those 0.1 differences (between walrus and giraffe for example) really visible? (even more when we know that those units are just circle or axis orientated square of radius or half size 0.8 in many other parts of the game?). Also the rectangular footprints need to be seriously reviewed, I had bring a list above.
  12. I understood, we agree about that. It's not my subjective point of view, it's how it was planed and done: a rectangle texture and a circular texture were generated for each rectangle footprint width and depth and each circle footprint radius (rounded to the closest power of 2). Also my personal taste is more for fancier texture but plain ones work very badly with the quad thing. That's also why I asked above about the pixel - size equivalence. Nice I would appreciate you personal taste about that (by entity type and footprint type) to have a proper consis
  13. Yes I understand that, you mean using proper texture to avoid stretching (for rectangular footprints). (That's it?) And indeed, I (we) mix in the discussion different meaning for uniform. The first (circular and rectangular) footprints were script-generated. The goal was to have a (close) shape to avoid thickness issue when resizing. Also at that time, I guess rectangular overlay were for rectangular footprints and circle overlay were for circle footprints. (So there was not yet that other issue you adressed). A restricted set of size could also do the job (one can consider the weigh
  14. arrow 256x256 for both:
  15. from left to right footprint: 1.5, texture: arrow_128x128 footprint: 1.5, texture: arrow_256x256 footprint: 2.5, texture: arrow_128x128 footprint: 2.5, texture: arrow_256x256 from left to right footprint: 2.5, texture: arrow_256x256 footprint: 1.5, texture: arrow_128x128
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