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  1. @seeh @Langbart if you are interested,there are some similar things here (on 3900 games)
  2. That's probably due to a wave of renaming. That's meaningful for text displayed in game. The cost / reward is less obvious for filenames...
  3. (names are probably different in 0 A.D., those are from Fork AD) For rain, you have those ones: random/extinct_volcano.js random/rmbiome/fields_of_meroe/rainy.json skirmishes/Deccan_Plateau_2.xml skirmishes/Gambia_River_3.xml skirmishes/Punjab_2.xml You have also maps with fireflies or volcan dust. You have more chance to find nice maps in the skirmishes and scenario category. That one from @nani is nice for example:
  4. Those topics have been widely debated all among the forum or the ticket manager. I won't provide you answers as that's not my role but give you some elements. I start with that point as it has effect on the other points. It's really common in some other games. Some discussions few years ago concluded it doesn't fit really with the game as it is: keeping "civilization" (call that how you want) diversity. But technically, both case are already doable, so that's just a matter of decision of what to do in your game/mod. As said above, it's really common in other games. T
  5. Weather, seasons and things like are widely discussed in the forum. The answers will probably depend of your point of view : graphical or gameplay related. I understand you speak more about the graphical part. In that case, I think it depends mostly of artists. For example, for the winter part we would have to switch to the snowy variants of all structures and things like that: that needs a lot of artwork. (But that's doable and was even done). 2. Perhaps does it depends mainly of the map maker ? 3. It's yet done I think : there are maps with rain or snow.
  6. Nice! I guess that this kind of special feel was the initial purpose of having different "civilizations" (even if exaggerating or simplifying history or abstracting "reality").
  7. I don't think we have added code to support that, I'll check.
  8. Oh sorry! It was in 2014, the decision was made to remove hard counters (like the rps designed in the early years) and replace them with stats (speed, accuracy, range...) and gameplay features (flanking, ...).
  9. That was actually like that 7 years ago.
  10. Just as there is unlocking technologies, there could be unlocking structures. One use of those structures would just be to unlock the corresponding units, not to actually produce them (barrack is for that).
  11. That was posted many times. Those things were around 2014. At the time there was a design group, then one person in charge of the gameplay. That was the beginning of the lobby too. A time of changes: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/15644 https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/15655 https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/15713 Decision of moving to hard counters to gameplay features: But then, there was an appraisal of those changes:
  12. Oh sorry :-) I had opened that discussion (among others) back in 2017: Can we remove that limit? To be more precise, there wasn't really a concept of mercenary in the initial_design* of that game. The notion appeared among the years of the development of that game, with different meaning: artistic, names, technologies, structures... Some experiments were done, more in DE ("delenda est") than in EA ("public"). Around 2017 there were some big and nice art commits importing the green portraits from DE mods, so we tried to fit with it
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