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  1. Yes that was the idea. To detail a bit more: There is a delayed distant attack. All computations are done in fixed-point arithmetic. Then there is a trajectory rendered. All computations are done with floats. To handle blocking projectiles : You have to do the second stuff in fixed-point arithmetic (slower) You have to check for obstructions (slow too) To check for obstructions : you have to also take into account height of obstructions. Cylinder or cuboid are probably doable. But that could look really bad for some units for which this shape approximati
  2. Like the guidelines here? https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument#a0A.D.Theme Above average color saturation (compared to the real world) Contrasting - shadows and highlights within textures Relatively realistic in terms of world/nature and history Humans arent true to the real world in scale, but exaggerated to look like humans at greater distances. Men are burly and broad shouldered, and women are very… womanly. Exaggerate the animations - like theatre but not to the point of silliness. We need to make sure players know what actions they are d
  3. https://www.spi-inc.org/corporate/annual-reports/2019.pdf
  4. @DakaraSure I know. But I don't really understand what you exactly mean, or probably you assume something not accurate about what I say ;-) Can you detail please? (Also I never played AOE so don't hesitate to recall me how that works!)
  5. It's hard to not agree. One initial idea was that even if they start with the same stats, the units from different types could be improved with specific civilization technologies. That remains a bit but it had progressively disappeared through the last releases.
  6. update: release date revision number commits time commit per day 0.0.24 suggestions 2020-09-27 24071 2250 863 2,61 0.0.23 Ken Wood 2018-05-18 21821 1899 295 6,44 0.0.22 Venustas 2017-07-27 19922 1007 261 3,86 0.0.21 Ulysses 2016
  7. That's it. Projectiles (mostly) don't have a trajectory from the simulation point of view, they are just distant delayed hit. Then a trajectory is rendered. The choice was a parabolic trajectory. <Gravity> is the graphical parameter which will adjust the height of the parabola. For now, artists have to tweak that so it fits what they want to see. Don't bother with anything else. More have to be said, but not enough place on that margin.
  8. @Cophiansend me a forum pm with the data you need, I'll provide you them
  9. @Genava55 oh awesome! are you involved in that project? I am a bit confused about the mentioned locations, is that in the 02 or in the 80?
  10. @Feldfeld@smiley You can talk about that at another interesting place :p https://webchat.freenode.net/#forkad
  11. There is code loading actor from actor xml. There is code loading entity from entity xml. An actor is something completly different of a simulation entity. You can display an actor independantly of the simulation code for example. There is also code loading gui thing from gui xml and many other things.
  12. yes that's what I meant ;-) (for the alps you also forgot the purple cow!)
  13. @Feldfeld it's more like the "vosges" than the "alpes" :D I would say it looks better than a "try"!
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