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  1. lol. how comes than than camels are broken again, and archers are in a worse position than in A23? Camels are nowhere near to their strength in A23. They now have lower move speed, less range and less accuracy. So javelin cavalry can actually catch them now and towers can actually range them, that's quite a big difference. To make it even worse, they can't harass food without being ranged by the CC anymore too. And the same thing about archers. How can you say that they are worse than in A23 when just about everything is better for them now? Their lowered range and accuracy are remedied by technologies and otherwise they've got more damage, more speed, skirmishers being slower and no phase up bonuses which gave extra time for opposing units with greater dps to close the distance. As I said, I'd be more worried about them still being by far the strongest ranged infantry unit.
  2. Are they really overcorrected? The only change for damage output is an increase in spread which can be canceled out by a blacksmith technology. Some of the archers civs also have a tech for extra range. Looking at this it seems quite clear that archers are still in a very strong position. I only did some tests now without upgrades to quickly verify that my numbers are similar and if data with upgrades is true then I'd rather think that archers deserve a further nerf rather than a buff. Also keep in mind that archers can easily provoke a fight and then never engage by simply running back to defensive buildings. In defensive situations in general they are far superior to other ranged units due to their range advantage and thus being able to fight from far behind a fort or CC. P.S. You can't have archers with equal movement speed to units with lesser range. That's how you get the a23 camel archers. It wasn't a disaster for a24 because the major turn times made it impossible to hit and run, and only meant that overextending with archers was impossible to punish.
  3. I did some quick messing around with formations and found a new issue now. When I unit attack move or patrol when in formation, only one of the units in the formation will attack while the rest continue moving onwards, right through the enemies. Attack move and patrol without formation seems to be just fine though.
  4. A very minor issue that we found for the Islands map, probably also happens on other naval maps, biomes with grass (India, Savanna) have it overlapping into water.
  5. Nah, it happens with anything in Phase 1. You can capture a barrack and you will lose capture points unless you garrison 4 or more units.
  6. @mysticjimCould you update the first post with the new test versions? Got people downloading the old versions and causing OOS and confusion when trying to playtest. Thanks.
  7. What the patch does is just make them play the anim longer before moving again. A24 had the issue of cav play just being very weak which of course does lead to them not being used and stuff like this not being noticed. A25 from what I've played is more aggressive and cavalry are a more viable option so it should be more visible. In normal fights it doesn't change anything, just in chasing. Unit bumping has made melee better able to chase so this should be a pretty fair trade off.
  8. There is also an existing solution, just not available on most maps. Ambush and Frontier have Random Group team placement option which really mix things up on player locations. The teams are still together but they're spread around the map much more randomly and suddenly the points of interest change from game to game and can be all over the map, instead of players always funneling down the sides with the usual spawn locations. It's also great for 1v1s as then you actually have to put some thought into trying to scout the enemy. Currently I can just click on the other side of the map and be done with it.
  9. I'd much prefer to give other civs bonuses rather than remove existing unique bonuses. I do agree that currently the Mauryas only have 1 valid hero choice but that's something to be worked on for the future I guess another thing, I find it interesting how fertility festival seems to be thought of as a good early boom option. Maybe I haven't been able to utilise it to its full pote tial but I only really find it useful in late game 1v1 situations where you need to add more farms while continuing nonstop soldier production. Otherwise it just feels worse than a basic boom with barracks.
  10. More specifically, we had an initail oos due to someone with a different revision joining but the weird thing was that after he left and we resumed the game we immediately had another oos with no player listed and the game freezing immediately after, which meant that we had to start a new match. Don't have the oos dump anymore as we had another oos in the next game and I didn't think to back it up, so I don't know how much can be done about it or if it is any important to fix as it seems quite rare, specific and hard to replicate.
  11. You mean the melee Cav thta's attacking the retreating camels? It seems to me they're actually hitting, it's only the animation that's cut short. Yep. I didn't go to replays to check if they actually hit as we were right about to start the next game but the lack of sound and the cut short anim put me off there. Would be nice if just atleast the sound played as then you'd have confirmation that something did happen with the attack despite the animation being cut in half.
  12. Played a game on 25760 and my sword cavalry had issues hitting cavalry archers that were retreating. They'd get in range, start attacking and then stop as the enemy had ran outside of their attack range(?). 2021-06-11_0001.zip
  13. FYI the current autoqueue will re-use batch training if it's been setup. Yeah and it doesn't have the situational awareness to adjust the batch size appropriately depending on any outside factors.
  14. In regards to the autotrain thing, I really don't see a problem with it having the same efficient implementation as autociv. Batch training means that it won't be as efficient as queing units manually. If the game didn't have batch training then it'd be advantageous over manual training. I suppose it will lower the skill floor but it certainly won't lower the skill ceiling.
  15. It only forces same amount of starting metal and stone every game, food is random each time but the total amount for each player remains equal. Being able to have equal food per team and not just player would be a cool addition too.
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