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  1. Dancing was mostly done by abusing patrolling or with high hp units. Obviously you could still dance with any unit but that wasn't too frequently seen. Patrol dancing is now impossible due to set wait times, so what could be tried is having citizen soldiers with none to very little rotation times, then champions, heroes, siege, elephants with current rotation times. Basically rely on the much more frequent use of melee units to hide the issue. In regards to the phase up bonus helping cavalry, it could be just a set amount of hp, say +10hp for all citizen units. Alternatively, infan
  2. In regards to turtling being the meta, I'd say it comes down to rotation times and reduced cavalry move speed. The rotation times severely slowed down wood gather rates while farming is mostly unaffected. This means that players are more incentivized to train more early soldiers and less women as they aren't as efficient in wood gathering and fewer are needed for farming. With slower cavalry move speed that plays into woodlines being near impossible to raid and farms being very hard to raid, due to there being less farmers and thus them being able to hide in the CC and other buildings. Ad
  3. What about taking a page from Aoe2 and giving rams and maybe catapults splash damage against buildings too? So against single buildings the damage is the same but against buildings built right on top of eachother, like pallisades, the siege weapons would be much more effective. I really don't like the idea of putting limits on walls and such buildings
  4. I was initially thinking about having two technologies in Town phase, but I don't think it'd be bad to experiment with it being in the Village phase. Maybe with a cost reduction to 150W to make it more accessible. Splitting attack upgrades by infantry and cavalry could be a way to go about it. I feel like specific unit upgrades shouldn't be in the blacksmith but in the Barrack or such buildings.
  5. Currently blacksmith technologies, the vast majority of time, are still only researched a while into Phase 3. They’re just too expensive for what they provide and without any bonuses for phasing up or specific unit upgrades, like in AoE2, phase 2 is generally just a step on the way to p3. Place the 4 buildings, maybe get eco upgrades and go up. Making blacksmith upgrades more accessible will help encourage aggression in phase 2. In addition, I believe there should be a 3rd level of upgrades for the blacksmith, especially if we stick with just 4 different upgrade types. Also, I like t
  6. Yes, I like this very much. Additionally, I really liked having a P2 champion meant for head on fighting. This is something that was removed together with the stoa, but from what I understand the unit itself wasn't too problematic (Rhomphaia/Black Cloak). So what about moving them to the barrack and having a tech to unlock them in P2? It would also mean that Athenians will now have atleast 1 trainable champion between the barrack and the stable. This could also, of course, be done for the Macedonians or a different civilization it'd make more sense for. I just really like the idea of
  7. Later upgrades being worse from a cost benefit perspective makes sense, just the metal cost for these upgrades seems a bit too hefty to me currently. Maybe not win, but phase 2 was still able to punish p3 players very well, especially if they opted to get the last woodcutting upgrade right away. Thats 1500 resources to click P3 + buildings and then another 1300 resources for the last woodcutting upgrade. That gives the P2 player a huge resource advantage which can be used to create a strong population advantage. Unfortunately, with blacksmith upgrades being unrealistic until late P3 (s
  8. Agree with this. Don't think this one is necessary with spearmen getting an attack bonus vs elephants. Can maybe reduce their armor values by 1 as they now get affected by blacksmith armor upgrades. So initially they'll have less armor than in a23 but after upgrades they'll have more. This would require a very hefty increase in food cost then. I wouldn't fight against a small nerf. I agree with a nerf on archers. For infantry damage or accuracy, or a bit of both and for cav archers accuracy. Yes, early cavalry are much too weak now and pretty much are on
  9. I'd also like to hear some thoughts on altering or removing the passive stance. The main problem is with units doing the weird run and thus avoiding shots and baiting the attacking units after them. Most noticable on healers and women with the loom upgrade as units will run straight into the enemy army to try and chase them. Then there's also players who put the hero on passive stance and position the hero in front of their army as an easy alternative to dancing. Edit. Also with melee units becoming more usable and necessary, dancing should be far more difficult.
  10. Some issues and stuff: 1) Spectators are able to rejoin a game even if late observer joins are disabled. Basically, an observer who was kicked from a match can rejoin despite him theoretically not being allowed to by the setting. I didn't test if an observer who simply left a match is able to rejoin despite late joins being disabled. 2) On normal buildings you can set the garrison point to inside of the building, so the trained units are instantly garrisoned. This is not possible on warships, which means that Persian and Athenian ships which train units must find a shoreline for the
  11. Yeah, that's the case. I was on SVN and badosu through GitHub. Thanks for your time, we'll know to check for that in the future
  12. I tested it and it makes it impossible to dance. At least I didn't manage to find a way to play it in the short time I messed with it. The one problem with this is that it does make unit movement feel very clunky. Maybe it can be fiddled with to make it nicer though currently, gameplay wise, experimenting with units having aimbot could feel a lot smoother, but that's just me.
  13. May gods (banned: Ptol and rome) vs animal farm (banned: ptol and iber) May gods vs Animal farm.zip
  14. eae em vs Goats EDIT: banned civs from both sides: Ptol and brit eae em vs Goats.zip
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