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  1. Valihrant vs weirdJokes ValihrAnt_vs_weirdJokes.zip
  2. ValihrAnt vs MarcAurel ValihrAnt_vs_MarcAurel.zip
  3. Valihrant vs Edwarf ValihrAntvsEdwarf.zip
  4. ValihrAnt vs PhilipTheSwaggerless ValihrantVsPhilipTheSwaggerless.zip
  5. Valihrant vs Feldfeld valihrantvsfeldfeld.zip Edit: I play the next one too @Feldfeld
  6. ValihrAnt vs Dakara valihrant vs dakara.zip
  7. Valihrant vs thephilosopher Valihrant vs thephilosopher.zip
  8. Return of the Feldfeld? I'd be glad to participate in this. - Interested for the following schedules: Weekly, Lightning European afternoon (13 GMT)- BO1 or BO3?: BO3
  9. 1) When hovering outside of home territory with a building selected, which is not meant to be built in neutral, receive errors. ERROR: Parameter without value at pos 74 'House cannot be built in [object Object] territory. Valid territories: own' ERROR: Invalid tag 'object' at 75 in 'House cannot be built in [object Object] territory. Valid territories: own' 2) When trying to autocomplete in a match lobby get errors. In game and in main lobby works fine. 3) When hosting without STUN get warnings and others can't join. I consistently host games in a25 lobby without STUN without problems. 2) and 3) shown in the interestinglog.html interestinglog.html
  10. Personally not a fan of the acceleration, nor was I a fan of the rotation times. It simply makes the unit movement feel and look clunky. I'd much rather the AoE4 approach of homing projectiles to eliminate dancing, but retain smooth movement.
  11. Gameplay mod altering Civic Center & Military Colony cost and territory range. I feel like the currently exorbitant cost of CCs and their vast territory completely negates any interesting gameplay elements the territory mechanic can bring and only ends up with it being a negative. Players have all resources they could ever want in reach and the vast price of CCs makes securing new territory needless or trying to squeeze your opponent out of resources almost impossible. The mod also includes some economy bonus ideas, which already have patches made and are more detailed in: The territory changes will be made into a patch if after some test games the changes are liked. Territory: Reduce Territory influence gain from 30% to 25% in P2 and from 50% to 25% in P3 Reduce Civic Center cost to 350 Wood + 300 Stone Reduce Colony cost to 200 Wood + 200 Stone and no metal Increase Mil Col Territory Radius to 95 Meters from 80 Meters. Eco: Kush Pyramid eco bonus (Available in P1, cost from 300Stone + 100Metal to 150Stone, Range from 60m to 50m Sele Farming eco bonus (+15% farming speed in 20m radius of farmstead Mace Storehouse eco bonus (Instant research time) Rome pop bonus (Eco and Military structures give +2 pop space, like the old briton and gaul bonus) Athen research time bonus (15% faster tech research) TerritoryMod.pyromod TerritoryMod.zip
  12. ValihrAnt vs Berhudar ValihrAnt vs Berhudar.zip
  13. ValihrAnt vs WeirdJokes ValihrAnt vs WeirdJokes.zip
  14. Clicked to 100 right around minute 7 and then had everyone trained 7:27. I didn't take any extra hunt as I think it's really rng dependant to have that. This is pretty much the exact build I use when there is no extra food, except I'd have added an additional farm and the 2nd barrack a bit later with the last few soldiers going to the mines. Vali100popChallenge.zip
  15. @ValihrAnt May I suggest you try another civ and another map? Miletus Peninsula, Gallic Highlands, and Saharan Oases skirmish maps are the ones I worked the most on, so are probably the best. I was thinking about trying out a nomadic civ, so these suggestion are really useful.
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