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  1. Cavalry also has reduced turn rate IIRC https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/25626
  2. Maybe the will do a better job at hiding it in windows 11...
  3. Calling your product a smartphone in the Netherlands did not seem clever to me. As in Dutch smart meant something like sorrow. However the reality learns people in my country associate smart more with its English meaning.
  4. I will give you some hints on how to start the first minute and what you should aim for. The idea is to pump out units initially as fast as possible. You will outproduce the very easy AI. I would suggest doing these moves at the start, which work on most maps. 1. Click on your Civic Center. Then press ctrl+z to train a batch of women. We train batches of units if possible, since training in batches speeds up the production and allows to produce more units per minute. 2. Order your women to gather berries and your camel rider to hunt chicken 3. Order 2 of your men to build a farmstead near your berries such that your women gather more efficiently. The other 2 soldiers can build a house and a storehouse. 4. Click on your Civic Center again. Press ctrl+1 to put the CC on a control group. When the CC is selected click on a tree to place a gather point. Once the women are created, they will now directly go and chop wood.. 5. Wait until the women are nearly ready. When they are, press the shift button and use the mouse wheel to change the batch size. You should set the batch size such that it is the maximum batch size you can afford. 6. As soon as the farmstead is build, you should do the berry gather upgrade and move the infantry that build it and order them to gather wood. The idea is to train the maximum batch size you can afford. Also make enough houses to be able to support the population. In order to do so, you need to press 1 (assuming you set the civic center on control group 1) and see how long it takes before you need to order a new batch. At some point, your berries run out and you need to think of a new source of food income. To keep your Civic center producing constantly, you need around 10 farmers or 4 berry gathers After some time, you can afford a barracks. Again it is the idea to put the barracks on a control group and constantly produce. You need to remember that once you get the barracks, you will need more food income to keep it running, so you probably need to add 10 farmers. The more units you produce, the more resources you gather and thus the more you can spent and the more barracks you will need in the end. Strategies can vary, but you will most often need at least 2 barracks before going to p2. Once you are thinking about going to p2, you have more freedom to decide what your priorities will be. The key is to adapt to your resources. If you are floating wood, you can spend extra wood by building pikemen from your CC, construct buildings and do the upgrades. If you are short on wood you probably make mainly women from your CC. Also if you can move camel archers and do economy at the same time, you can do a camel rush. However as a new player that might be too taxing on your skills.
  5. I don't think it happens naturally, as the only player in the top 20 gaining points is Dakeyras and that is because I lost 3 matches against him. Also I agree with Gurken Khan and have little to add to his explaination. Imagine that with a new alpha all ratings reset. Then all players above 1600 will be 1200 and it would take several weeks before their ratings become faithful again. I think the idea should be to make the ratings faithful.
  6. Maybe I am going of point, but I had a different idea for ratings for players on the other side of the spectrum. My suggestion: If a player under 1250 completes a game, his rating gets increased by 1 point regardless of whether it was a rated game. I think it would not hurt too much as people will probably learn from each game and after 50 games you are probably better than before. This would solve the issue with all the 1200 rated players and new players can easier distinguish between real noobs and those who did not play rated games.
  7. 8) Ratings are nuts. If you are new and are looking for a similar opponent, you might run into a veteran who is 1200 simply because he never plays rated games. If you are 1400 you will nicely run into smurfs. I had good RTS experience(I used to esimate myself to be in the top 10% online competitive age of Empires 2 players) and even lost 5 out of my first 6 games. I practised in SP first, challenged some 1200 players first and still had a rough start. However it is easy for me to imagine other people just quitting the game.
  8. @vinme The fact that we don't know Many single players, doesn't mean that they are a small minority. Also if we serve single players well, they might become more active and that could strengthen the community.
  9. That did not solve the issue for me. I don't really bother to much about it, but I think there are people that do not like to play a broken wheel.
  10. I don't know if I found the correct crash files. To clean my logs, I renamed the directory /home/stefan/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/config/0ad/logs I ran 0ad in the teminal with the command /usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=0ad com.play0ad.zeroad Then 0ad started and I clicked on single player and on matches. There I selected "random" as the map type and clicked on "browse maps". I scrolled around for a little while and then the game seemed to close. After that I terminated the proces with ctrl+C. The music kept playing for a minute. The result in the terminal is: TIMER| InitVfs: 1.90684 ms Writing the mainlog at /home/stefan/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 3.27961 ms Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.847 us TIMER| resource modules: 5.88766 ms TIMER TOTALS (9 clients) ----------------------------------------------------- tc_pool_alloc: 0 c (0x) tc_png_decode: 0 c (0x) tc_dds_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_plain_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderValidation: 0 c (0x) xml_validation: 0 c (0x) ----------------------------------------------------- TIMER| shutdown misc: 328.32 us TIMER| InitVfs: 174.436 ms Writing the mainlog at /home/stefan/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 3.26081 ms Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft UserReport written to /home/stefan/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/config/0ad/logs/userreport_hwdetect.txt TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 11.316 ms TIMER| write_sys_info: 16.3904 ms TIMER| InitRenderer: 38.3028 ms TIMER| ps_console: 7.03005 ms TIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 4.01364 ms TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 299.301 us TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 132.678 us TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.49723 ms TIMER| common/setup.xml: 272.034 us TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 577.78 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 61.118 us TIMER| pregame/backgrounds/: 261.419 us TIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 151.385 us TIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 21.294 us TIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 46.4355 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 6.1839 ms TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 193.296 us TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 154.253 us TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.88632 ms TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 666.61 us TIMER| splashscreen/setup.xml: 41.302 us TIMER| splashscreen/splashscreen.xml: 26.2146 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 1.23888 ms TIMER| common/modern/setup.xml: 164.865 us TIMER| common/modern/styles.xml: 128.654 us TIMER| common/modern/sprites.xml: 1.47501 ms TIMER| common/setup.xml: 254.602 us TIMER| common/sprites.xml: 514.137 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 57.462 us TIMER| gamesetup/setup.xml: 229.43 us TIMER| gamesetup/styles.xml: 21.087 us TIMER| gamesetup/gamesetup.xml: 103.394 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 1.50326 ms tex_dds.cpp(562): Function call failed: return value was -120102 (Invalid/unsupported texture format) Function call failed: return value was -120102 (Invalid/unsupported texture format) Location: tex_dds.cpp:562 (decode_sd) Call stack: (0x55c7f7aecdf5) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5e0df5) [0x55c7f7aecdf5] (0x55c7f7a9e7b1) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5927b1) [0x55c7f7a9e7b1] (0x55c7f7aa0047) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x594047) [0x55c7f7aa0047] (0x55c7f7aa03e3) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5943e3) [0x55c7f7aa03e3] (0x55c7f7b0d3c0) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x6013c0) [0x55c7f7b0d3c0] (0x55c7f7b0baeb) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5ffaeb) [0x55c7f7b0baeb] (0x55c7f7ae1a64) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5d5a64) [0x55c7f7ae1a64] (0x55c7f7ae3df2) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x5d7df2) [0x55c7f7ae3df2] (0x55c7f78ef02c) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x3e302c) [0x55c7f78ef02c] (0x55c7f78ef8a6) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x3e38a6) [0x55c7f78ef8a6] (0x55c7f78e9c60) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x3ddc60) [0x55c7f78e9c60] (0x55c7f78cc143) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x3c0143) [0x55c7f78cc143] (0x55c7f7a8aed9) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x57eed9) [0x55c7f7a8aed9] (0x55c7f7a1b450) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x50f450) [0x55c7f7a1b450] (0x55c7f7a1443b) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x50843b) [0x55c7f7a1443b] (0x55c7f7a6d882) /app/bin/pyrogenesis(+0x561882) [0x55c7f7a6d882] errno = 0 (Try again later) OS error = ? ^C(C)ontinue, (S)uppress, (B)reak, Launch (D)ebugger, or (E)xit? So I pressed D and got Sleeping until debugger attaches. Please wait. Debugger launch failed: No such file or directory [xcb] Unknown sequence number while processing queue [xcb] Most likely this is a multi-threaded client and XInitThreads has not been called [xcb] Aborting, sorry about that. pyrogenesis: ../../src/xcb_io.c:260: poll_for_event: Assertion `!xcb_xlib_threads_sequence_lost' failed. /app/bin/0ad: line 9: 5 Aborted (core dumped) "$pyrogenesis" "$@" This did not help the issue. After this finished, I uploaded all the files in /home/stefan/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/config/0ad/logs However it would be nice to note that I used both the autociv mod and the ballanced maps mod. Disabling the ballanced map mod solved the issue. Edit: I want to add that I occasionally experienced a similar crash if I looked at the summary of a compled game and switched to the miscellaneous tab, disabling the mods solves the problem again... So @chiffoncake could you state if you used any mods? crashlog.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt
  11. I also what thinking about doing at that some point. But yeah, I was looking for excuse to be lazy and postpone it. A25 being around the corner seems a fair excuse. So if you post such a video, I would gladly see on your way of explaining. What might also be nice is to show how to add technologies, change phase requirements or create units similar the the women_house file. One of the benefits of the 0AD game engine is that practically anyone can make mods to test balance changes.
  12. Maybe I might be a little late to the party and should have reported it earlier. I used to be on Linux mint 19 and now I am on Linux mint 20, famously based on Ubuntu. On both systems I also experienced a similar bug. When I go to set up a game and try to select a map by clicking on the "browse maps" and go to the random maps. Then when I move the mouse over some maps, the game crashes.
  13. Jim and Tom seem not to be publishing a lot of youtube videos lately. I posted a video with making a tier list in mind. This video was to compare Kushites and Ptolemies and whether the belong in the same 1v1 mainland tier. I have also found an excuse for my stuttering speech/pronunciation, since I wanted to turn watching in an active engagement.
  14. The Viper isn't playing Age of Empires2 these days ;P For the record, there were players in AoE2 which I would be never able to beat in a best of 5, but those players would never be able to beat The Viper in a best of 5. For the discord group, I am frequently in for a 1v1 so I could join. However if I would be online in discord, I could also visit the lobby so I don't know why to use the discord.
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