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  1. In fact, we believe that the manifestations of secret police and social surveillance, racism and massacres, chauvinism, etc. are not directly related to fascism. These are also common in bourgeois monarchies and republics. Furthermore, these manifestations are actually social development. Entering the inevitable product of imperialism, the United States and the old Japanese Empire were not countries where the fascist movement was in power, but there were still these manifestations. In addition, the mass nature of fascism includes both the petty bourgeoisie and the proletariat, and it contains some simple ideas of social equality. Therefore, the early fascists were not purely right-wing. For example, Strasser in Germany advocated that the labor movement should be dominated The Nazi Party, a socialist faction within the Nazi Party, went tit-for-tat with Hitler, and Hitler, who took refuge in the big bourgeoisie, murdered Strasser and other leftists in the "Nacht der langen Messer" in order to eliminate the progressive forces in the mass movement.
  2. In our Chinese definition, fascism is a mass counter-revolution, representing the political position of the petty bourgeoisie. Its basic characteristics are mass rather than a state apparatus. Therefore, fascism is most likely to appear in the form of populism.
  3. It may also be the helmets worn by the Assyrians or some other peoples. The Persians and the Medes were archers, and their habit of wearing breastplates without helmets now seems strange.
  4. If we want the Persian faction to have more professional melee infantry, adding Assyrian infantry is a good choice.
  5. Actually in my opinion one should do a dedicated Assyrian spearman and then have the sparabara as a switch form of the archer, and then like you said, an infantry that is more resistant to projectile weapons but is more vulnerable in melee combat .
  6. Siege towers that can only attack buildings, and walls with very high fire resistance.
  7. My suggestion is to make siege towers only attack buildings, then replace normal arrows with flaming arrows, and of course, set different fire resistances for all buildings.
  8. In my impression, the spabara do not seem to be spearmen in the general impression, they are also archers themselves. According to Herodotus's account, the Persian infantrymen all carried wicker shields, bows and spears, that is to say, the Persian infantrymen were all archers with shields and spears, except that the archers in the first row did not shoot arrows during battle. It is to cover the comrades behind with shields and spears. If he is killed, the soldiers in the second row can also use their shields and spears to fill the vacancies in the first row. Of course, the army of the Persian Empire was not only of Persians, but also of many other ethnic groups. Those ethnic groups had specialized spearmen, such as the Assyrians. According to Herodotus, they were still armed as in the late Assyrian Empire. He wears a bronze helmet, linen armor, and holds an Egyptian-style shield, as well as a sword, spear, and mace.
  9. Because in real history, the ministry building (Guanshu) and the civic center are one building. Or, if you are unwilling to give up any architectural models, then I suggest changing the current ministry building to the Imperial Palace (Weiyanggong) to represent the central government, and the civic center to the official hall (Guanshu) to represent the local government. The palace can train heroes and issue central decrees; the official hall can train local officials.
  10. In reality, only men in the UK can practice archery to become archers. So if we really want to give Persian civilians a bow and arrow to strengthen it, then we can only make a male Persian civilian with a bow and arrow. If we introduce the design of male and female civilians, then we can only delete the Persian women's shape , leaving only one type of male civilian with more fighting power, like the "Coureur des Bois" in Age of Empires 3 France.
  11. I agree, and I think there should be two halos with different maintenance efficiency for small fishing boats and large merchant ships and warships. I designed this in the "mirror" mod.
  12. In this case, I don't think it is necessary to make a separate Scythian female warrior unit, just make the Scythian soldiers have both male and female appearances like male and female civilians.
  13. Yes, women of other ethnic groups are not incapable of fighting, there is such a thing in the Han Dynasty, seven sisters in a family were armed with JI, shields, bows and swords after their father and brother were murdered by corrupt officials. With Gouxiang (a shield with iron tips and hooks), who ambushed and killed officials to avenge father and brother, the story has been celebrated and sung to this day as a classic case of blood relatives' revenge.
  14. If resistance with any weapon is justified, or that's the problem, other peoples also hunt with javelins or boomerangs, so why not add these weapons to them for self-defense? Why not give them a chopping axe so they can chop down their enemies? In addition, when mentioning this kind of education in ancient times, the default is to refer to men, unless women are specifically mentioned, the Han Dynasty also recorded that Xiongnu people learned to ride horses and bows and arrows since childhood, but they only refer to men, and women of nomadic people may ride horses for herding. , but with the exception of the Scythians, they rarely fought with bows and arrows. And the Persians are not nomads. Their men practiced combat skills from a young age in order to serve the king in the military. Therefore, the king gave the Persians tax-free, and the Persians who were recruited into the army were also men, so women did not need to learn these. Skills that have nothing to do with economic production.
  15. Yes, there is no need to construct an anti-reality stereotype in order to design a "national trait" for the Persians in the game.
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