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  1. A setup option seems a bit much for me personally when it is just an automation feature. When Age of Empires II DE came out with multi-queue and infinite reseeding, there was a degree of push-back. Honestly this is a quality-of-life option that should make the game less micro-intensive, one core value that 0 A.D. aspired for.
  2. While that might be the case, 0 A.D. reflects empires generally at their greatest (in which the exact time is admittedly a bit arbitrary). During that time Seleukids, Ptolemies, Carthaginians, and Indians all used elephants in a variety of battles; having them decrease in value doesn't really line up to me at least.
  3. I'm honestly unsure about this feature as well, but it would be interesting to make it so that advanced, elite soldiers, and champion have resistance to this.
  4. I mainly wanted to spark discussion to have a feel for what people genuinely think. Most seem to like it the way it is or do not have terribly strong feelings about it. Your questions really open a can of worms that might be worth a different topic, but for the moment, not considering the economy, let's go through those. The primary answer to ranged units for Sparta should be the Skiritae unit, but possibly all melee infantry could benefit from a technology that increases their pierce armour called "Fight in the Shade." Honestly the idea of cavalry being an answer to a camel unit is a
  5. Distance is relevant, and the reason I said that the space between chickens and the Civic Centre is small is because on nine out of ten random map generations it is that case; the chickens are practically hugging the building. If we set the arbitrary distance number to two for soldiers at a gather rate of two, using roughly same equation logic, a single cavalry unit is roughly 2.58 times more efficient than a soldier, and is 1.86 if the gather rate is set to 3. The point is not for cavalry to beat infantry or women in this case. Cavalry are more expensive than the other counterparts a
  6. This is more an attempt to bring variety to the immediate early game, in which walking distance is not much of an issue due to the animals spawning close to the Civic Centre. It would do little to make hunting better in other cases.
  7. If you look back far enough, there was some pretty nice content made for Elven structures back in the day when I only had double digit posts to my name.
  8. One thing Nescio earlier on proposed that I particularly liked was giving a bonus to building structures like markets and temples within a certain radius of the Civic Centre. This would be a nice "soft" encourager for the player to migrate their farming economy to a different area.
  9. Fair objection. There could however be a marginal increase, bringing the value from 1 to 2 or even just 1.5 that would make the option of putting a few women or men to hunting viable but not optimal.
  10. So given the fact that some people like the current gather rates of cavalry, instead perhaps the other gather rates of citizen-soldiers and women could be adjusted to be almost or just as fast. In that way there would not be a massive opportunity cost in using the initial cavalry unit to scout.
  11. That is precisely why it is being proposed. A military structure used for economic purposes is an oxymoron.
  12. The reason I did so was to compare a task that cavalry tend to do with one that women do as well in the immediate early game. Fair points though.
  13. They definitely have that kind of feel, especially when it comes to the impact with units; that said, there are two things I appreciate about that design: they are easy to make out and they lack the weird trails seen in most Total War games.
  14. The thing is that cavalry were not hunting specialists; I can live with them hunting faster than other units, but to me the current approach makes the unit completely one dimensional outside of combat in the early game. Do you ever scout with your cavalry unit at the beginning of the game? Most people don't and tend to only scout once they are attacking. Personally I would like to see there be a roughly 50% divide of preference of scouting versus hunting depending on build orders. Scouting could reward the player with knowing the locations of key resources and potentially allow them to gra
  15. Cavalry gather rates are fast, and to quantify that, I ran a number of tests with Cavalry spawning on the two player Acropolis Bay Map. First I tested the cavalry unit collecting chickens. The result was that the cavalry unit gathered 200 food in roughly 1 minute and 19 seconds (I set it to gather the most efficient group.). In comparison, I set one woman to gather from the nearest berry group (without constructing a dropsite nearby) and was able to collect 50 food in that same amount of time. Her collecting less, however, makes sense since a female unit costs one third the number of r
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