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  1. Has there been much consideration for colour blindness with these icons? That's where I could see the current alarm bell be problematic.
  2. It seems that the Portugese will never find a good strategic niche in the current meta.
  3. Rome Total War features them, and that game is known as an objectively historically accurate source.
  4. If we look at the way that the game was originally designed, most techs were meant to be paired, having the player choose between the two with different benefits. Earlier alphas incorporated that, but the results were a bit mixed, leaving the current gamestate without that mechanic. My take is that there should be choices provided that they are meaningful ones and play to different possibilities during the timeframe in which they were represented. With Rome it might be a matter of trying to consider the demands of the plebeians over the senatorial elite. Carthage might be a matter of relyi
  5. I think that there could be a middle ground. Units can improve through technologies and the like, and what might have served as a powerful village phase unit could be fairly average by comparison in the city phase. The one thing that I'd say should be key to design of this sort is to remember that 'the rule of cool'>'balance.' There should be an aim to always make things feel overpowered compared to vice-versa. My vision would be more that Spartans would be maybe having at most 5 by the end of the village phase and maybe 10 in the town phase at most. The point would be to consider what
  6. A while ago I wrote a similar thing to that but with a lot more detail; it didn't get much buzz probably because it was long, a fair critique, but here it is: A few things I think would be good takeaways: Sparta should have access to Spartan hoplites at the beginning of the game, with a Spartan hoplite being a starting unit. Another thing was that cavalry would not be available until the town phase. Scouting instead could be done by building a barracks and training a Skiritae unit. For the Spartan hoplite in general, my focus was more around the fact that they could have auras that co
  7. For once I would like a map that was designed to look like a Bob Ross.
  8. You do not go far enough! The tyranny of the sword must be overthrown by the objectively more popular and effective weapon. We shall not rest until the reverse is done! Spears remove half of a ram's health in a single strike while a sword does a paltry one damage.
  9. Maybe for some of the less workable maps, they could still be accessible in the game by choosing the map 'Megarandom,' which has some of the wackiest possible options in it.
  10. Well, as I and others more or less unanimously agreed in a topic I started, trying to differentiate between sword and spear units to begin with is a kind of problematic approach.
  11. They do do that, but the reason that WFG chose to give spearmen pierce attack to begin with was because well... most of the time spears pierce. It's a case of making a thing intuitive on paper that is much less so in relation to the game. The reason I prefer melee, ranged, and siege is that there is little doubt about how these work, which I consider grounds enough to make it an objectively better improvement. Granted, hack, pierce, and crush are fine and perhaps good enough to not warrant bothering with a change, but it's because of these terms that the problem existed to begin with for va
  12. Agreed. In a topic I wrote entitled 'The Problem with Sword/Spear Units' I basically outlined the fact that differentiating between these two types of soldiers merely based on their weapons has little basis in history and hardly even functions well from a gameplay standpoint since spear units are by and large ineffective cavalry counters. Essentially the underlying logic of why spear units are bad versus rams and buildings is because they use a pierce attack, which rams have a good deal of armour versus. This of course is meant to be an intuitive choice but leads to this strange outco
  13. We need 8-bit sound effects too then and only use 256 colours...
  14. Is permanent deforestation after a grove has been depleted possible with this mechanic?
  15. I suppose I should have clarified more. The Oracle of Delphi supposedly stated that a wall of wood would save Athens, which Themistocles interpreted as a proper navy. Granted, Wooden Walls could be misleading, but it definitely is more thematic. Honestly the choice is a matter of taste.
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