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Found 5 results

  1. Before me or @wowgetoffyourcellphone forget, this is the thread for the Spartan faction of the Delenda Est modification. This opening post will be changed to include a revised unit breakdown and probably some other things. Current unit roster:
  2. Hello all! i've made this topic to show some cuirasses i've done once when i had proper internet connection but didn't had a chance to post it. This are textures (cuirasses) done procedurally with blender. So we can have them with normal and specular maps included in any possible color whitout too much effort. Some are recreations of actual textures with specular, normal map. While others are new additions following a few references i could get. Everything was done using Blender and some meshes and procedural materials. Scratches could be included in case is needed but every texture ingam
  3. The ones of you who have a close eye on the recent commits and patches in the queue will have noticed that there are efforts being made to further differentiate the current civs either by unique bonuses and/or buildings. I am assuming that I am not the only one seeing great potential for Spartans in that direction, especially since the removal of their pop penality leaves room for new things. I think it is time to share my ideas from a mod draft made several years ago, but never finished/published. See the following description and proposals as an inspiration for new/alternative/enhanced Spart
  4. Just made a corinthian helmet or at least something similar to give some love for the old 2010 helmets of the spartan units:
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