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  1. i've keept reading the forum everytime i have the opportunity, glad to see the Xiongnu structure meshes served a bigger purpose than a nomadic faction haha! would be good if you import all the vegetation of hellenic structures and port them to your new meshes. Thats how i've made the Byzantine wonder garden,.
  2. Good to see you back working a lot @wackyserious. Quick tip: the whole structure is very good, only thing you will need later wich was a difficult task since its kinda complicated start adding random handplace vegetation around, is add with props bushes and moss over the walls or hanging moss on the watchtower to mix the building with the enviroment. Keep it up!
  3. I don't log often this days due to heavy work, but man this deserves a medal!
  4. With the new alpha 24 release, I can download it and work with it at least for testing purposes. I'm using a neighbor connection, thought is shared between 3 houses and the connection sometimes get very awfully. Besides working more than 8 hours pero day. At least with the work I've managed to buy my laptop another 4gb ram and managed to get stable blender working environment with 8gb and also a keyboard and not messing around my laptop keyboard. Sometimes in the night I read the forum but can't answer when the signal is poor. ( literallly the page never load the reply box). Hope continue working soon.
  5. Can be used as model (if i'll do it) or is there any license issue?
  6. Maybe an special unit fast but weak to infiltrate on the enemy base and torch it, like an "always running" citizen able to torch barracks, houses, civic centers, farmlands, stables, but not walls, towers and defensive buildings. if ability with cd were implemented. i thought on this because a reference drawing of an early ancient desertic civilization that was posted about a year ago.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! PD: I Have internet shared but had been really slow since december started. My repo copy its broken and need to be updated and never loads by tortoise due to 10kbps downlad . Hopefully i could get it working soonish.
  8. i like the green surface on the walls, @LordGood @Stan` something you guys do great.
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone A recent patch with elephants adjustment was committed some weeks ago, please check if that was the size desired. I've made the patch before i ran out of internet connection months ago.
  10. Testing a new pc performance on blender changed a bit the 4th row walking animation. @Nescio Current animation could be used when the syntagma is currently advancing to attack nearby enemies maybe. Tought the 4 animations are now Straight and keeped both animations on Blend Files.
  11. Short question while my internet works, first row bends. Solution: Straight up the animation of the infantry?
  12. Me? Nah, recently was some busy and drinking ron with my aunt go ahead, tunic looks good. And didn't had any more detailed cuirass reference to work with
  13. Don't remember, but i reduced saturation so now is iron only. So 4 scythes bellow the platform right? can you point this ? sorry i couldn't understand what you mean. (This response is from the same day you answered but i didn't had internet till now)
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