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  1. I know I'm totally irrational about this, but I loved watching the elephants putting wooden beams on buildings with their trunks.
  2. Not really. In theory a software is called "Beta" when it runs stable enough and has most of the needed features. (Which we already fullfill imho. The issue is that the change was gradually, so there never was a point at which we could pinpoint it and say "Now we're really in Beta". I guess we could just start calling it Beta when we run out of the letters of the alphabet. ;D)
  3. Not really. I mean it's only a alpha cause we call it so. (We could as well already proclaimed it as beta )
  4. It's not only a visual thing. When I send rams to attack something and there is a straight way through some smaller gap, they first regroup and then choose to go a long way around cause their formation doesn't fit through. If they wouldn't be using formation they'd reached their goal way faster. The constant regrouping is also a bit annoying within a fight.
  5. I agree with @OptimusShepard that it looks quite bad in forests and in narrow passages. Maybe deactivate it by default? Else we might get many reports after the release.
  6. We should just have female and male workers with the same stats. This seems more accurate. I think working on fields or in mines was more a concern of class/caste than of sex in these times. Regarding female warriors: I lack the historic knowledge about that. But it seems that newer research doesn't support this thesis that in the past (without some exceptions) only men were warriors throughout the history. (not sure if this research applies on 0ads timeframe) Edit: @Sundiata might know something about that topic as well.
  7. I always got confused by the wording. So imho using an other word to make it more clear does definitely make sense.
  8. Hmm, sounds a bit too much for me. Maybe just some kind of ping? (I'm no sound guy, so no real idea)
  9. Hmm, I can't find a callstack in there.
  10. Are you using any antivirus? (e.g. GData Security) Have you tried redownloading and then reinstalling the game?
  11. @kokomaestro Have you tried what happens when you just press continue? @Stan can you do anything with that crashdump?
  12. The arch fix is just the ryzen L3 cache fix, that I commited. right? This patch is not really correct, but the incorrectness shouldn't matter for the 0ad usecase. I think in the future we should just remove this part of the UserReporter.
  13. I just wrote with TECH.SUPPORT@AMD.COM So I guess I can't help here. :/
  14. Why are you tagging me? I have no idea xD @crazy_Baboon: Which OS? Which mouse? It works for me, so I guess it's an issue with your mouse/drivers/OS. Depending on your answer someone can hopefully help you
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