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  1. I always got confused by the wording. So imho using an other word to make it more clear does definitely make sense.
  2. Hmm, sounds a bit too much for me. Maybe just some kind of ping? (I'm no sound guy, so no real idea)
  3. Hmm, I can't find a callstack in there.
  4. Are you using any antivirus? (e.g. GData Security) Have you tried redownloading and then reinstalling the game?
  5. @kokomaestro Have you tried what happens when you just press continue? @Stan can you do anything with that crashdump?
  6. The arch fix is just the ryzen L3 cache fix, that I commited. right? This patch is not really correct, but the incorrectness shouldn't matter for the 0ad usecase. I think in the future we should just remove this part of the UserReporter.
  7. I just wrote with TECH.SUPPORT@AMD.COM So I guess I can't help here. :/
  8. Why are you tagging me? I have no idea xD @crazy_Baboon: Which OS? Which mouse? It works for me, so I guess it's an issue with your mouse/drivers/OS. Depending on your answer someone can hopefully help you
  9. Sorry, but couldn't resist to fix the head
  10. Seems like we'll need the building-specific build animation elexis proposed.
  11. Very nice. Nitpicking: Maybe a bit more bright? (Looks a bit bland) Colour could be shifted a bit more away from pink towards purple/blue.
  12. OK. Done: D2362. A bit Offtopic: Is it intended units loose their helmet/cap and cape while carrying or gathering?
  13. That looks better. Are you sure the female variant needs all the weapon attachpoints: + <prop attachpoint="shield"/> + <prop attachpoint="shield_arm"/> + <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> + <prop attachpoint="weapon_R"/> + <prop attachpoint="weapon_bow"/> + <prop attachpoint="ammo"/>
  14. No, my comment was regarding the humans using a mallet for seeding instead of a bowl. xD
  15. Couldn't you just equip them with some kind of bowl?
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