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  1. Did you use the suffix thing? This shouldn't be the case of you use the whole file as is.
  2. for a26 yes. Commands.js L1654: const cmpVisual = Engine.QueryInterface(formationEnt, IID_Visual); if (cmpVisual) { const civ = QueryPlayerIDInterface(player).GetCiv(); cmpVisual.SetVariant("animationVariant", civ); } Formation.js LoadFormation function: Formation.prototype.LoadFormation = function(newTemplate) { const newFormation = ChangeEntityTemplate(this.entity, newTemplate); let cmpVisual = Engine.QueryInterface(newFormation, IID_Visual); if (cmpVisual) { const cmpNewOwnership = Engine.QueryInterface(newFormation, IID_Ownership); const player = cmpNewOwnership.GetOwner(); const civ = QueryPlayerIDInterface(player).GetCiv(); cmpVisual.SetVariant("animationVariant", civ); } return Engine.QueryInterface(newFormation, IID_UnitAI); }; template_formation.xml Commands.js Formation.js
  3. https://github.com/SilierTheVixen/0ad-gameplay-mode/blob/f082021413165c3c8d3a45c9c59d146db0d264e2/simulation/components/Formation.js#L1807 https://github.com/SilierTheVixen/0ad-gameplay-mode/blob/f082021413165c3c8d3a45c9c59d146db0d264e2/simulation/templates/template_formation.xml#L50
  4. Hi @SneakEP, Can you please upload crash logs?https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Also reports go usually here https://wildfiregames.com/forum/forum/378-bug-reports/ just create new post
  5. @Freagarach Its actually bug, it happens if another structure has nothing to train. Works with selecting also with foundation
  6. Just write their name, they should get sound notification
  7. Unfortunatly, It looks like that there simply is no path for bigger units even to go around. The forests are too dense and potential path along the edge of the map may be too far away to be taken into consideration. There is certain cutoff distance in which pathfinder stops looking for another paths to not make computations even slower than they currently are. AI could potentially try to setup certain waypoints but she needs better map awarness for that to identify chokepoints or blocked paths for certain units like this one.
  8. This looks strange, like they would be obstructed by each other. Can you please upload replay? Also evil ping @wraitii
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