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  1. I hope non development screenshots are allowed if not I apologize in advance. Just took a few nice pictures from my latest skirmish. I love how believable and full of life cities end up looking in 0ad, it is a nice change of pace to be able to build a huge city compared to AoE3 which is the other RTS I play the most. The map was the one with the river on a 3v3 vs the AI. Sadly my AI teammates died just when i was pushing through one of the enemy bases. The first picture is minutes before the onslaught. It also didn't help that I really don't understand how to play Carthage lol
  2. Recently I returned to RTS and mostly thanks to AoE3:DE. The original didn't quite click on me, I didn't like the unlocking cards thing as it made skirmish very grindy. This is the only current RTS I play on ranked (altough I have a lousy 920 ELO). I love the cards system now that they are unlocked, it lets you play all kind of wacky things, Mexico is my favourite of the new civs but I also play Portugal (which is kind of in a bad shape right now) and Dutch (which are fun altough a bit of a one-trick pony civ) I hope they keep improving the game, specially the AI. I find it dissapointing that the AI doesn't build walls and that it very rarely revolts. In this aspect AoE2 is still the king (the AI mops the floor with me on anything above moderate) I'm super hyped for the release of KoTM, that and 0AD alpha 26 are my most anticipated things right now!
  3. One thing i notice about citizen soldiers is that it makes raiding/harassing way less profitable and interesting than in AoE. One thing that could be interesting if that male citizens would have to get their equipment at the nearest barracks(after all I doubt soldiers were chopping wood in full armored gear). That would also add the importance of protecting military buildings, having your only barracks knocked over would leave you defenseless. Having your men picking resources too far from their barracks would also be very punishable. Of course I am a noob and I know this would probably be too complicated to implement, I just wanted to give my two cents about it
  4. thanks for the info I will check that out
  5. I am still not familiarized with 0ad counter systems (are there counters?) but isn't this inneficient? there are units that might soak up a lot of damage from units that are not their counter, and distinguishing between units types is important in terms of microing the army efficiently. I am mostly playing aoe3 as of late and I might be biased because of it's hard counter system, but for example attacking skirmishers with your light cavalry will get your troops wrecked. while attacking them with heavy cavalry will destroy them but attacking heavy infantry will destroy your heavy cavalry. Both heavy, and light inf can be ranged. I guess that in the case of 0ad you could make a difference between heavy infantry (roman legions with throwable pilum) and light infantry (velite, archer, peltast). Perhaps my impression is wrong for 0ad but distinguishing unit types is usually very important in RTS and it often takes precedence before scale and realism.
  6. Does it cause the rest of the villagers realize they live in a society?
  7. I am not that person, sorry. I agree that I should be using control groups more and I will try to get used to that, however as thephilosopher says, the issue is that is also hard to distinguish enemy units and try to counter them. Sadly that mod is a bit too extreme for me, I still like things looking nice and somewhat immersive. Thanks for the replies
  8. Hi I am fairly new to the game but wanted to give some feedback in something that makes it a bit hard to get into. I don't know if I'm just getting old and my eyesight is not what it used to be but I find very hard to identify at a glance the units in the battlefield. While having the units be on a pretty correct scale compared to the buildings it makes it pretty hard to distinguish one unit from each other. I can zoom in but then I miss out a lot of peripheral vision. Besides that, units are very hard to tell between each other, they do look realistic but see in the screenshot attached, I have a very hard time distinguishing which ones are spearmen, swordsman skirmishers (and that screenshot is really zoomed in). Maybe emphasizing some aspect of the unit would make them more distinguishable. Ranged units make are specially frustrating because most of the time arrows are virtually invisible, I can't tell if my unit is being hit by a tower or a castle. I was wondering if this was something to be considered subject to change in the future. Or if there are any mods that make units/arrows more easily identifiable (even if it is less historically accurate). Also I have noticed almost by accident that the default camera angle makes the game laggy, I usually press "Ctrl + S" for a slightly more overhead view and performance improves dramatically. I wish there was a way to save the camera settings or set the default angle/zoom (maybe even lock zoom out) Besides of that I am enjoying the game a lot, I hope you guys don't take this as criticism, the game is amazing as it is. The soundtrack is outstanding, definitely has nothing to envy to other famous RTSs. I listen to it while I work Thanks for such a cool game!
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