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  1. Defenseless non-military worker units, which are represented as women in this game, should not be killed. Cruel.
  2. Share your screenshots from 0ad in this thread. I make the beginning with this one form the mediterranean map:
  3. Sorry alpha, you are completely wrong. Wall towers are not weaker than regular towers! Wall towers have 4000 hp and regular towers have 1200 hp. Also i think that the AI does delete the walls to save resources, yes. It is just using the towers as defense. Thanks for your responses.
  4. In 0ad it's possible to build a civ center with standard units on any free territory. You do not have to plan how to move your ressources beforehand. It is more realistic if ressources such as stone and wood need to be moved to the new location before you start building. I suggest implementing this with a special settler unit, that carries some ressources, and maybe a flag. Ideally a part of the ressource cost needs to be payed when recruiting the settler. I imagine the settler to be slower than other units and requiring some protection from standard units. Building can happen as it is right n
  5. Currently building powerful Wall Towers is possible without building Walls. The AI enemy is often using this to create a "forest" of wall towers built instead of regular towers, which looks strange. But why not use the regular, and weaker towers for this purpose, and allow building the Wall Towers only within a wall? In my opinion wall towers are overpowered as the are implemented right now, because it is difficult to destroy them with siege engines, but they can easily be built. This can be deferred by only allowing to build Wall Towers within walls.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. Maybe i should read the manual before posting
  7. Hello. At the moment sending units to a building takes some time, because you have to click on the tiny icon before clicking on the building. This can be improved by giving the same possibility when hovering with the mouse over a building. I suggest to implement it with a double-click, and changing mouse cursor.
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