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  1. It doesn't matter how many cives you haves, the number of different meshes (their variants) per frame matters.
  2. Draw call is a single command to draw a mesh (usually) - a part of some object. If it's not rendered then it costs only memory. But if you see all these knife types, then it might have an impact. Yes, 3 or 5 knifes won't make the performance noticeably worse. But when you have a whole map of different variations it might become noticeable. How it speedups you might check with bb (entityvariants) and wraitii (instancing) patches.
  3. I remember there was a discussion about round minimaps here. D2216 was just committed, so it's possible to have round minimaps now (at least visually).
  4. I think no. Maybe something with driver. Could he try to just disable shadows (and re-enable again to compare results) with enables GLSL? The terrain has something like Moiré pattern. Also it seems GUI doesn't have such problem.
  5. Yes, but people use not the only one unit. There might be 2 or more. Unfortunately (especially on modern HW) in our game just a number of drawcalls matters (doesn't matter how big a drawcall is, "big" in reasonable bounds), the number of drawcalls and related state changes is the bottleneck now.
  6. If they're not used during all game - yes, they shouldn't affect performance. But if they were placed (or even drawn) then they might. Because you need to load all needed resources (cost memory). You need to draw at least one frame then you need to make some state changes that also affects performance of the frame.
  7. I'd prefer to have low number of knifes for all civs The problem is that you can't notice the difference by eye on modern hardware like 1050/1660+, but we have a lot of meshes each of them increases number of GL state changes which decreases performance (so in total they affect performance significantly). Also more different meshes makes instancing less applicable.
  8. Unfortunately variation affects performance. And I'd prefer to have at most 3-4 different knifes that are significantly different.
  9. How many polys? Which materials are used? And why do we need so many small and so similar elements? For example #2, #4 and #8 look mostly the same with a usual camera distance.
  10. I see different shadows qualities, that might affect render performance as well. Also you have different simulation speeds.
  11. Could you press F2 (it takes screenshot from the internal renderer) and press Print Screen (it takes screenshot from the game) and post both pictures here? If I understood you correctly you say that user can't fix awareness. But actually user can for Windows 10 and iirc Windows 8.1 and it does work. You need to open executable settings and customize the DPI settings. Then you need to add the gui.scale setting to user.cfg with a value multiple of 2.
  12. We can use kinda forward+ for GL2+, so it's not so far. And deferred rendering prevents MSAA, most everything in graphics is tradeoff. Most modern graphic systems in games don't cast shadows for dynamic lightings, might do only for few (like 4-8) nearest to a player lights. Not really, you more wanna say too much to review at once x) Profit of the instancing is pretty tricky, it highly depends on a scene. Look at Yves measurements for deep forest. For obvious reason the difference isn't so big about ~10%. It depends on how to add lights, usually the numb
  13. Thank you very much, you've done that perfectly! Yeah, I was right, jumping bounding boxes appear on the video. It seems celt_trader commit has tweaked that behaviour.
  14. Yeah, that's the correct picture. Now questions: a) do you see flickering from that distance? b) do the boxes flicker (their sizes are changing along the sun direction)?
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