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  1. In that way I could say that I'm responsible for the C++ part, yes. IIRC wseh might work with minimal changes. About GL, the most important part is to check GL* types (GLuint, GLchar, etc).
  2. I prefer to avoid library types (external types, not defined by an application) or "using"s in a global namespace in headers. I'm not sure that I get what do you mean here I don't know how to check properly that I'm qualified enough for some task I'd like to clean up it as well. Yeah.
  3. Not only, there is a case with <cstdint> (which we also include in some places), which might not define ::*_t, only std::*_t ones. To avoid the question what to include we might use own types. But I don't mind to use std::*_t. It defines the *_t types by itself. Your issues might mean that it doesn't define all required types. For sure there is a lot of things to improve with includes and dependencies. Like CStr/CStrW definition. IIRC the biggest and most annoying part for me was building libraries (which I didn't finish), the code itself was pretty easy to build with mingw.
  4. "lib/posix/posix_types.h" already contains #include <stdint.h>, so no need to replace. Instead it might be useful to find a reason of the issues. Also using int*_t (and others *_t) directly has a rare caveat, it might be not defined on some platforms (according to the standard).
  5. So these path are correct, and no need to change something in the code. Maybe there is a problem somewhere in premake which doesn't catch these paths properly.
  6. Hi! Have you installed libsdl2-dev? And what's a value of an SDL2_CONFIG env?
  7. Decals are supposed to be rendered only in bounds you set in xml. And outside of those bounds shouldn't be rendered. To avoid rendering it uses alpha channel of the texture on its borders (and all current decal textures are transparent on their borders). So to fix the issue you need to add a transparent border to your texture.
  8. What's the material? Could you attach a sample decal?
  9. Sounds like an out of memory. Nothing to fix in the game except optimize the memory usage. But it's a very complex task to complete for A25 (and even for A26).
  10. Yeah, I was experimenting with it: Yes, square for each R5G5B5. It's possible but more slow, as on each frame you need to do a lot more work for rendering. Just generated by a script. We don't have a blog, so I just post some of my local stuff on the forum. It's impossible without performance loss at the moment. Cleaning up the cache should help, because there should be no other relation between mods.
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