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  1. No problem Not for RC and releases, spirv is prebuilt there. Yep.
  2. It's mentioned in the first message of this thread The final steps aren't established yet because we're tweaking stuff. But they'll be definitely published. Though I'm not sure about the BuildInstructions page, as it's more about packaging and running. Do not forget to enable feedback if possible
  3. IIRC local.cfg is for development to override values from default.cfg. Did the renderer.backend.vulkan.disabledescriptorindexing = "true" line change something? Thanks! I'll include some changes into the next RC, will see then.
  4. Currently I have only two ideas: a) out of some internal memory, could you try to decrease the texture quality? b) some textures are loaded incorrectly, do you have any mod installed?
  5. Thank you! Yes, I have few ideas to check. add the following line to your user.cfg and run: renderer.backend.vulkan.disabledescriptorindexing = "true" add the following lines to your user.cfg, run the game (it will be slower, it's ok) and attach userreport and mainlog after that: renderer.backend.debugcontext = "true" renderer.backend.debugmessages = "true" renderer.backend.debuglabels = "true" renderer.backend.debugscopedlabels = "true"
  6. Thank you for testing! Is it reproducible if disable V-Sync but use FPS throttling? Did I understand correctly that it was reproduced only once for OpenGL ARB but not anymore? Could you (if time permits) install Vulkan SDK? And run vkcube.exe from there?
  7. Just to make sure: you used borderless.fullscreen = "false", right? Does the only chat window trigger the tearing? Or any other in-game window like options or diplomacy? Is it reproducible in the main menu?
  8. Does it happen to any other OpenGL/Vulkan game (maybe SuperTuxKart or Warzone 2100)? Does it happen in fullscreen and window mode?
  9. Could you attach userreport_hwdetect and mainlog from your logs folder when it happens? You can find path to it here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Did you get any error/warning before that happened?
  10. Do fullscreen/vsync/borderless.fullscreen options change something? Do fullscreen/borderless.fullscreen options change something? Do you use Wayland?
  11. Does it happen with OpenGL ARB at all? Does it happen when the game is running the only main menu? Also could you update video drivers if it's possible?
  12. It's a different option, there is view.scroll.mouse.detectdistance.
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