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  1. It seems a bit less readable to me and it'll be inconsistent anyway as we can't use such approach everywhere. But I don't mind in that particular case.
  2. Yeah, that'd be good. Unfortunately it's in a low priority right know. But! I wrote a script to do simple batch updates. So if you have Python 3 installed (or you're able to), you can use it (don't forget to backup your map files before running the script and resave the map from Atlas to format the file correctly after the changes by the script): python3 path/to/entities.py path/to/map.xml --pattern your/tree/name --list --rotate random entities.py You might run the script without the rotate argument just to test the list of matched entities.
  3. IIRC we should log such cases, maybe it's in log files. The game uses normal and specular textures together, so we don't support separate materials anymore (that's the way to go PBR). But you always can set a default texture to norm or spec. I can recommend to avoid too sharp normal textures (when neighbor pixels have opposite values, in other words normals look in opposite directions). See also technical art requirements (made by me, converted to wiki format by Stan): https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TechnicalArtRequirements
  4. Just in case make sure you're using OpenGL or Vulkan backend and Shader effects set at least to 3.
  5. It seems different from the original post. Could you share a full log (with the Collada compilation error)?
  6. Could you share your OS and compiler version? That shouldn't affect the compilation process, since it depends on a platform not CI infrastructure itself.
  7. That might indeed happen because of low amount of free memory. Could you also try to update your videocard drivers and switch to OpenGL ARB backend?
  8. Which version of the game are you using? Post-processing stage might be too late for you do cel shading. Because ideally it requires normal and light information. So adjusting model and terrain shaders might give a better result (though it's more complex than post-processing). Also keep in mind that we now support Vulkan, it means GLSL shaders won't work there, they require precompilation (if you'd like to support Vulkan backend ping me).
  9. It depends on a map size. I think the easiest way (without looking to the code) is to place 4 entities on an empty map with your size (their sum divided by 4 would be the center): Another way to get a coordinate of some point is to place a camera there and print its current position: Misc hacks > JS console > Enter warn(uneval(Engine.GetCameraPosition()));
  10. In that case the error might happen because of stack overflow/out of memory. If you replace it by a loop (with the same number of steps like for the recursion) in theory it shouldn't fail.
  11. Indeed, maybe we need a tool to cleanup such entities. Just high values aren't enough because maps are circular. So ideally you need to find coordinates of a map center and remove all entities which are further than a map radius (maybe with some bias). (0, 0) isn't a map center but the one of its corners.
  12. We have the same assertion when there're entities placed too close to a map border, particularly their shape intersects the border. Known bug: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/6486 Thank you, we'll use it for 6486 when there'll be a fix. Maybe when you deleted all entities some of them remained behind/close to a map border.
  13. Could you tell that map and describe exact steps you've done?
  14. Could you try it for a map present in the game? Does it show a resolved stack? Could you type bt there and press enter?
  15. How did try to delete them all? Could you try to run it under gdb to see a resolved stack? (gdb -ex run pyrogenesis)
  16. Hi! Yeah, it's a known thing, you need a mod to fix that in A26:
  17. Hi and welcome to the forum! We had our stand before, just haven't submitted our application this year. We had no problem to get a stand in previous years (according to Stan we had no rejections at all). We haven't considered to have a stand yet. Personally I plan to give a lightning talk (like I did in 2019-2021) and I'd like to have a stand. But I need to have my visa approved first.
  18. That sounds interesting, I'll try to reach implodedok directly. The only downside I see that we'll need to dig through those spams to find a valid account of newcommers.
  19. By glow we usually understand post-processing filter which adds a bloom-like effect. Yeah, I'm working on that, and that will allow to add an adjustable glow effect.
  20. Hi! Maybe it's caused because it can't read the default hotkey configuration file. Usually it's located at binaries/data/config/*.*, if not see below. You can find directories (beside the main one with 0ad-data) used by the game here (where it can read or write): https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Linux
  21. Maybe consequently applying https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/PortA24ToA25 and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/PortA25ToA26 might help.
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