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  1. It seems the translation contains an invisible character sequence with code 0xC2AD (soft hyphen, ­ in terms of HTML), it's visible only in a hex editor. And our engine doesn't support that.
  2. Hi! Another possible solution: could you add `preferglsl = "true"` line into your user.cfg file? You can find path to it on our wiki page.
  3. That's pretty interesting and very popular thought that I see in comments for mostly every AAA game And that's actually a popular pitfall of a person unfamiliar with a development process. Because every team (>=2 people) for a faster development splits their responsibilities. And you can't blame people from some department for things another department is responsible for. It doesn't excuse us as a developer team to not have a stable amount of gameplay improvements. But it allows me to notice that the opinion is kind of biased.
  4. Until your game gets 1 FPS on some hardware and you receive a endless stream of complains x)
  5. @Mastoras I've made a patch: D4654, could you test it with smoothlos = "true"?
  6. It seems your setup doesn't support some framebuffer types. I'll try to make a patch. For now you could try to add `smoothlos == "false"` to your usef.cfg file.
  7. Hi! Could you post your system_info.txt (paths)?
  8. No problem Then there're few possible fixes in the upcoming A26 that might solve your problem.
  9. That's not present in A25b. Are you able to build the game from sources?
  10. (https://media2.giphy.com/media/TzxfXbIIkWUQo/giphy.webp?cid=ecf05e475mrxspb39vyayz2ojv4t2sn55lb3c1taxdq7h97n&rid=giphy.webp&ct=g)
  11. We can do some things and I have a patch for that: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4602. But I'm not satisfied with it yet.
  12. It looks like the one of savegame files was corrupted. Could you backup your savegame files (you might find paths to them here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Linux) and clean the folder? Also might do it step-by-step to find the corrupted file.
  13. Maybe an assertion but the error window wasn't shown? We need logs if there is crashlog.txt.
  14. My minimap patch isn't a feature, it's an optimization. And according to the open RB list I have some time to make a proper patch.
  15. How can I help? Minimap looks ok, maybe add some comparison screenshots?
  16. I have ideas how to fix the issue, but I need to finish GL stuff first.
  17. Wondering how many frames per hour UE5 might give for our average hardware
  18. Yes, it might because of failed creation of some textures. Could add debug checks to the config file: renderer.backend.debugcontext = "true" renderer.backend.debugmessages = "true" renderer.backend.debuglabels = "true" renderer.backend.debugscopedlabels = "true"
  19. Maybe just models with too close geometry.
  20. Unfortunately FXAA isn't supported on macOS yet. Because it requires GL3.3+ shaders support, but macOS can't provide it for GL2.1 mode that we use. I plan to add a possibility to disable an option for platforms where it's unsupported.
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