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  1. I am from Tamil Nadu, India. My username inspired by Transformers series, Nest is a classified strike team on that movie. I have been watching this game for long time approx. 9 years.
  2. I tried with paypal & Debit/Credit card options. For both I can't donate from India. Is there any other way around
  3. I played some matches with AI. The following are my observations. I choose to play medium difficulty. It doesn't use healers or priests When I attack Petra base, Normally I stationed my army just outside, mostly compromising archers, healers and javelin. Instead of attack my army group with formation, it send soldiers one by one, most of them killed my archers and javelin. So it is easy win for me. Could someone share your experience, how to use formations, which formation used in which scenario. Does formation used to attack enemy or only for march. This game really good. If you start crowd-funding, I will donate
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