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  1. Thank you for everything Stan , wish you best this community gonna miss you
  2. Hi @Stan`i just rerecord the voices and share with you the final files ? or you need voice + xml files, although there is no chnage on xml
  3. Hi, may i know if we have discord server now ? or still old school aproach
  4. Hello everyone , long time no see. i will be available next month for 1-2 months , and i want to @Samulis ( need your support again ) re-record current persian voice to adress some complaints posted here. @Stan` would you please let me know if anyone had work on the new voice/sound structure that i created ? or still we use old structure
  5. @Stan` @Lion.Kanzen Sorry for late reply , i was traveling if i get it correctly the discussion is if in Persian empire (old era ) women were involved in military actions or not. well it depends you look at which period of time , I believe you are referring to Achaemenid empire during the Achaemenid empire era and even after that till the end of Sasanian Empire ( invasion of Arabs) women had equal rights same as men .. they were free to chose their occupation and they also get paid equally to men based on their performance.... not only during the Achaemenid and since long time back every child ( boy / girl ) had to learn swim / using bow / riding horse... no difference between the King's child or farmer child .. boy or girl you had to learn these skills ( because of this Parthian army was strong even without standing army) Also they had chance to join military although it was not common .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantea_Arteshbod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apranik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Sura_of_Parthia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemisia_I_of_Caria https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordiya
  6. I hope to see these points in next release , specially point 1
  7. hi, 024 just released recently we are going to have 025 this soon ? then i need to improve Persian voice Any chance in this version someone work on voice structure of game ?
  8. Thanks What about this section :Environment Factors & variables (Page 20 to 30) ?
  9. Hello guys, would you please have a look on this design and let me know if its possible to create a mode on 0 A.D for this ? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p40S5IQsc1xqpEOKlBA-GuUnYFTtbv2y_OxZDsNmlPc/edit this is only a summary on what i have in my mind ,
  10. These voices captured based on current voice structure of the game and i was asked to follow the existing structure , and I agree with you some of them may not be a good choice. Although there was a design that I suggested to implement for voice structure , and it was for whole game not only Persian but it require development and we didn't have volunteer to implement it and sadly i cannot help on development part. you can check this post: if we can find someone to help the development part , i promise you in next release the Persian voice to be perfect
  11. May i ask you if there is any plan to implement this voice structure part of Alpha 24?
  12. One comment > we already spent a lot of effort for translation, every time a text change we need to consider translation as well
  13. this is nice it is part of new voice structure. i hope one day someone implement whole new voice structure. thanks for heads up stan
  14. for Persian i did, based on new structure. but to use them first we need to implement new voice structure of game (require development i think). current voice structure is not complete and has issue check this one that i prepared: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ze2SBTjKxMTbAVMDUmJIAwjDLXFJy2kNzXzkI3wwP7U/edit#gid=780866684
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