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  1. Not the best quality, but here it is: Basic and advanced still have Macedonian caps and previous alpha clothing. Elites do not have the helmet and scale linothorax, bucklers should be out. On another note, the Macedonian and Ptolemaic Cretan archers may have not been updated to like the Athenian counterparts.
  2. The Syrian archers are still using the old Cretan mercenary actor from previous alpha(s). Has anyone tried to remake this helmet, by any chance?
  3. I prefer upgrading the outpost to a sentry tower-like stone (or more wood) building, as in Delenda Est. Agreed, there should be a production trickle or related idle command. The language choices for the Achaemenids were supposed to be Old Persian and Avestan, the latter probably exclusive to the magi. I believe these are just placeholders until a willing voice-over can produce the needed sound files. You mean no siege engines in the Roman siege camp? Thanks for your comments!
  4. Greetings! The Trac articles on this game looks a bit messy. Do you need any help migrating some 0 A.D. on Fandom (formerly Wikia) articles to Trac? My Fandom username is the same as in this Forum. Just tell me how to upload images, create tables, etc. on Trac so I can get started with this project. Thanks!
  5. So what cavalry archer (citizen/mercenary) will Alpha 25 be in the Seleucid roster: Dahae, Parthians, or Scythians?
  6. I'm not sure what you're referring to. Aren’t the arena and the two gladiators for the republican Romans already “committed”? Or are they only found in certain maps/scenarios?
  7. The previous alpha has the Carthaginian quinquireme only built in the “super dock”. Now it can also be built in the normal dock like the Romans and the successors. Is this intentional? Aren’t the hoplomachi and murmillones already in, or will be in the actual release?
  8. Since Alpha 24 is around the corner and the Tarantine cavalry are still using the Odrysian actors, why not re-texture the Parma shields (for basic rank), and slightly shrink the aspides (for advanced/elite, as @wowgetoffyourcellphone mentioned above) until a willing modeller makes the actual shields with the spinae? These ones look like they're wielding those for phalangites. Also, the Odrysian cavalry may have to be wielding peltae (or none) instead of thureoi since the latter is only attested to the Hellenistic period in Greek mercenary usage.
  9. I could, but there are the risks taken into account (memory, legal, time, etc.). I am typing this reply on an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2015), very old computer according to one of my instructors in another trade. Methinks, this isn't a Retina-type screen I am using after all.
  10. Tried running application on OS X 10.11.6, reads that it "requires OS X 10.12 or later". Isn't this contrary to the minimum requirements from the official website of "10.9 or later". Expected better than this. Will try on my bought-recently Windows laptop once I get home.
  11. Mein Herre, ist álle diése Buildingse are für ein neu Modifikation, oder eine generische Faktion?
  12. To be fair, the boxshields can be equipped to the thureos skirmisher and spearman (both basic rank, maybe advanced), and the basic Macedonian settler cavalry (actor is still the same as the Thessalian or Seleucid Companion cavalry lancers). That way, the xyston is out, consistent with the advanced and elite (mercenary) cavalry spearman.
  13. @Hidan already made a thread like this: For the sake of satisfying them, why not create an Atlas-only Nabatean skirmisher with the same stats as the mercenary Blemmye ones? The unit icon for the Seleucid cavalry skirmisher needs to be changed though, currently it's a re-use of the Achaemenid Median cavalry. Persian, not Hellenistic. A bit off-topic, but from the recent changelog the Odrysian skirmishers and Thessalian lancers for Macedonian faction has been reverted to their old icons instead of changing their teamcolor texture to green.
  14. So, anyone has plans for the future replacements? To summarize my above points: The Athenian mercenary swordsman should be like the Seleucids (basic-to-elite), but with pelte as their offhand; while the champion skirmisher should be the ekdromoi (light hoplites) from previous alphas; if a player brings out Iphicrates, the gymnasium trains Iphicratean peltasts instead. The Odrysian mounted skirmishers should be reserved to a Hellenistic-era (Post-Alexander) Macedonian faction. Same with the black-cloaks. If not, both of them should also wield pelte instead of the theuros to remove t
  15. “Morph” is the same as “promotion”, i.e. sentry tower to defense tower. Someone doesn’t know about the other open-source RTS game.
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