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  1. @Nescio, in my opinion, the wearing of one greave is somewhat unconventional in battle, probably for show-off at peacetime, and a Latin tradition. Greeks, likely out of date range of this game. Maybe one-greave soldiers (especially with intricate designs) can be a rare occurrence, like in 1 out of 10? Gladiators may be an exception.
  2. @Genava55, pardon the bytes: The frescoes depict what appears to be potential "hoplites"/spearmen, a skirmisher, and a swordsman. Are these all Lucanians, or some are from other Italic tribes (Samnites, etc.)? That is, if there are proposals for Syracuse faction, some other Magna Graecia (sub)faction, or an Auxilia system (by biome, or embassies) can be added for the Romans. Maybe for Epirotes. A few of such units from Total War Rome II: Native Lucanian Warriors (champion or mercenary swordsmen): https://www.honga.net/totalwar/rome2/unit.php?l=en&v=rome2&f=inv_r
  3. We'll continue the discussion on the Spartan hero(es) and units when @wowgetoffyourcellphone creates a separate Spartans thread. If he doesn't want to split them into two factions (which would've made Pausinias a third/forth for the traditional and Nabis a second/third on the reform), might as well put Nabis as a fifth. Other than that, Agis III only has the 1000 health bonus in vanilla, while Leonidas has an aura bonus for hoplites around him, which of course makes almost little difference which hoplite hero to take. In my opinion, Spartan heroes should all be hoplites or, in the case of Lysa
  4. A few suggestions: The Reform pair upgrades should be removed, like in @borg-'s mod, so the Romanized Thorakites can only available to Antiochus IV. Any thoughts for mercenary/champion swordsmen if you choose the other two? Visualization for the Parade of Daphne (if you want to add/make a change for some units): If you want, there can be a second elephant unit, an un-barded tower one, which costs food, wood, and coins, and extremely vulnerable to javelineers. Then the armored war elephant can add metal to the cost.
  5. I don't remember generating such a map, but I did edit and play-test the Macedonian campaign by @SciGuy42. After that, I played a game of Corinthian Isthmus (4 players), forgetting to reveal the whole map, and for a while commanded my AI ally's hoplites. Crash happened sometime around when my other AI opponents were trying to penetrate my walls for a second time. Was able to use the save option a few times until warnings appeared that forbade me to save further. commands.txt
  6. Just another one today. userreport_hwdetect.txt crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html system_info.txt
  7. If not perioikoi (dwellers around), one other option is the symmachoi (allied [Greeks]), which connotes most likely non-Spartans. Probably mercenaries as well. Since you said "citizen-soldier", the ambiguity between perioikoi and Spartiates begins to appear. Might as well make the phalangites Spartiates, and the champion thorakitai phalangitai (link is for the Antigonid faction). Other options have to be kept open. Here are all the available hoplites and phalangites for the Spartan faction in the Divide et Impera mod that might help you. At least one non-Skiritai hoplite unit still need
  8. Using Alt while dragging works for the grass, but rubble_rome_sb (the destroyed Roman camp) still cannot be selected. Is this a bug?
  9. I can edit the scenario maps now. Very nice. But there is one more thing missing: how do I delete already-placed actors? The destroyed Roman camp in the first campaign has to go, and the grass models need to move.
  10. To be historically fair, the Silver Shield hypaspists upgrade should be exclusive to Alexander (and optionally, whenever a Maurya or some other Hindu faction is in play). The Somatophylakes (royal bodyguards) upgrade should be exclusive to both Philip and Alexander (maybe Demetrius?). These can be some of the hidden upgrades in the faction. I wholly admit that in Total War: Rome II the separation of perioikoi and Spartan phalangite is most likely not historically accurate, and is exclusive from the game. The Divide et Impera mod kind of fixed that historical error with only one kind of pi
  11. The downloaded maps still cannot be opened in Atlas. After clicking open, there is a selection of maps (Skirmish, Scenarios, Tutorials) based on the C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\public.zip folder. How to make it open maps from anywhere? The Trac article never tells that procedure.
  12. What I mean is, @Stan` and @SciGuy42, are there instructions to open downloaded map(s)? Since I can't do that on a vanilla game and Atlas, which opens the ones on the public .zip folder. Trac doesn't give much. Not registered to GitHub, and might not want to. Could post the finished product(s) here.
  13. These maps seem to be needing some visual improvements. Does anyone know how to edit these scenario maps? The Trac article on the Atlas Editor doesn't mention such steps. Hope it doesn't affect the trigger(s).
  14. That would require the creation of a second Athenian faction (Pelopponesian Wars era), since an Alcibiades actor has to be made. @av93, @fatherbushido, @Genava55, and @wowgetoffyourcellphone: have you all reached a consensus? My preceding proposal(s) could have some improvement.
  15. Nonetheless, you did what is needed to further the open-source gaming cause. You're most welcome. That's actually my proposal for the remake of Leonidas for the main game, and it's a Corinthian helmet. Like the ones from the statues at Thermopolyae and the city stadium. My hope is that the final product would be based on them, since the Delenda Est actor and portrait appears to be a generic Spartan king from the 6th century. Despite being with other classes as of today, I have currently no plans to take either one or both at the moment. I'm more on the traditional side, technology
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