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  1. While waiting for a willing modeler in order to finish the veranda (is it necessary?), let us pick the specific name for the new wonder. Am thinking of "Basíleion tôn Aigôn". Are the cases used correct?
  2. That means Agis III should be replaced as well, as he lived after the Peloponnesian War. In that case, this would affect the Athenian marines as well, they require the Iphicratean reforms tech alongside the Cretan archers. Any thoughts? Back to the topic of the champion hoplite, "City Guard" is not a good translation. "Picked Hoplite" is a better one. Make him put on a full panoply with the bronze cuirass. The forking and/or sub-faction suggestion can be left as a modification idea.
  3. Has anyone been doing kitbashing to create hoplites of differing eras? This could be helpful in making some more special units while the 3D artists are away. If forking phases by era is possible, the faction could have at least three kinds of champion hoplites. Like this: Traditional Classical → armored Peloponnesian War → armored Reformed Iphicratean → the present epilektos (light and fast) Hellenistic → logades (armored hoplite in Macedonian fashion) The citizen elite hoplite will then be wearing decorated linothorax, or 10% cha
  4. The left is an elite Perioikos hoplite. As I and @Ultimate Aurelian have said, one-greaved men are a Latin thing. @Angen, what is exactly the matter with the epilektoi? They're supposed to be the more-athletic kind, hence the lighter armor than the usual hoplite. What about the logades?
  5. It looks like some of the icons on the structure tree needs updating, more specifically the cavalry. The champion and citizen swordsman/archer icons are swapped and/or in the wrong class colors. Don't recall a female as an icon of a male hero as well. Have all the anachronisms (like the Qing flags and banners) been fixed?
  6. This fixes the rally point flag problem as expected. Relieved, don't have to post a video of the error. Also, some remnants from Delenda Est can still be seen, such as the specific name of the battering ram is in English instead of the expected "Krīós". The name of the Sacred Band can just be called "Hieròs Lókhos" as there are no other Grecian sacred bands as far I as I know. Looking at the main game, the Athenian battering ram still uses the Spartan actor (i.e. using the Lacedemonian aspides) since game-wide rams were implemented. This was corrected in DE.
  7. Played with the mod, and when I place the rally point after selecting the barracks, there is at a random time an error regarding the Han Chinese flag. I will see if I can reproduce this in the next few days.
  8. Captured horse's mane issue: Horse mane bug.mp4 The Scythian training ground cannot garrison archers, therefore no experience trickle. Archery ranges and stables for other factions do not produce experience as well, is this intentional and will be removed from the barracks?
  9. Tested the latest, it’s a bit laggy even with low graphic settings. Cursor freezes for a few moments every few seconds.
  10. Still the same issue that I last posted above when downloading .zip file (only art folder is complete, no simulation folder, etc.). Looks like someone beat it to me posting this issue on GitHub.
  11. Downloading the latest Theban standalone faction on GitHub gives me lots of errors. Tried @Lopess's fork but it's worse. Can't this be put into mod.io for smoother transition?

  12. Tried downloading the .zip directly in GitHub, but it's corrupted and cannot extract all files completely, even with 7-Zip. Only the art folder is probably complete, nothing else.
  13. Kath, I had a suggestion before yours in the Hero Upgrades thread: Alexander I should not have the thureos skirmisher and Galatian swordsman as the oval shield has not been introduced to Hellenistic warfare yet. Suggest peltastai and Thracian as replacements. The faction can be divided into pre-Hellenistic and Hellenistic era subfactions, with differing unit rosters: Pre-Hellenistic: Epirote hoplite Epirote peltast/Lucanian skirmisher Prodromos cavalry skirmisher Thessalian lancer Illyrian or Italic spearman Illyrian swordsman or Thracian rhomph
  14. Before @wowgetoffyourcellphone forgets, here is the general thread for the Epirotes faction. Current unit roster: Heroes: Recommended resources: Epeiros in Europa Barbarorum Wiki (and the Epeiros category list of units) Epirus on Divide et Impera mod website
  15. Unfortunately, the samurai are a post-Kofun thing. Better off with Yayoi or Kofun-era textures to be consistent with the 500 AD limit. Refer to the Terra Magna thread.
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