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  1. In the long-run, of course! To summarize: Cassivellaunus would be the same class as Boudicca, on chariots; same goes for Mandubracius and who is going to be the third one, both that may be swordsmen on foot and horse, respectively. All that with little to no change in gameplay or statistics, if that is what you mean...
  2. If I can recall, isn't the cape model unified for all factions? Still rooting for an unarmored Boudicca. Historical attire, gear, and temple structure aside, the next issue that may have to be taken seriously is the Brythonic heroes being out of the current 0 A.D. timeframe. Sure, the current three can be put as Atlas-only units or preparation for the so-called "Part 2/Empires Beseiged". Those (at least) three during Caesar's invasions, anybody?
  3. My initial suggestion was that the Battersea shield be a prop addition to the Brythonic temple or other structure. But since you insist in a combat use, let it be equipped to a proposed hero before or during the time of Julius Caesar's invasion, if any.
  4. Thought the Battersea shield was made around or before the time of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain? Isn't that used as a votive offering?
  5. The Britons and Gauls wiki pages have been updated. Let me know if there are parts that need correction and/or expansion. Kindly expound.
  6. The Judean fortress is currently a re-texture of the Persian (Achaemenid) counterpart... so Kathy had not done any major changes to the texture files. "And the swine... you shall not eat", yes, the template file for the Judean corral obviously has not been modified yet. What permissible animal can be a substitute for the pig, or just remove it from the template altogether. In short, the faction still has placeholders until balance of (game) mechanics and history/culture are in harmony.
  7. Just the messenger here, nothing else. The only feature I have contributed currently is the proposed specific name for the building. Thanks for the offer, if only I had another computer with the space for such creative tools... expecting one sooner or later!
  8. Don't think this will be implemented in the next alpha, since @Stan` is busy with more finishing work. It's been "a couple of months" since they posted the above. Time to concede with my first sentence above? Anyways, my impression on the current state of the palace model is... nearly done.
  9. Ongoing discussion regarding the Tarantine cavalry: In short: the Ptolemaic mercenary cavalry javelineer could be corrected in the next alpha, most unlikely 25.
  10. No response yet, think it would be too late already. The Ptolemaic mercenary horse skirmishers will still be Thracian for the next alpha. @wowgetoffyourcellphone, do you have samples of your take on the Tarantines in your mod?
  11. Unfortunately, its Old Chinese trascription would be something close to "qrum lang", or in the IPA, /*q(r)um laŋ/. Either "Yavana" or "Yona" is the best you can get close to given the features we already have.
  12. Great that the Macedonian and Ptolemaic archers have been remade. The Syrian archers still need their helmet and scale armor revamped. The Thessalian and Odrysian placeholders for the Seleucid hetairoi and Tarantine cavalry may need to be taken into account before the new alpha is out.
  13. For now, @wowgetoffyourcellphone's basic rank Ptolemaic and Seleucid mercenary cavalry spearmen in Delenda Est should be a viable placeholder instead of the basic rank Thessalian spearman actor. Has anyone made the changes?
  14. While waiting for a willing modeler in order to finish the veranda (is it necessary?), let us pick the specific name for the new wonder. Am thinking of "Basíleion tôn Aigôn". Are the cases used correct?
  15. That means Agis III should be replaced as well, as he lived after the Peloponnesian War. In that case, this would affect the Athenian marines as well, they require the Iphicratean reforms tech alongside the Cretan archers. Any thoughts? Back to the topic of the champion hoplite, "City Guard" is not a good translation. "Picked Hoplite" is a better one. Make him put on a full panoply with the bronze cuirass. The forking and/or sub-faction suggestion can be left as a modification idea.
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