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  1. Neandertaler klebten Werkzeug mit Urzeit-Uhu Forscher haben einen 40.000 Jahre alten Klebstoff entdeckt, mit dem Neandertaler ihre Werkzeuge reparierten. Scientists discovered 40,000 years old glue Neanderthals used on their tools; the two compounds (ocher and bitumen) apparently had to be fetched from far away locations, adding complexity to this achievement. I think this lines up nicely with ~recent discoveries that the Neanderthals were capable of much more than they were given credit for earlier.
  2. Since nobody seems in favor of "Neareastern", is anybody making the necessary changes?
  3. The Battle of Pelusium: A Victory Decided by Cats
  4. I didn't catch that the riddle of the Roman cement was solved. https://news.mit.edu/2023/roman-concrete-durability-lime-casts-0106
  5. I haven't read the linked article, but I know that captchas offer different kinds of solving for accessibility reasons. So I'm guessing that bots have no problem with audio captchas. (Or follow the link.)
  6. Welcome to the forums. Here's how to locate the logs: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths If you haven't restarted the game you can just zip the folder and attach it to your post. (I don't know how the tutorial is supposed to end.)
  7. lol, yeah. With my coding knowledge that would amount to a life dedication for me. Instead I'll keep trying with my super-power: nagging!
  8. I once again wish to express my disappointment with this and my disbelief that it can't be changed.
  9. And it's like hardcoded that they show the flag of the builder and not the owner?
  10. I've also tried it with another embassy in the meantime, I assume they all don't have flags.
  11. I assume they don't do research, just automatically spam as much posts as possible wherever.
  12. The other day an account was over six years old. That's some long term planning...
  13. Right. Seems @Genava55 is the only other user around from that thread, so I won't be cross-posting or anything.
  14. I took my 5 traders out of harms way for a moment, then told them to resume. 3 just stupidly went back to the market they were produced at, 1 went back to the "origin" market and 1 was at the parking position (not sure if I ordered that one to resume) and they all did jack diddley. Edit: Maybe I should mention that it was the Fortress map, which has several quirks; I wouldn't expect it to affect unit behavior, but what do I know. If someone felt like giving this map a work-over that would be great. (The placing of the starting buildings is still makeshift, the resulting village a mess; at least in a26 the decay was off: own buildings would decay if in allied territory; the res distribution is still very uneven, but since you get a lot of starting treasures I guess it's ok to fight for what you lack.)
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