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  1. I'm a bit torn. I like to deal the killing blow, but ofc it's frustrating when I have to search for that ~one woman too long. So maybe add a timer, like 1 min?
  2. I believe there's a misunderstanding. How I understand it, @wowgetoffyourcellphonedidn't accuse you of not bringing a real argument, rather that he agrees with you so that there's no argument from him against what you wrote.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure neither the Western backed coup nor the illegal Western sanctions played a role in that.
  4. @alre: In case you weren't joking: I meant the machines you actually have at your place.
  5. @maroder Wasn't the infinite relics bug removed with the winter fix? I thought the Brit's vid was meh anyway, but after he wasn't done with the relics bug at minute 8 I couldn't just bear it anymore. (Especially since he made such a big deal of it with a premiere...) I read about ideas of making washing machines a service; so you don't just own it but pay for each use.
  6. Or they're shooting at fields. Wouldn't want them to do either when there's hostiles around.
  7. When you double click on the hero icon in the top left it will be selected and the cam centers on it.
  8. @Thales The women's aura has been removed, it shouldn't be in the description anymore. @Stan` Women have a minor combat capability, for example it's quite common to see them take down rams that threaten the CC. You can double their HP by researching The Loom at a house. But you shouldn't really use women as fighting troops.
  9. @chrstgtr Couldn't everybody find out for themselves with the fps overlay on?
  10. @seeh Just to make sure: You are aware that there are a lot of translations available? German, for example. (Weren't you German (speaking) too?) What helped me a lot to get what's what was the structure tree. You can see the buildings and the units and by clicking on them you get more information. I don't know the best translation for 'Raiders', but I do know that I don't want them and therefor never build a Blemmye Camp...
  11. This thread never takes me to the post I click on but always a page before that. Wonder why. @Stan`?
  12. I think it's a side effect from merging human and animal AI; the behavior of animals has been changed inadvertently. Since the site's search suck I can't find the discussion we had about it. Summary: I rant > devs are open about suggestions if I provide a patch > I can't > we're stuck with status quo.
  13. Nah, the animals' stances in this alpha are messed up.
  14. There's a setting in the Options to toggle fps overlay. There are also sliders for fps throttling.
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