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  1. I think it's a continental shelf thing. Where are you from?
  2. That sounds odd. Maybe check your match settings if you accidentally clicked something weird there. (Settings will persist even if you un-/re-install.) Next suggestion would be to upload a replay of such a game, maybe with your logs folder. hth
  3. If it's a matter of balancing, what do our balancing advisors say about it? As I wrote before, personally I'd be fine with keeping it; maybe the structure tree then should be extended, as apparently it is in DE.
  4. Maybe Agis could unlock a merc tec, or be able to train mercs as long as he lives. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out what kind of mercs he brought to the battle at Megalopolis. I think for Chandragupta something with war eles would be fine.
  5. How has that not been changed back several versions later?
  6. 1. Kurds and Syrians are brown, naturally their (human) rights don't matter. 2. Turkey's an important gate keeper against the millions of refugees we (the glorious West) produce with our economic and military warfare (and by destructing the planet). 3. Turkey's an important launch pad/hub towards the South/East for our adventures efforts to export freedom & democracy. Officially (and not just de facto) aligning Sweden and Finland against Russia is more important than some tens of millions of dead brown people or giving the corrupt, mass murdering and torturing war criminal Erdogan free reigns important to strengthen our world order based on rules and values.
  7. Welcome to a Science-Fiction Planet - How George Orwell's Doublethink Became the Way of the World BY DAVID BARSAMIAN AND NOAM CHOMSKY About the background of the Ukraine War. --- Parapolitics - Cultural Freedom and the Cold War An examination of the use of modernism in the twentieth-century battle for US hegemony, through the activities of the CIA-funded Congress for Cultural Freedom
  8. Yes, that sounds very knowledgeable and relevant for any of today's political discussions.
  9. I don't think any civ's names have their thingies in those screens. Take "Liu" for example. I just started a game with all the civs that have diacritics in the Structure Tree, none showed them in summary or diplomacy. Antiochus and Kurush had alternative spellings. I think "attitude" would be more appropriate, or "relation"; or maybe "stance", that would fit in that space, but we use that word somewhere else.
  10. How can I do the rounding? With "diacritics don't appear in the summary" I mean that there are no diacritics in the summary. Nor in the diplomacy window. Just look at Marcus: Just noticed the "Theirs" in the diplomacy screen. Does that make any sense?
  11. Sure, better than the current mess. So it's possible to round to k, but not to a natural number or to limit the digits after the point? @Stan` You said diacritics are a part of the natural spelling, yet they don't appear in the summary?
  12. Yeah, but that's probably not what we should aim for anyway, and it can't really get much worse than a totally undecipherable number. Anyway. So my (treacherous) ally is starting an attack: But after he requested an attack on that enemy, I made a gate for him: Obviously that would be the better route. I guess once the AI decides on an attack the route is determined, but since there can be a considerable delay between the decision, the gathering of troops and the actual marching off, maybe that route could be reconsidered?
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