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  1. I think we should stick with historical accuracy as much as we can. If there are sources for female soldiers I'm perfectly fine with incorporating them. Already there are some, although I think there is some artistic freedom taken. If there are sources for female leaders I also think it's good that we include them, like we already do. I don't think this game is able to depict ancient societies in depth, so I don't think we should try or present them as something they never were. I'm still in favor of having male and female villagers, as I believe that's historically accurate.
  2. Settings > Options > Game Session > Wounded unit health
  3. @LienRag You can adjust the threshold for wounded units in the settings.
  4. Frankly, I'd consider being able to build a normal dropsite to be a very basic task for an AI. One difference is that I was referring to territory not owned by the AI, as you can see in my pic. Since the AI is developing other eco techs I'm also wondering why it doesn't seem to research Diaspora; in my example from above that too would have significantly shortened the woodcutters' walking distances. (At least the AI was smart enough to set its trading to wood, not just going with the standard 25%.)
  5. I have a university diploma which required a statistics class every regular semester, so I have an idea how Mr Science should present his case at the breakfast table if he wants me to find his claims reliable. btw I don't like Bill Gates and I heard legitimate criticism how he approaches health issues, but every accusation against him during this pandemic that I heard was just BS. I watched the first vid @JC (naval supremacist) posted, but beside Gates talking about mRNA vacs there was just no point; I assume it's the same for the rest of those vids.
  6. They were working on the method long before the current virus appeared. So all they had to do was to change the 'information' regarding the specific virus; much like the yearly flu shot gets changed to the specific virus they expect. A lot of steps were done simultaneously that otherwise would be done one after the other. Public institutions made it a top priority, reacting in weeks instead of months, significantly shortening the time to roll-out. I had a choice. I was unsure in the beginning and didn't push to be among the first to get the shot. I looked at sources, numbers and arguments and decided to trust science on this. For example I don't believe those numbers of people supposedly killed by the vaccine. They started with the elderly and they just have a higher mortality rate. Imagine I blamed toothpaste for killing people, I would have billions of cases. And I am comfortable to call people who spout idiotic nonsense (like this thread title) idiots.
  7. Isn't @user1 in charge of the lobby?
  8. The risks of covid are much bigger than that of a vaccine; probably a mandatory vaccination would be the best solution to get rid of this pandemic. Otherwise, I guess I just have to be ok with idiots decimating themselves by non-vaccination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Police brutality is a totally different matter.)
  9. Would it be possible to teach the AI to build a port just as a dropsite? Currently it takes ridiculous distances when building one clearly would be the better solution.
  10. @crazy_Baboon Are you on the latest release? There was a problem with rating in Alpha 25 so you should update to a25b. Also head over there and try to summon @user1:
  11. @Yekaterina I don't see mods there? @LienRag Did you try the in-game mod selection? (Settings > Mod Selection)
  12. @pixel24 'CS' are citizen soldiers. Heroes are those three special units every civ has (like Cleopatra VII), while champions are the special soldiers every civ has (i.e. Royal Guard Cavalry). My support is usually only the healers; if I have a cav hero he runs with the cav champions, slow heroes like Cleo I put together with the healers. One reason why I keep champs separate is that I play with capturing a lot; champs are better at that, while I try to give the XP to my CS.
  13. I have five control groups at the frontline: CS cav CS inf support champs 'tower guys' (a handful of units to quickly occupy a captured building) If I actually take along siege equipment (which I rarely do) they get an additional group. My reasoning is that those groups have different roles and speeds. I might grab'em all and send them somewhere, but when I have to act tactically these groups work for me. Also it's quick if I want to select a sub-group: hit the number and then click on the unit icon(s) to select or ctrl+click to un-select; handy for example if I want the melee more forward and the ranged more to the back.
  14. Yeah, with the billions floating around this game, turning off one DDOS certainly should be worth 500k...
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