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  1. @PyrrhicVictoryGuyNo, by genocide I mean wiping out civs. I'm at a loss regarding the auto pilot units...
  2. I couldn't judge. But for example I'd be fine with limiting their pop cap to match those of the other civs. Without the ability to build the worker ele has already been significantly nerfed, the need to micro everything kinda goes on top of that. I'd be happy to get rid of that, so I can focus more on the genocide aspect of the game.
  3. Is there a way to automate the worker ele's building support? I don't see a way. Used to be that one could queue its actions or just let it build whatever foundation was in sight. I read the tip to let it a guard a unit, but that is only useful for gathering as it doesn't move up close enough to grant its aura bonus. Since that's some microing I could happily live without, I suggest: - to reduce the guarding distance; or - to increase the range of the aura; or - if it's a part of a building group, let it move up accordingly.
  4. Jaja, you're earning yourself a reputation as a linux-fangirl. But I'm dumb and lazy, so as long as the OS (Win) that comes with my machine does what I want it to... To be on-topic: I just successfully pressed the 'disable feedback' button and then the 'enable feedback' button.
  5. I'm on Win8.1. Isn't Chrome infamous for its RAM-hunger? A23's stability was a catastrophe for me. It crashed so reliably that I tried to save, exit, reload every ~20 mins. Crashes on a24 were rare, and as stated before I'm so far happy with a25, also in that regard.
  6. I try to make my cities look neat. But since I play on turtle speed you're not playing at a slower pace than me. (I look a lot at remaining build times, my focus just isn't on the architecture...) I play with 5 AIs at 300 pop cap, also got 8GB RAM* and an i5-core (though a bit faster than yours); didn't have a crash with the RC yet, but maybe I was just lucky and/or you're just getting through a lot more games. * BTW I like how ships can navigate around each other now to attack the same target. (Didn't have a fleet on a24, can't tell how new that behavio
  7. Gee, maybe I don't pay enough attention to the details of construction sites. @NullusYou're not one of those proverbial people watching the grass grow or the paint dry, are you?
  8. @Stan`Oh, ok. @mineu33I forgot to at least link to the wiki: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/WikiStart#Formapmakers:
  9. Selber moin, did you actually mean '24' in the title? Alpha 25 is coming out soon, so it probably won't be worth the effort to port anything to a24 anymore.
  10. @CeresI guess it's a resolution issue? Maybe the buttons could get pushed up if the box threatens to overlap them?
  11. Like pretty much every decision you make? Doesn't really convince me that advanced towers are less a sign of progress than the other buildings in question. If it's the cheapest and quickest to just build several blacksmiths it feels like a forced 'choice', not really adding anything to the experience imho. If that's the ruling sentiment I guess I just gotta live with it. There was a discussion about making it clearer what buildings are required to advance, so maybe sth like 'except towers' could be added in the appropriate spot? I ordered my warship to shoot at the gat
  12. I just wanted to mention that I'm not happy with p2 towers not counting towards the phase-up prerequisites anymore. It's a considerable investment, especially since stone is back in the tech upgrades cost. Also they usually have more practical worth for me in p2 than the blacksmith (which I usually don't use until p3). #towerscount
  13. @Stan` To elaborate a bit: the moment the save-dialog disappears (and the screen refreshes?), everything (the actors?) disappears. I don't know if it has anything to do with the line of sight of my buildings. The allied harbor and units on my territory (stealing my metal) have disappeared, as have the trees and buildings on the enemy's territory being in sight of my towers. My women building a CC outside of my territory have not. It's strange but not game-breaking. If I'm the only one experiencing this at least I can feel special.
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