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  1. Welcome A formidable forum indeed, i agree.
  2. yes, but other than the roman siege wall the outpost cannot be placed in enemy territory and will decay to the enemy if he gains control of the territory (as of A26)
  3. Good question. Build an early blacksmith and forge it?
  4. Would it not better be a Carnyx rather than a trumpet?
  5. The image is missing some more knifes tho.


    a little demo of some music i am making :) 

  7. Found some very interesting Music last week: Lustmord & Karin Park - Alter (listen full album, of course ) There are still very passionate people in the word when it comes to music, even though the industry is quantifying one of the most qualitative things in life. Suddenly it is just "2x verse + 2x chorus + bridge = music". But our society appears to do so with everything and every problem: Quantify it, so we can first define "more" and then try to get "more" of it. Perhaps the quantitative view on things is the prerequisite for our way of production in any field.
  8. Burnt ground could be made more fertile for farming. But that would be a weird workaround, so i have to agree. Even so, the general idea of having fire and gameplay relevant fire effects in the game is nice, so thanks you for giving your hint on the forums, @Lion.Kanzen
  9. There are already scout units in Delanda Est. Would be neat if there were scouts that had the ability to estimate troop numbers. Tech could be used to have scouts give better / closer estimation. Loose thought.
  10. Very lovely Adapted some words to have a consistent measure (the endavour was clearly worth the time): Auferstanden aus CC und der Woodline zugewandt, zum GG lass' uns Dir dienen, Mainland, einig Vaterland. Rushes gilt es zu erzwingen, und mit Schleud'rern zwingen wir, denn es muß uns doch gelingen, daß die Sonne schön wie nie über Mainland scheint. Stein und Stahl sei Dir beschieden, (technically this is wrong ) Mainland, unser'm Vaterland. Jede Civ strebt nach Gelingen, reicht im Micro euch die Hand. Wenn wir in Gefahr uns einen, schlagen wir das Zwei V Eins. Des Gelingens Licht lasst scheinen, dass nie eine Mutter mehr ihren Nub beweint. Laßt uns boomen, laßt uns rushen, Spam und Push wie nie zuvor, und der eig'nen Kraft vertrauend, steigt ein junger Gott empor. Mainland Jugend, bestes Streben uns'rer Civs in Dir vereint, wirst Du Mainlands neues Leben; Und die Sonne schön wie nie über Mainland scheint. that part is best:
  11. Tried to pronounce those Old English words from the OP for a test. Old English "lerthling" would be pronounced "la(y)rðliny" ? Same in "Sceaphierde". I am uncertain whether the "th" here must be pronounced as ð, or whether the "t" and "h" are pronounced separately. so, is it "schafhiayrde?" pronouncing "hierde" as "hiayrday" seems a bit odd, since the german word "Schafhirte" means "shepheard", while in modern english it is pronounced like an "a". So i do not get the notion that an "ay"-ish sound to make sense here. "Betimbran" like "baytimmbrann"? I tend to speak "baytimmberen", where the "r" is rolled. Hard for me to say if i am doing this right.
  12. Question: is it correct that some of those are already done? Anglo-Saxon sounds tough. Has anyone started the recording those yet?
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