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  1. https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/79 The first PR for the Rice paddy. I think it has enough information, but I might discover more as I do more research.
  2. Both I and @Gurken Khan haven't gotten forum notification emails. So it could be the email
  3. That's something similar to what Battle For Wesnoth does, except in wesnoth you have to pay extra for them. It's a possibility, but it might make things tricky. Usually at the end of a game I have 50+ random low level meat shields, and an extra 50 soldiers would do a lot for setting up a civilization. This could be an issue as you'd have to build later campaigns with a much higher difficulty to challenge people with 100 soldiers left over, and the person with only 5 soldiers would be in a very bad position.
  4. @wowgetoffyourcellphone would the strat campaign allow you to keep soldiers after each battle? If so, would that be suitable to add to the narrative campaign? It would make the campaigns more Empire At War/ Battle for Middle earth than Age of Empires, but It's an idea I like. Of course, not all the soldiers would be able to be transferred it'd have to be something like Battle for Middle Earth with only the level2+ soldiers be kept? Also in order to simply the code bases then we could have the map be the progression of the narrative and what would give information of the battle in strat campaign be the overview land info be the prologue/ briefing for the narrative. We just only have the player in the narrative campaigns so the AI doesn't try to "Retake" one of the pervious campaigns.
  5. This campaign looks cool. if/when It's added to mainstream, let me know, I'll test it and I can edit the dialog and story.
  6. I like the strat idea, and it would be easier to make and I think it would be fun. And I'd love to see it in the game. However, I don't think narrative campaigns are that hard. I think between me and @Vantha we have the history/ screenplay/ dialogue covered. It looks like there's cut scenes already as well. (That's already 2/9 issues) I don't know about sound effects/ animations, but I think we can reuse a lot of what's already done. It doesn't have to be right away, though. The engine developers can work on adding a few of the engine thinks while we finish the encyclopedia and nail down the civilization balances (We do not want to make a properly balanced campaign and then have it unbalanced by someone rebalancing the civilizations.) If WFG pulled back on making new civilizations(for a little bit) and polish the ones that are currently in 0 A.D. Then the first few campaigns. I think the game would be good enough to put on Steam. More civs and campaigns can be added later, and with the bigger audience we might have more help. Also, would it be easier to hire we hire voice actors for 0 A.D. than have volunteers?
  7. I like the idea of a strategic campaign, but while I don't have a full grasp on WFG's resources, but I think it is still a possibility to do narrative campaign. Yes, it'd take a lot of work, but you have a story and dialogue writer right here. Scenarios should also be pretty easy, all we need is some exited map builders. Things like sound effects and voice-overs would have to be added later, but we can just use closed captions at first and then hire/ use volunteers for the voices. And as for cutscenes, what happened if instead of cutscenes we wrote interludes somewhat like Wesnoth and then have scripted cutscenes in the beginning of the scenarios? That would simply animating to just the in game animations (which are already done). Plus a narrative tutorial campaign would help newbies with the learning curve.
  8. That was my one hope with this encyclopedia; with heavy work on the history research, we should be able to weed out any historical inaccuracies.
  9. I wouldn't, we can fill in the later texts later, for the moment let's focus on the texts that will be seen in game.
  10. If it was removed, the theater would probably be replaced by buildings that are just as cool.
  11. Athenian Overview: https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/72 Everyone look it over and if you have problems/suggestions/additions let me know.
  12. That makes sense. (Sorry that you got over worked) Regarding moving wiki I can help with updating some of the wikis to document the new workflow.
  13. So are the issues going to be moved to Gitea as well? Having multiple accounts for bug reports and code is strange. I've had some good experience with Gitea, and I really think moving to something simpler would be easier. It might help first time contributors if the workflow is as simple as possible.
  14. Yes. If nothing else happens, could we please have this? I saw exactly 0 records of spartan theaters when I was writing the article on them, and the structure does basically nothing.
  15. There are only two more articles that need written for Athens and the overview. I'll write the overview, but It'll be done in December, I'm focusing my November writing on NaNoWriMo. Also, seeing we're so close to finishing @Vantha and I have picked the civilization that we'll (and anyone else who wants to) will focus on next. We decided to take a break from the Hellenistic civilizations and do the Han dynasty. If anyone wants to help or has a particularly good source for information, let us know. Also, I know the devs are busy now, but when the leadership changes are settled could someone let me know when to start putting the articles into 0 A.D. I don't want to flood things when people are busy (and I might need some help getting things merged.)
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