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Found 12 results

  1. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/22586 Specifically, how can this be used for units with different genders represented in the actor? Is there an example yet in the core game?
  2. I would like to propose making an playlist of how to create a mod in official youtube channel for 0 AD. I can talk about some reasons, facilities of having a playlist called how to mod 0 AD. 1. People will have a clear idea about the setup and coding process. 2. very good idea on mod structure. 3. 0 AD can have a lot of programmers. 4. many mods could be build. 5. programmers will get a very intense and practical knowledge on programming. 6.people might encourage to play/help 0AD more. 7.It can generate a small donation from both channel and people.
  3. Is it possible (in a mod) to add a tech or upgrade to a unit that, when researched, gives it some extra HP? (Like healing. Let's say the unit has 100/800 HP, after researching this tech it gets 200/800 or something like that.)
  4. While I was modding my FCI mod I decided to make one of the minor factions look more like they actually looked in the gaming clan war the mod was based off of, I was trying to edit the 3d model of another unit but found I cannot as they are all in pmd files, I do not want to have to download the entire svn version of 0ad (it is massive in file size) to get the raw pmd files. How would I either convert the pmd files or get the raw dae files for the default 3d models ingame?
  5. When I was working on my FCI mod, I tried to add a custom menu background and the game will not load properly. Here are the files: background_fci.png.cached.ddsbackground_fci.png.cached.dds fcimod_background.xml background_flag.js I seem to be having this issue with every single custom asset I make, any way to properly add in custom assets?
  6. The first step in creating a new civilization is to create a unit, building and technology roaster. This roaster is also called civilization tree. The following link points to an example roaster for the Spartans: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Spartans The remaining question however is: how to balance the resource costs, life points, attack and defense points of units and buildings? Is this just made by try and error or is there any method to calculate all those factors?
  7. Roman Reference Extensive Glossary of Roman military terminolgy: http://members.tripod.com/~S_van_Dorst/glossary.html Roman Army Talk forums: http://www.romanarmytalk.com/rat/recent.html Greek Reference Extensive Glossary of Greek military terminolgy: http://members.tripod.com/~S_van_Dorst/Ancient_Warfare/Greece/greek_glossary.html
  8. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! What is it?Rise of the East focusses on one faction the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty to be precise. With it's fancy theme this is surely one to mark! As a release name we've chosen Jīngzhì. This word means refinement. We've chosen this name because this mod is coming closer and closer to it's final state. What is new?The new release features a new building: the 'Government Center'. (modeled by Stanislas69) (See the big building in the top image) This buildings comes available in Phase III and features some technologie
  9. Part 1: I downloaded Alpha 19 directly. As soon as I start the game from the shortcut in the Windows start menu, it initiates and takes me directly to the mod selection menu. Is this normal? I thought it should take me to the main game menu. Part 2: In the mod selection window, I select the Alpha 19 mod, enable, and then start the mod. Then the main game menu comes up. The game works fine. However, when I go to the scenario editor, it does not start. I have given it over 5 min for the user interface to show up. However, when I open windows task manager pyrogenesis.exe is running in the backg
  10. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! Rise of the East What is it? Rise of the East focusses on one faction the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty to be precise. With it's fancy theme this is surely one to mark! As a release name we've chosen Sun Tzu. This person is renowned for writing The Art of War. We've chosen this name because of the huge changes with regards to the army (check the What is new? section). What is new? With the help of some Chinese historians we (especially Stanislas69) have turned the Chinese Army upside down. A lot of armors and he
  11. Hey there, it's been quite some while since I've posted on here the last time. I also noticed that you already patched the priority problem which my other thread was about! It's nice to see how the game becomes better with every release. But onto my problem. This time it's about textures. I've been starting to simply paint over some body textures and it worked fine first. But now, I get weird problems with player colors and hair. Note: I didn't change any of the export settings while I exported the textures, the problems just started to appear for some reason. 1. Hair weirdness: the hair textu
  12. I have a question, hoy i can train the Sanmite Skimser i put units_samnite_swordsman for example, but i can't find this unit
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