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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible (in a mod) to add a tech or upgrade to a unit that, when researched, gives it some extra HP? (Like healing. Let's say the unit has 100/800 HP, after researching this tech it gets 200/800 or something like that.)
  2. Remove capture buildings it breaks the balance!
  3. Hi guys. In my mod I make mercenary camps work. They are indestructible (a few bugs but that's different story), can be capture by all players, the right mercenary are available to the right player. So far so good.Everything wprk BEAUTIFULLY. Now, I would like to have some mercenary camp technologies, some unique to different civs who capture them. I tried out two test technology. I put them in the merc camp building and capture the building. { "genericName": "Test Romans", "specificName": "Teste Romani", "description": "Test tech for merc camps.", "cost": {"food": , "wood": , "stone": , "metal": 250}, "requirements": {"all": [{"tech": "phase_town"}, {"civ": "rome"}]}, "requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in Town Phase.", "icon": "sibylline_books.png", "researchTime": 40, "tooltip": "All units +20% vision range.", "modifications": [{"value": "Vision/Range", "multiply": 1.25}], "affects": ["Unit"], "soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml" } { "genericName": "Test Athenians", "specificName": "Teste Graeci", "description": "Test tech for merc camps.", "cost": {"food": , "wood": , "stone": , "metal": 250}, "requirements": {"all": [{"tech": "phase_town"}, {"civ": "athen"}]}, "requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in Town Phase.", "icon": "helmet_corinthian_crest_2.png", "researchTime": 40, "tooltip": "All units +20% vision range.", "modifications": [{"value": "Vision/Range", "multiply": 1.25}], "affects": ["Unit"], "soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml" } You can see one are to show up if the ROME civ or the ATHEN civ capture the mercenary camp, but they don't show up when captured by either player. Is something I to do to make this work? Thanks.
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