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Found 13 results

  1. As Atlas is a 3D editor, can a bridge over land be made using Atlas? Something like this?
  2. New and Updated Skirmish maps in Delenda Est. (I'll update this thread periodically) Crocodilopolis
  3. This is for discussion and suggestions regarding unused entities, units, etc. in Atlas since Alpha 23. If there is already an existing thread or threads regarding this, please refer me to such. Good to know that stables and siege workshops are going to be standard in Alpha 24. In order in the list of entities: Campaign folders are for entities in campaign "maps" not intended to on played on like a normal game. Celtic hut and longhouse remnants from previous alphas. Make them equal to houses? Desert trading post models are the same as the Persian market ones. F
  4. Hi everyone, Today I want to show you, what will be in the a19 release about atlas. The main idea is to give to all map makers more space to work over map. I hope you like, I will try to keep updating this post about my work. Here is the video New map: Object List filter(Include inside template content) Display Template, Entity Settings (with variations) This videos show terrain tab, Display settings, environment settings and Actor Viewer tool
  5. I just committed a tool to easily setup water height for maps. Just select the tool and click on a terrain where you want a plane of water (if you need more precision just zoom in). No need to spend time with the water slider anymore
  6. Is it possible in Atlas (or manually in the XML) to put garrisoned buildings? Like a tower with a soldier inside?
  7. Hi people. I'm developing a new map in Atlas, and it is a full of irregular terrain. I've tried to leave two flat areas for the two players, but I'm trying to make them balanced, more or less the same size. Do you guys have any tricks that you use to estimate if the areas are more or less equal? My method, placing (and counting) fields lol:
  8. Hello 0 A.D. fellows. I'm proud to present my first polished map: Four Cities Meet (4). It is a map for 4 players, very assymetric gameplay, but I tried to keep it balanced. There is enough trees and animals, but not a lot of stone and even less metal, so there will be struggle for these resources. Player 1 and player 3 start in a large plain, which has a nice mountain where you can build defensive structures. The entrance of the mountain favours player 3. Player 4 starts at an elevated plateau, surrounded by a dense forest, while player 2 is very well protected by hills and a small strea
  9. Hi, everyone, I have been working for some weeks on mapmaking using the heightmap import from the atlas. I have found it great but found some problems I would want to be discussed here in the forum. Then (maybe) we will have a guide or tutorial with all the precious technical information about heightmap import involving all the process. Please correct me or comment as you wish, so I can edit the post and include more information. I followed the guide in the wiki, but found myself stuck some errors (my fault, but miss more technical information) before I learnt (thanks to vladislavb
  10. Part 1: I downloaded Alpha 19 directly. As soon as I start the game from the shortcut in the Windows start menu, it initiates and takes me directly to the mod selection menu. Is this normal? I thought it should take me to the main game menu. Part 2: In the mod selection window, I select the Alpha 19 mod, enable, and then start the mod. Then the main game menu comes up. The game works fine. However, when I go to the scenario editor, it does not start. I have given it over 5 min for the user interface to show up. However, when I open windows task manager pyrogenesis.exe is running in the backg
  11. Hi everyone! We decided it would be a good idea to do some pioneering work on trigger-based scenarios. Hence we are going to create a trigger-based scenario called Athens Triumphant. The main purpose of this project is logically to do pioneering work on triggers, to provide a base for other maps and to get our Scenario Designers accustomed with the Trigger functionality in 0 A.D. This scenario deals with the Greco-Persian Wars. We divided it roughly into three parts: Battle of Marathon, Defense of Athens and the Battle of Salamis. We created a story diagram to give an easily readable overvie
  12. I noticed that for some time now Atlas crashes the first time I start it after rebooting or updating with: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) crashlog.txt crashlog.dmp system_info.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  13. Hi everyone, Lately I tried creating maps in Atlas, but I encountered some limitations: I created a heightmap in world machine but when I imported it, not changed. It turned out to be that something was changing but was barely visible. What I like to see are some sliders in which you can adjust the strength from the heightmap. Also it would be nice to import terrain textures (Or actually not the textures, but just the painting) and then replace them in Atlas with whatever texture you like. When I created elevation myself, the next problem occurred, It is not possible to select a slope to paint
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