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  1. niektb

    NSIS error.

    I believe it was something Asian
  2. Only Vosges Mountains don't have any snow and are much more forested IIRC (been on holidays there for a couple of times but looooong ago)
  3. I agree, it's an old thread and the post reviving this discussion (which is now hidden btw, if you disagree you can pm me) wasn't very constructive. I'm locking this thread
  4. It's indeed better to throw some screenshots here on the forum so people can easily see what it looks like and give feedback about it. Also, (bit obvious maybe) the screenshots you upload should showcase the quality of your work so put some effort in them (similar to what LordGood did in this topic: )
  5. It's indeed much easier to express your opinion on a particular post without having to clutter the topic. But i'm not really the confused face is actually used to express your confusion. I feel its meaning has become something like 'Wut? Why would you say such a thing?' but that might just be me lol
  6. That's exactly the reason I stopped creating maps back in the day
  7. Some friend showed me this website, seems like fun for creating custom wallpaper art (f.e. for main menu backgrounds) (should check though if its license is compatible) http://nvidia-research-mingyuliu.com/gaugan attached is a quick sample i threw together in 2 minutes
  8. just as a tip: enable all fancy graphics when you create such showcasing screenshots, it becomes much more attractive that way Also, as the creator of the original map, I would like to make a few comments on the map design : I haven't try to play it so I can't comment on how the maps plays but it looks as if the two players on the most northern island have much less resources than the other two. On the upper two islands you can see quite a bit of texture tiling (especially in the flat areas), you might be able to take a few clues by looking at the original island and see how I blended the textures together and got rid of most of the texture tiling The small island in the northwest could do with a bit more effort I think, try to come up with some fancy spots and terrain features to make it more interesting! (but don't overdo it, keep it natural and realistic :P) Other than that, a nice idea for an extension!
  9. Very nice these new textures! only thing I would like to add is that they look a bit dark too me (but I might be wrong about that)
  10. Funny though since that mod doesn't do any kind of AI modification
  11. Not sure if it could help (or more: give some clues by looking at the code behind it) but it's possible to draw very small texture paths in Atlas by setting the brush size to 1 and then use the right mouse button behind it (not sure how it works but it seems like you can paint edges instead of tiles, I always used it to create softer edges and transitions without straight angles :))
  12. To improve fps, you can safely disable the sky. You can see this with reflections in water and when using low camera angles (which can happen with cinematics for example)
  13. How about adding a simple (could be nameless even) placeholder?
  14. Or open units_demo.xml (or something like that)
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